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By daniel aggreyPublished about a month ago 6 min read

Heading: symbols man they're everywhere on road signs logos phones ever wondered where all these Universal signs come from well let's unravel the mystery behind all these symbols from the Bluetooth sign to the heart emoji how many times have you struggled to plug in a USB flipping it over and over again total struggle right but what does the circle square and Triangle really mean the USB symbol was actually inspired by the dyac you know Poseidon's trident the three shapes of the Trident points are there to show the different peripherals you can connect with a universal serial bus AKA USB it's all about showing off the tech power of USBS connecting all sorts of devices the Amper sand surely you recognize it from Brands such as M&M's and H&M it's the easiest way to abbreviate the word and this symbol story started in ancient Rome where Latin was the language of the peeps to them and was like the French a over the years it evolved into the Ampersand likely to save room in the pages of super long letters Toyota's logo man it's simple easy to spot but kind of puzzling right I mean cars have four wheels but the logos got three circles turns out it was picked way back in 1936 and wasn't cooked up in house nope it won in a logo design contest and those circles they're not just random you can actually split them up to spell out t o y o t a pretty clever huh I'd probably make it the winner as well why the heck do we call that bumpy upside down triangle a heart shape it goes way way back like several hundred years BCE back then there was this plant called sfum it had these heart-shaped seeds and the ancient Greeks were nuts about it they even slapped it on some of their coins oh and get this it was a contraceptive plant so that's how it got associated with love cute so have you ever noticed how those radiation symbols look like they belong in some abstract art museum it's crazy that it's actually a heads up about serious radioactivity nearby it was doodled up by some Berkeley researchers back in' 46 started off as magenta on Blue then went magenta and yellow before settling on black and yellow for better visibility the symbol itself supposed to show radioactivity busting out of an atom pretty rad huh now onto the biohazard symbol looks like something out of a dark artsy ink blot test doesn't it simple enough though a circle sliced up by three squiggly black lines that taper off towards the edge created by Dow Chemical folks in 66 following a bunch of rules to keep it lowkey but recognizable it's supposed to show a nasty agent messing up a living organism makes sense when you think about it ah Hyundai pumping out affordable rides like nobody's business their logo is pretty straightforward right it's an italicized H in a circle but don't tell Hyundai that it's basic according to them it's more than just an H it's supposed to look like two folks shaking hands seen from the side check out this little pick if you're struggling to see it they say it's all about prosperity and the Good Vibes Hyandai shares with its customers cool huh Bluetooth man it's like magic the symbol looks like a fancy letter B huh but there's more to it turns out it's got some roots in Nordic ruins back then runes were etched into stone or wood mostly using straight lines the Bluetooth symbol is what they call a bind Rune combining two runes they're the Viking versions of the letters B and H giving a nod to a legendary King named Harold Bluetooth the crown has always been the ultimate power symbol of the top dog but why does a fancy ring around your head mean you get to call the shots one Theory ties it back to Christianity Where Angels often Rock Halos since many kings claim to rule by by Divine Right the crown could have picked up some holy Vibes but nah that theory doesn't quite cut it crowns have been around way before Christianity starting with diadems worn by ancient Greek deities we'll never know let's talk thumbs up usually it's a sign of approval right but why well it might be a throwback to the gladiatorial fights in ancient Rome there's still some debate about that among historians when one Warrior was dominating the other they turned to the VIP in the audience whether it was a city official or the Roman Emperor himself that VIP would then give a thumbs up to decide the loser fate thumbs up might sound like a good job signal but back then it meant it's time to shuffle off this Mortal coil yin-yang symbols have been around since the 14th century BCE they're like the poster child for Daoism representing the balance between opposing forces each side's got a bit of the other symbolizing all sorts of deep stuff like morality and spirituality but get this the symbols roots are surprisingly literal Yin means the Dark Side of the Mountain and yang means the light side so picture this the symbols like a bird's eye view of a Mountaintop trippy right do you love pies nope not those desserts with yummy filling but pies from your 10th grade math class Pi is that magic number roughly 3141 that helps us figure out Circle areas and stuff aredes of Syracuse gets the credit for discovering it around 250 BCE but he didn't give it that symbol nope that was William Jones he went with the first Greek letter of the word perimeter which is what he was using pi for we're used to seeing crosses all around but usually we see this type of cross the two straight lines intersecting with each other yep that one that got pretty famous thanks to Christianity but there's a more ancient symbol of a cross that fewer know is even across the ank this ancient Egyptian symbol is called the Key of Life life and it's known to represent immortality you can find it a lot in ancient Egyptian sacred text and drawings or in hype necklaces nowadays your pick the staff of Hermes or Mercury is the go-to symbol for a bunch of health organizations but here's the kicker Hermes wasn't a Healer nah he was more into thieving but back in ancient Greece around 1200 BCE there was this dude named asclepius a genius doc his trademark was a long wooden staff with a snake wrapped around it fast forward a few Millennia and some officer from the US Army Medical Corps mixed up the two symbols oops ah the I'm all right symbol might land you in hot water at certain places believe it or not but did you know it's actually a sacred symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism it's called a mudra specifically the mudra of discussion it's not just about signaling you're okay it's about transmitting the wisdom of Buddha to those who are open to learning about his teachings pretty deep right I'm not sure we should keep throwing it around like we do anymore the lightning bolt never has something signified so much with so little this could easily reference the Power Rangers flash a charging station for your phone and the wrath of Zeus this symbol is one of the oldest and most recognized in human history it's origin might be as old as humankind itself cavemen and Neanderthals scratch them in caves it's got representations on noris Roman Greek and Native American civilizations it basically means fear of Fire coming down from the sky you've probably seen tons of tattoos with this symbol the Eye of Horus what you probably didn't know is that it's meant to signify good health and restoration you see Horus was an ancient Egyptian deity he got into a fight with set another deity and lost his left eye haor An Almighty feminine deity magically restored his eye since then this symbol has meant wholesome health and integration the McDonald symbol is probably one of the most famous worldwide clearly it's a stylized letter M but it was designed to represent two golden arches like you're entering some pretty darn special Kingdom yikes that's it for today so hey if you pacified your curiosity then give the video a like and share it with your friends or if you want more just click on these videos and stay on the bright side

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Symbols and their meanings have always been a fascinating subject, showcasing the deep history and cultural significance behind seemingly simple designs. From the Bluetooth symbol's Nordic roots to the thumbs up gesture in ancient Rome, each symbol holds a unique story and legacy. Whether it's the yin-yang symbol representing balance or the Pi symbol aiding in mathematical calculations, symbols have a way of transcending time and sparking curiosity. Exploring the origins and meanings of these symbols sheds light on the rich tapestry of human civilization and the interconnectedness of our world.


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