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Entrepreneurs Calling Entrepreneurs … Unique Global Business Opportunity

I’d be doing you a HUGE disservice if I didn’t tell you about this.

By Annemarie BerukoffPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Made a new discovery today that Internet Network Marketing is more alive than ever with great potential velocity with new opportunities.

It seems everything imaginable beneath the sun is for sale with residual income, but only one opportunity remains unique on a global scale with great importance to billions of cellphone users.

The fire still burns that the greatest asset is to have a home business with a successful stream of income, one or more. Part of it is having money to have the kind of freedom you believe in.

Part of it is to secure some financial independence in a tough economy:

…insecure credit markets and banks

…unemployment, AI interventions, corporate bankruptcies

…inflation via gasoline, electricity, grocery store, mortgage and more

Today, interestingly, I discovered something new; namely, a directory site to shop for top business opportunities. Many diverse companies are listed to help search for the right opportunity that expressly meets personal needs for his / her new course into the future.

It is designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs that showcases accurate research about Business Opportunities & Franchises all in one place, many in the networking MLM arenas.

But what a conglomeration of always, the nutritional blends and trends, supplements, tea, coffee, energy drinks, medical marihuana, stem cells, to cosmeceuticals, coaching, mentoring, financial services, life insurance and cryptocurrency… even how to display eye-catching video displays on benches to make money.

Check the directory here...

What Network Marketing Company is Missing?

One network marketing business was not listed and I would do a major disservice if I didn’t bring your attention to it.

The company is debt free, owns a data center and has been in business for over 20 years. This opportunity was just launched 3 and a half months ago called GotBackUp.

Have you ever lost data or damage or lost your cell phone? How important is having your own personal, more reliable and secure data backup? This company now offers a Global networking opportunity that anyone in the world can join with ZERO competition.

Do you realize there are 5 Billion cellphone users where every single person cares about their phones and all the data that’s on them…precious pics, videos, contacts, documents, etc

This company offers 6TB (terabytes) for up to 6 people for unlimited devices in a private family vault.

It costs under $10 monthly.

Every good marketer, plain and simple, needs to know about this opportunity. Our members are looking for excellent marketers to expand our team in this opportunity called Gotbackup. Worthwhile to check out Superior Comp Plan…get in at the ground floor.

Check out this link:

Put in your name and email. You will be brought to an area to learn more about this offer. There are regular Zoom calls and professional training sessions to help recruiting efforts for everyone.

After that, if you have any questions, you can reach out to me by replying to my email to set up a time to talk.

Annemarie Berukoff

[email protected]

PS: As a courtesy, as a home business opportunity seeker you may find these references helpful:

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Note: even mundane chores make for good business because they’re tasks that many people are willing to pay someone else to do, whether it’s mowing lawns as a groundskeeper or setting up bounce houses as a kids’ party planner.


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Experience begets Wisdom: teacher / author 4 e-books / activist re education, family, social media, ecology re eco-fiction, cultural values. Big Picture Lessons are best ways to learn re no missing details.

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