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Myth and Legend

by Malik LaFon 6 months ago in Historical

A trip into the past

Ares Greek God Of War

The art of storytelling has been around since the beginning of time. Stories are not just here to entertain us. In ancient times stories were law. The people of past lived by these stories. In the present we call these stories myth or legends. While people might know the basics of lore. I have been fascinated with the legends of the past. That is my obscure wisdom.So buckle up, we are going on a trip to the past. The time of ancient Greece.

Now clear your mind. Forget the idea of phones. Forget about watching your favorite TV show. Leave behind the thought of buying the new game coming out next month. In the past these things did not exists. The best way to find fun and joy was the ability to believe.

The Greeks believed in several gods. They had faith in figures like the lighting god Zeus. They worshiped heroes like Heracles. Everything was surrounded by the idea of a higher power. Today we use science to tell the weather. We ask Alexa what the temperature is outside. For the Greeks they had faith that the Gods would decide. Zeus will make it rain. They thought Poseidon was the cause of Earthquakes. This earned the God of the sea the name Earthshaker.

Poseidon God Of The Sea

Now let dive into one of the greatest empire in the history of the world. The great empire of Rome.Sorry, still no cell phones, games, or YouTube. The empire of Rome was always a warring nation. This influenced their belief in the gods of war. (not the video game. Remember no electricity). Although their gods weren't all that different from the gods of the Greeks. They tossed the names and replaced them. Now many of the planets in our Solar System share the names with the Gods of Rome.

Roman Gods

Get your SPF 40 and water bottles ready. Next stop the ancient deserts of Egypt. I have a confession to make. Even I have not completely learned the more complex nature of Egyptian mythology. But that ain't my fault. The Egyptians had a god for almost anything you can think of. Each and every animal had its own god. Can you imagine trying to worship all of them . Plus the Gods of Egypt donned the head of an animal. And trust me no one could ever pull off that look.

Horus(is he pulling of this look?)

Keep your weapons in your hands at all times. Next stop the Hall Of Valhalla. Similar to the Romans battle was an important aspect of everyday life. The vikings Believed in the Norse Gods. From Freya to Odin the Norse Gods were powerful. The biggest honor for any viking was to be at the tables in the Hall Of Valhalla.Ready for the battles at the start of the end.The great battle of Ragnarok. However to get into Valhalla you must perish in battle weapon in hand. Imagine that. One of the many cultures were death was one of the important goals of your life. Sounds about as bad as 2020.

Hall Of Valhalla

Alright back to the present, back to video games, cars and soft beds. Mythology is still around today. While we don't worship these gods they still do have influence. The famous God Of War video game is based on Greek and Norse mythology. The great author Rick Riordan has made several books based on this subject as well. These books started my interest in the past and in storytelling.

Book of myth

Now after these brief trip into the past you may have learned something new. The sad part is it might never help you in the future. You may forget about the trip in just a few hours.I guess that is why it's called obscure wisdom. Just be sure to remember this: In every legend there is a little bit of truth.


Malik LaFon

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Malik LaFon
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