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By Himanshu ShekharmundaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Youth , the term itself reflects energy, enthusiasm and ,optimism.Youthfulness today's world has more or less become synonymous with 'High Confidence,a fighting spirit, an urge towards a quick outcome , a work hard and party harder kind of attitude . It would, therefore,not be wrong to say that today's youth is more impatient than the youth a few decades ago.

Paleolithic youth had the patience to wait days before they could hunt small or large game to feed themselves. But with each generation, patience diminished and man began to look for a fairly constant supply of food. Established cultivation satisfied the youth of these generations for a time , but the ever -evolving gene of growing impatitence could not contain him for long, and he turned to a mechanized lifestyle. Young people have lost the patience needed for handicrafts.He was disappointed by the snail's peace at which handmade products were made. This led to the industrial revolution.Impatience has grown so much over time that today's youth can control almost every activity in their lives at the touch of a button, whether it's something as complex as launching a spaceship. There is competition everywhere.Both the Darwinand theory and survival of the fittest and selective elimination and even nature followed it, through out it's evolutionary history.Love of fast rock music, lack of interest in traditional art and culture detachment from past roots are all consequences of growing impatience.

Yes , development is largely a product, or rather a desired product, of the growing impatience of the young. But we can not ignore the bevy of unwanted by products of the growing impatience that has wreaked havoc, in today's youth, on the other hand ,lack of impatience, unreasonably high optimism to achieve a quick and positive results, and the inability of withstand failure often cause stress and tension, depression and other psychological disorders and in extreme cases, suicidal tendencies.

It is true that today's fast pace of life , intensifying competition and endless need for materialistic pleasure have forced the youth to lose their patience. In many ways,impatience has given birth to highly successful and highly successful people.However ,young people need to learn one thing- to draw a line . Everything must have a limit , a crossing that can only bring negative results. It can be natural to become increasingly impatient with each new generation. It may be that growing impatience is just anonymous basic instinct, like hunger and sex. But when man has learned to control nature itself, it would be wrong to deny him control over his basic instincts.

In today's world,one of the biggest concern is the increase in aggressive acts, and looking at the data, you can see that the majority of such acts are committed by the young population- young people.There has been a significant increase in deviant behaviour, especially among young people,with example of school shootings, gun crimes,sex crimes, and other types of criminal behaviour. One reason is the use of smartphones and time spent on computers. Because they spend a lot of time on their smartphones ,they are exposed to several types of violence.Several studies have shown that children who are exposed to violence.In addition, according to some studies, young people are most likely to be exposed to violence through television. These studied have shown that children who watch television for long periods are more likely to behave aggressively and develop violent tendencies later in life.Today, on International Youth day, we celebrate their visions and choices ,we celebrate the slogan" Engaging Youth for Global Action", which aims to highlight the ways in which young people can participate at the local, national and global levels.


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  • Test2 months ago

    The quality of this writing was superb. I loved it and couldn't spot any issues. You're welcome! May your day be filled with perpetual smiles!

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