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10 Intriguing Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Facts About Abraham Lincoln

By Danish GPublished 12 months ago 4 min read
10 Intriguing Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Here is the list of the 10 Intriguing Facts About Abraham Lincoln:

  • Lincoln’s Secret Pocket
  • Lincoln kept letters, bills, and notes in his stovepipe top hat. He neglected his pocket and instead wore his tall, straight hat. There could be two reasons for this: one, he was undoubtedly a very important person who required a safe place to carry papers, one that pick-picketers would never guess, and two, he did not own an Android Smartphone like me!

  • Lincoln’s Height

His'stovepipe hat wasn't the only thing that made him appear tall. Abraham Lincoln is the tallest president in American history, standing at 6'4". Which brings us to the question of America's shortest president. What was his name? His name was James Madison, and he was the country's fourth president. He was a full foot shorter than Lincoln, standing at 5'4". (even without his hat).

  • Lincolns Are All Dead
  • Abe has no living heirs. With his wife Mary Todd, he had four sons. Unfortunately, three of them died before reaching the age of 20. Edward died when he was four years old, Willie when he was twelve, and Tad when he was eighteen. Only Robert lived to adulthood. Robert's descendants are known to have died in the 1980s.

  • Robert Was A Serious Death-Magnet

Robert Lincoln, the only surviving Lincoln kid was a magnet to all sorts of tragedies. Once he was saved from a train accident by a guy named Edwin Booth and twice he had witnessed assassinations – not of his own father – but of Garfield and McKinley in the same World Fair.

  • Lincoln Loved Machines

He truly did. He had an inquisitive mind and would frequently take hold of a machine and disassemble it piece by piece to see what was going on inside. Lincoln wanted to get to the bottom of things and figure out how they worked. Unsurprisingly, he had attempted to create a one-of-a-kind machine. Lincoln even patented "A Device for Buoying Vessels Over Shoals" in 1849. Since then, no other American president has held a patent.

  • Bizarre Coincidences: Lincoln & Kennedy

The following are the few coincidences between America’s two most popular presidents of all time – Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

  1. Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846 while Kennedy was elected in 1946.
  2. Lincoln & Kennedy were both shot in the head with a bullet on the same day of the week i.e. Friday
  3. Lincoln’s successor was born in 1808 and was named Johnson. Believe it or not, Kennedy’s successor was born in 1908 and he too was named Johnson.
  • Lincoln Had Supernatural Powers!

He knew his death was coming weeks before hers. He'd been depressed after having visions of his own death in his dreams. He once dreamed of hearing weeping in a distant room in the White House. He looked for the room, found it, and asked the person who was crying why he was crying. The person in tears announced that the president had died. Lincoln then noticed the coffin in the room and realized it contained his body.

  • Lincoln Participated In Seances
  • Historians disagree with President Lincoln's religious beliefs, and many speculate that he believed in the occult. Because the Lincolns' first two children, Edward and Willie, died at such a young age, they frequently attempted to contact their dead children through séance. These séances took place at the White House. It is still unknown whether the séance was successful.

  • Religious Or Not, Lincoln Was Spiritual

Lincoln spoke on a spiritual level rather than a religious level. Many sects have claimed Lincoln over the years, but the truth is that Lincoln never joined a church and never offered prayer before meals. He read his Bible on a regular basis. When asked if he thought the Lord was on the side of the North during the Civil War, Lincoln replied, "But it is my constant anxiety and prayer that I and this nation should be on the Lord's side."

  • Lincoln Was One Heck Of A Speech Writer

He wrote the most concise, heartfelt and humble speeches. He had a way with words that held the listeners enthralled. He had once observed, “My way of opening an argument is to first find a common ground of agreement.” Evidently, he was quiet a smarty!

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