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You Are Afraid

The empire requires your cooperation.

By C.Z.Published 3 years ago 3 min read
You Are Afraid
Photo by Albert Antony on Unsplash

Halfway through finals. So close to finishing out the semester.

Staying up all night to study was a bad idea. Milo was so tired during his biology test, he could not have possibly done well. Whatever, if he had to retake classes, it wasn't the end of the world.

His dorm was empty, Chris must be with his girlfriend. More beer for Milo. He only got to enjoy one before he was drifting off. The sweet embrace of the comforter was too powerful. It drew him in, whispered lullabies, off to sleep he went.


Someone was there.

Was this a dream?

Milo sat upright in his bed. Blink. Blink.

Four creatures surrounded him. Each nearly 7 feet tall, built like weightlifters, eyes that showed only black.

At first, it was frightening. Then it was funny.

"A little late in the year for hazing, isn't it?"

The creatures stood still.

"Come on, these costumes are so overdone. Chris, I can tell that's you," Milo pointed at the nearest grey-skinned being. "They are good quality though. You guys must have spent a fortune."

"Information." Which one talked? Their mouth slits were so small, it was dark. The voice sounded like a rake going through gravel.

"Information," Milo mocked, leaning against his headboard.

"Human, the empire requires information," A slightly higher pitched voice.

"I don't have any," Milo shrugged.

One of the aliens leaned forward, barely, giving Milo a once-over. "You are afraid."

"No, I'm really not."

"I can smell it on you. You will tell us what we want to know."

Milo reached out, attempting to pull the mask off his buddy. He didn't see him move but suddenly the creature was 10 feet back.

"How did you-" He laughed nervously.

"We wish to know of the weapons." The third alien spoke.


"You attend university. You're father is part of earth government. We wish to know of the weapons."

"Listen, I don't know anything guys." Milo swung his legs over the side of the bed, ready to get up and turn the light on. The fourth creature grabbed his arm. Skin like river pebbles and just as cold. Slowly, Milo was pulled back onto the bed. All four creatures surrounded him once more.

"You will tell us. Tell us of earth's defensive weaponry now."

Doubt crept into his mind. The costumes were either extremely high quality or...

"Seriously, I don't know what you're talking about. Get out of my room, crackheads."

They turned to each other, whispering, but Milo couldn't catch what they were saying. Finally, the first one turned back to him.

"If you refuse to divulge information, you will be made to suffer."

Milo puffed up his chest. "Yeah, ok. What are you gonna do, gang up on me? Weak."

"Weak. Yes. You are weaker than you realize."

The tone of voice sent a shiver down his spine. He wasn't about to let his frat buddies see him squirm. "Whatever. I don't have any information. Just get your weird prank over with and let me sleep."

"So you refuse?" The second creature gripped the foot of the bed, almost in excitement.

"Yeah. I refuse."

The aliens turned to each other, a change coming over them.

"Very well."

In the blink of an eye a metal rail came across his bed. Milo attempted to jump up but he was held in place. The four aliens walked out his dorm room door. As the last one exited the room faltered. Everything became static and when it cleared Milo was no longer in his dorm. The room was harsh, black, bright white lighting showing foreign objects.

He was on a table, restraints across every limb. How had he gotten here? When had he moved?

Milo's screams were muffled as the door slid closed.

He was not the first to refuse the empire.

They would have to keep trying.

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