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China Says Russia Should End War.

Chinese Apparently Speaking Out Against War.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Putin and Xi.

This month is the anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. So far, the war drags on and there seems no end to it. Russia failed to take Kyiv and instead has settled for taking parts of eastern Ukraine instead. Meanwhile, Ukraine has been trying to liberate its land from Russian occupation in the east.

China has allegedly spoken out against the war. Saying the war should end and that it benefits no one. Russia meanwhile is focussing on its nuclear weapons that are inter-continental. Also, deploying hypersonic missiles as well as new nuclear subs.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has cast doubt on China's statement. His thinking is that China cannot be trusted. Although we have seen no evidence of China giving munitions to Russia never the less China remains suspect.

US intelligence says China is definitely giving Russia a helping hand in its war with Ukraine. That help is arming the Russians in their struggle with Ukraine.

President Vlodyomyr Zelensky has called the war "a year of pain, sorrow, faith and unity". The West will shortly be sending new battle tanks to help the Ukrainian war effort. The UK will be sending Challenger 2 tanks, Germany Leopard tanks, and the US Abrahms tanks. All these tanks are cutting edge and the Ukrainians will use them to the best of their ability.

European President Ursula Von Der Leyen has said she has seen no concrete plans for peace suggested by China. All she has seen are "Principles". Ms. Von Der Leyen says those "principles" can be looked at but they do not a peace plan make.

Ursula Von Der Leyen said, however, whatever China says or does it has clearly taken a side in this war. That side is Russia and despite what China may claim including its latest statement China is clearly backing Russia.

Of course, Russia is not only backed by China. Iran has become something of an arms dealer too. Iran has been selling its suicide drones to Russia. Russia uses them as terror weapons to destroy civilian infrastructure.

Victory for Ukraine is not giving up one scrap of territory to Russia. No land for peace is the mantra coming out of Kyiv. It is understandable why the Ukrainians want all of their land liberated. NATO also will not withdraw its forces from countries bordering Russia. As long as Russia remains a threat then Ukraine will fight on. Just as NATO will be on alert.

Russia justifies its actions by saying Ukraine was never really a state. It was part of Russia or the Soviet Union. Russia in its invasion is merely saying "we are taking back what was ours in the first place". Putin wants to make a Russian Empire again or does he? Russia has pointed out time and again that every nation bordering Russia has joined NATO. Russia has said it feels threatened by the onward march of NATO. So the invasion of Ukraine is Russia's answer to that. NATO stopped short much of the time in allowing Ukraine to join in case Russia did invade Ukraine.

Ukraine with Western backing may eventually win the war. However, Russia is not just any old power. Yes, Russia would appear to be a paper tiger in conventional terms but Russia is still a nuclear power. The chance that this war could escalate is still a danger and we should never forget that. China, Iran, and North Korea remain friends of Russia and all of these countries have nukes or desire them. On the other side, there is the US and the rest of NATO so yes the whole situation remains volatile.


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