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How to Make the Case that Network Marketing Fitness is not Artificial Intelligence

Be curious … be authentic … be humble, honest and helpful

By Annemarie BerukoffPublished 3 months ago 6 min read

This new AI advancement offers optimal solutions for many facets of the business world. Its regenerative application is beneficial and inevitable for many areas such as navigating administrative tasks, augmenting clinical health care, supplementing education, entertaining and diversifying personal assistance.

AI is even starting to infiltrate the network marketing home business area commonly based on belly-to-belly conversations with real people.

I’m not sure this AI curriculum applies to the majority of networkers outside the elite practioners; so, I’ll try to prove my case and offer a gentler solution for network marketing fitness.

The Problem

Does every networker have to learn how to set up different data structures, engage chatGTP or its derivatives, integrate instant images or reels, learn prompting techniques, choose best plug ins writing styles, and follow scripts like being Steve Jobs, a SEO specialist or a trained salesperson?

Besides, the denotation “artificial” bothers me…networkers should not be sharing any kind of information not based on reality.

My issue is that network marketing fitness should depend on better training and review of common sensibilites to develop personal relationships…then, now and in the future.

Strangers don’t join other strangers as business partners. Any salesmanship takes long-term conversions tuned into each other’s channels.

Yet, I see AI currents promoted by some top networkering leaders as they strive to dominate the industry again.

The Replay of the Early Magnetic Marketer

Unfortunately, I feel similar intonations from 20 years ago when internet marketing first appeared as the medium to advertise and grow a business. A group of pioneer marketers with primary computer skills found an open landscape that catered to posting their websites for results.

Their early success became a public mantra to be a Magnetic Guru with more lists, more followers, more ads with handheld clusters of money still commonly used to attract the ever-hopeful prospects.

Suddenly their common message rang loud and clear, “No need to call anyone or talk to anyone.”

Keep sending glorified websites to join. Feature the fear factor. Play the number odds on recruitment.

Soon enough, this strategy was ingrained into social media currents.

Then the sad reality for networkers followed suit to post countless ads on various social platforms hoping that somebody might LIKE them and join their opportunity.

However, Life and Business are not about joining or performing in a social media circus; especially true because traditional networking is based on recommendations, referrals and relationships. Networkers learned soon enough that people in their new global backyard didn’t sign up with a website but still needed the human empathy and trust that their concerns were also on the agenda.

The fact is that the top 2 or 3% networkers with business background or large spheres of influence mastered the digital tools and funnel strategies. However, the vast majority of average networkers faced problems of time and money to climb this internet marketing landscape to be competitive experts.

I speak from regretful experience of how much time I wasted trying to be a magnetic player in my small office.

But, never again, because network marketing is returning to its roots as natural communication cycles often do even after aberrations. Now is the right time to remove the old detriments of MLM failures and find the spirit of working together for common goals, with or without AI intervention.

Perhaps it was a matter of evolution

For the first time, for the right reasons, there appear new companies with homebased network marketing opportunities with memberships of $9.97 monthly or less. Who can look at a ten dollar bill and honestly find better value to spend it other than to join a respectful team to make residual income working on your time freedom versus pay cheques from a boss?

These brilliant companies also provide their members with a host of turnkey marketing strategies. Who can leverage the elite marketers by sharing daily informational videos, product webinars, testimonials and more? Any rejection is not personal, but a lack of accepance from a mastermind.

Alternative to the Big Question

However, the obvious question remains how to find interested people with whom to share your company’s information and benefits.

The current way seems to start plugging into social media platforms with eye-catching website links like lures in a vast ocean of potentials. The only logical goal is that the more you post, the possibility is more interested prospects will respond.

Now you have landed a “lead” but then begins the follow-up process of talking, answering objections, and gaining trust to buy or join. A click is not a sale, but a conversation could be.

It doesn’t matter if your AI generated image makes you look like a commander in a ring of fire. It’s hard to duplicate because peoples’ personalities are hard to change or train to be someone else.

SOLUTION: Why not be a good marketer doing what comes naturally?

Talk to friends about new products or recommendations. Start with 3 people who find 3 people each who help each person to find three people.

Talk about income potential by being part of thousands of members in a multi-level matrix. This is exponential growth to make money in only this kind of industry of people helping people to succeed versus corporate top down control.

Finding 3 people you know versus daily hunting for a few among unlimited social media hangouts will bring back old-fashioned sanity to this home business.

This may also return the standard that network marketing fitness is a business model where the average family can start a home business with a little money and sweat equity to improve their financial security in a changing world.

Can you follow this 3 step process:

1. Start with top company’s product (not from scratch)

2. Use top professional marketing tools to share

3. Earn commissions by helping 3 people to duplicate


The probability is that specialized AI training and plugging into the massive unknown virtual space will also build your team, and along the way, create the necessary fellowship for retention.

Of course, on social media you will still come across the top elite marketers with AI armour who declare their hunt for 10 international Rock Stars to hang out in the Penthouse with sales volumes and kick-ass vehicles that most marketers can only dream about. Of course, give credit to these top performers who have earned their expertise through years of commitment and success.

However, network marketing fitness has evolved to find space for non-rockstars and regular people who deserve a fair and democratic opportunity to make money from home through low-cost memberships and recommendation of valuable products.

I look forward to talk to learn more about your work, experiences and hopes for a better lifestyle. I can share my story of what works and what doesn’t and how we can work together to reach common team success with new home-based opportunities.

I’d be happy to forward website links for your consideration.

Annemarie Berukoff

[email protected]

250 304 9710 (PST)


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Annemarie Berukoff

Experience begets Wisdom: teacher / author 4 e-books / activist re education, family, social media, ecology re eco-fiction, cultural values. Big Picture Lessons are best ways to learn re no missing details.

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