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Written in the Water

by Carly Culin 2 months ago in astronomy

A look inside the mind of a Pisces.

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Selfless. Musical. Empaths. Compassionate. Intuitive. Overly Trusting. Gentle. Artistic. Fearful.

These are a few characteristics that come to mind when you think of a Pisces. My sign. The sign that best describes me. Here is a look into the chaotic mind of a Pisces.

The Water Sign

Go with the flow. Floating through life in our own little creative worlds. These worlds can be more beautiful than any place you can ever travel to, or they can be darker than the deepest parts of the sea. Pisces are sensitive, not only on a personal level, but sensitive to the feelings of those around them. It is easy for a Pisces to become overwhelmed by these emotions, and takes greater effort to keep ourselves grounded in this world.

Two fish, Two Directions

This symbolizes the division of a Pisces' attention. One fish swimming towards reality, and the other swimming towards fantasy. The constant division of what is versus what could be. As a Pisces, I feel the draw of this fantasy world. Sometimes, it can be easier to imagine than it is to deal with the realities of the real world.

Pisces are adaptable. Like the sign depicts, we are able to swim in either direction, changing with the current as needed. In light of this, the close friends we have come from different walks of life. We are able to gel into the mould and adapt into different groups more easily than many other signs. Through out my school career, and even into my life now, I have friends that could be described as "all over the map". The sporty friends, the band friends, the artistic friends, the friends who like a party. While these may be friends I am close to, I do not necessarily believe any one of these titles belong to me. A drifter, a adapter.

The Silent Dreamer

Sympathetic. Self-Sacrificing. Intuitive. Impractical. Procrastinator. Feels Misunderstood.

As a Pisces, I understand the feeling of needing to help others. I understand the feeling of wanting to help others succeed in their dreams, and the validations it brings. The need to encourage others to get back up and try again, that their dreams are not too far out of reach, and that they can be achieved with a plan of action.

However, I also understand how these values can double as a cover up for the insecurities inside our own heads. The need to procrastinate applying for that new job, in fear that we are not good enough. That there will be a better candidate. The hesitation to dive into our passion in fear that we will fall short. The fear that our dreams will appear "impractical" to others. The need to fill our time helping others create a plan to reach their goals, rather than spend the time working on our own growth.

The fear of dreaming too big. The fear that comes with having one foot in that fantasy realm, fearing that it will drop out from under us at any given moment. The fear of others giving you that harsh reality check to pull you back into the realm of reality. Reminding you of how the world works, and how unforgiving it can be for dreamers like us. Sometimes, it can be easier to dream in silence, allowing our creative minds to venture in and out of that fantasy realm as we please. Dreaming in the "what ifs" in the safety of our minds.

The Silent Treatment

Over-sensitive. Scatterbrained. Over-emotional. Moody.

Ah yes, the silent treatment. That annoying, little silent temper-tantrum that is usually in result of one person giving another the cold shoulder. To show them. Whatever that means exactly.

Or is it?

As a Pisces, am I guilty of falling silent during an argument or disagreement? Absolutely. Without a doubt. However, I have learned that this can come across as being spiteful. In truth, falling silent is a coping mechanism. In the heat of an argument or disagreement, emotions run high and tend to build...and build...like a snowball running down the side of a mountain. Until, eventually that snowball has to stop. In this case, falling silent is what creates that stop. That moment the snowball teeters on the edge of a cliff. One more second will send that snowball over the edge, the point of no return. However, tensions cannot continue to rise when one party falls silent.

Falling silent, especially when not in the same room with anyone else, gives me a chance to step away and process the flood of high emotions, a trait that Pisces are known to be hyperaware of. The emotions of others can creep in like a little tickle up your spine or hit you with the force of a brick wall. Sometimes I just need to slam my own walls down to block out the feelings of others. To give myself the space to process and sort through the emotions, even if it is just for a moment.

The Hopeless Romantic

Secretive. Reserved. Weak.

Let's be honest. Who hasn't dreamed of their fairy tale ending? Painted that dreamy picture of their vision of a perfect house. On that perfect property. With that perfect person. I'll be honest. I most definitely have.

I feel people sometimes try to take advantage of a Pisces' good nature and their appearance of being "weak." However, I believe this is far from weak.

Dreaming of these fairy tale endings mean that I have set a goal in my mind, and am strong willed enough to do my best to see that dream through. It's funny, how everything seems to come back to being a dreamer isn't it?

Can this come across as reserved? Absolutely. After all, I am not just going to open myself up to anyone who wants in. Secretive? Sure. I have that vision of what I want in my life that is of no concern to the outside world. When the time comes, I will share that with someone I feel is worthy of seeing those precious dreams. But until then, they can remain locked away in that fantasy world that is all my own.

They Don't Like To Ask For Things

Oh man. Does this one ever hit home. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am the worst person for ideas. Birthday ideas. Christmas ideas. I believe this comes back to that caring nature Pisces tend to carry. Why ask for things for myself when they could be spending money on the things they really want for themselves?

Do I really need another, expensive leather note book when they want to save up for a trip? Do I need a new coat when they want to replace the siding on their house? When I finally do sit myself down to make a list, it is usually quite small and I do my best to make sure they are things I do not believe are "too expensive." Those who know me, realize that it is easier to listen and make note of the things and items I get excited about in conversation rather than ask me for what I want.

The Desire To Escape Reality

A weakness. Or so is described by others. I believe that this desire helps us Pisces fuel our creative side. You see a waterfall? I feel it. I feel the water rushing over the 100 foot drop. I feel the water trickling down between the stones, the drops from the spray that land on the shore line. I feel the possibilities, the endless stories that this waterfall holds. I feel the summer breeze full of light and promises against my face, carrying the scent of pine trees down the steep slope behind us.

You see words when you read a story? I see the characters. I see the landscapes. I feel the thunderstorm of emotions that roll in clouds off the characters. I feel the despair, the love, the choices that reek havoc on these fictional beings. I feel them as if they were my own.

You see a food commercial mentioning something about the year they started. I see the stories of the women who had to step up and run the company while the men were sent off to fight in the world war. I see the wives and mother's who never saw their loved ones again. The pain and suffering behind those smiling faces on the T.V, no more than a snack break interrupting that episode of Big Bang.

Why do you think I write? All the stories and emotions I absorb through my surroundings during the day light a flame in my mind's eye. The girl walking down the street, the one with the red scarf blowing in the wind behind her. To the world, she's on her way to work. End of story. My mind swims beyond this ending. She's rushing down the street, wearing the red scarf her grandmother made her, towards a job that she worked her butt off for years to achieve. She's the struggling student who barely scraped by, trying to make a name for herself in this cruel world.

I feel the need to take these stories and bring them to light. To let my mind dip into that fantasy world and explore the emotions and stories of others.

I guess you could say, I believe being a Pisces is a large piece of why I began to write. Writing provides with with that safe space to explore the emotions of others, and make sense of the world around me. It helps me to explore the whys. Why do people behave like this? Why did this person end up the way they did? More importantly, how did they get to this point?

This also explains why I write on topics that I personally, have never experienced. Allowing myself to step into that fantasy realm to create these stories inspired by the little things around me. The girl with the scarf. A random signature. A food commercial. This provides my mind a space to run free, free in that fantasy world that allows me to bring these to life.

The drifter. The dreamer. I am proud to be a Pisces.

Carly Culin
Carly Culin
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