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Prince Charles Voices Opinion On Rwanda.

Flight To Rwanda Will Go Ahead.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Prince Charles Voices Opinion On Rwanda.
Photo by Ravi Sharma on Unsplash

Priti Patel's Rwanda policy will go ahead as she wanted. Lawyers acting on behalf of migrants failed to get flights stopped. That means now the first flight bound for Rwanda will take off as scheduled on 14 June. The first 30 migrants will be facing a future in what is a backwater African nation.

Boris applauded the judge for deciding in favour of the government. It must be good for Boris to hear some good news for a change. Boris survived a vote within the Tory party that has for now kept him in his job.

Home Secretary Priti Patel rejoiced over her brainchild being upheld in court. The policy was first announced in April and was formerly agreed upon between the UK and Rwanda. This means that migrants will now be regularly flown to Rwanda.

Prince Charles will be attending a meeting of the Commonwealth in Kigali capital of Rwanda. Rwanda was of course the scene where a bitter genocide occurred in a civil war between Hutus and Tutsis. How stable this impoverished African nation is or what opportunities there will be for migrants is unknown. One Syrian person said he wanted to come to the UK to join his family. Now that he is going to Rwanda he more or less admitted his life would be meaningless.

Of course, one has to question the morality of sending migrants to Rwanda. The UN has said the policy of sending people to Rwanda is illegal. Nevertheless, it is happening and that's the way it is. Many groups acting on behalf of migrants may still find some legal loophole to challenge it though.

Prince Charles is said to feel a great frustration about migrants going to Rwanda. Apparently, in a private conversation with The Times, he is said to have described it as "appalling". A spokesperson from Clarence House, however, said sending migrants to Rwanda is a government matter only.

No doubt when attending the Commonwealth meeting the Prince will feel embarrassed. Many will see the Prince as embodying a policy that he does not agree with it. However, as he is the next in line to the throne he must carry out his duty and be there. Prince Charles and Prince William are doing more and more duties on behalf of Queen Eliizabeth. The Queen recently celebrated her Plantinium Jubilee.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson and Priti Patel hope that deportation to Rwanda will stop migrants coming. Also, that criminal gangs exploiting migrants will find their evil trade disrupted and brought to an end. Of course, all this is conjecture. The results of the Rwanda deportation scheme will be known after 6 months to a year.

10,000 people have crossed the channel this year and right now they are still coming. The UK does process those that are deemed to be legitimate.

The Labour party, SNP, Lib-Dems, Greens, etc, remain opposed to sending migrants to Rwanda. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury called this idea unGodly.

The UK has shown and will show one hopes compassion to genuine migrants. No doubt many have been processed and are living in the UK and contributing to the economy.

The UK has already has taken in 20,000 Syrians, 20,000 Afghans, and a large number of Ukrainians. However, the UK is an island and we do not have infinite acres of land. Native Brits not necessarily bigoted have a genuine concern about this.

When it comes to housing, welfare, medical help, jobs, etc, people seem to think that migrants are prioritised. No doubt, this is not true in all cases but in others it may be. The government has tried various ideas to deal with migration. Now it seems with the Rwanda deal they may have come up with a workable solution.


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