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Dog Bed for Humans

Dog beds are now available for humans.

By Margaret MinnicksPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Some dogs get in bed with their owners. By November 2022, you will be able to purchase a human-sized dog bed for you to sleep in with your dog. Plufl is a new product. It is the world’s first dog bed for humans.

How the Idea Came About

Co-founders Noah and Yuki met at the University of British Columbia in 2018. They quickly became friends after discovering they had a lot in common. They both loved dogs and wanted to become entrepreneurs. While at their college coffee shop, they saw a large Great Dane napping comfortably in a giant dog bed. That's how the idea of Plufl came about for Noah and Yuki to design a giant dog bed for humans.

Description of the Dog Bed

The bed dog for humans was designed for relaxation, napping during the day, and sleeping at night if that is what you want to do. The Plufl provides relief for those who have ADHD, stress, and anxiety-related issues. A short nap in the Plufl can put people in a good mood and make them feel refreshed and more productive when they wake up.

The Plufl human-sized dog bed comes in only one size at the present time. It is big and cozy enough to sleep with your dog, cat, your child, or your partner. It measures 68 inches long and 38 inches wide to comfortably fit adults up to 6-foot 5-inches. It weighs under 20 pounds making it easy to carry from place to place. Models in other sizes will be added later.

The bed comes in the original flagship color and cream grey. The oval-shaped bed comes with a multilayered orthopedic and memory foam base with a fuzzy faux fur anti-microbial fabric cover. The pillow bolster is made with a blend of natural cotton and poly fibers. The cover of the bed is removable and machine washable.

When not in use, the bed can be easily folded up and transported with its built-in handles. You can take it to different places in your house without much effort at all.

Great for Napping

The Plufl is great for an afternoon nap. Instead of going upstairs to your bedroom, you can take a nap downstairs, on the deck, or any place you like.

For You and Your Dog

On a cold winter night, you and your dog can relax by the fireplace in your Plufl. There is enough room for you and your big dog.

Not Just for Napping

The giant dog bed is not just for sleeping. It is also designed for comfortable lounging and sitting. As you can see in the photo above, the young man is sitting upright while typing on his computer.

Great for Sleepovers

When teenage girls get together for a sleepover, they can bring their own Plufls, if they have one. If not, they can share whatever is available.

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Cost of the Dog Bed

The price of the bed is $499. If you order now, you will get 20% discount which is a saving of $99. Therefore, you can order the Plufl giant dog bed for humans f0r $400. It will be shipped in November 2022. At the present time, free shipping is available only in the United States.

For More Information

You can purchase Plufls directly from its online store. For more information, check the company's social media pages. You will see what others are saying about this new product.


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  • Carol Townend2 years ago

    That looks really comfortable, though it doesn't beat my own comfy super king!! Thank you for sharing.

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