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Why Max Polyakov and Others Have Been Involved In NewSpace Philosophies

by Liam Miller 10 months ago in space

Max Polyakov and Elon Musk both have been interested in space exploration – check out what they have done so far to ensure a successful outcome.

Contributions Into Space Exploration

The future of the space industry is promising; therefore, different corporate bodies and private companies are putting things in motion to make that possible. The chain of operation would be from a moon travel/colonization to space tourism. A few examples of entrepreneurs who have invested in this industry are Max Polyakov, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos. Each of them has a strategy that hopes to be successful when the time comes.

Elon Musk’s Innovation

Musk is one of the most prominent pioneers of the space project. He is best known for his Tesla projects that would become the future of the world. For the space industry, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Launch Vehicle is quite an exception, and Musk is proud to be a part of it.

Elon Musk hopes to deliver a speech on SpaceX’s 18th anniversary in 2020. The speech would be about how the cost of space travel would be reduced so that the human race could be preserved. This means there is a need to look elsewhere for survivability of life asides Earth – then, Mars colonization became a project. However, Musk reported that Mars colonization might not happen so soon because it takes about two years to travel to Mars.

Furthermore, to ensure that the delivery of the space tourism project is kept top-notch, Musk is working a partnership with Yusaku Maezewa, a Japanese billionaire. Both individuals are planning to work hand-in-hand to make sure the best comes out of SpaceX's space industry innovation. Musk announced that the Japanese billionaire would be the first tourist to be put on board.

Other individuals and fashion brands are showing their commitment to the project. For instance, Sir Richard Branson already sold about half a thousand to a thousand tickets (1 ticket = $250,000) for tourism in the Virgin ship for a suborbital flight. Also, Under Armor Sportswear already showed an interest in making space outfits.

Polyakov’s Innovation

On the other hand, Max Polyakov thinks something different about the Earth. The 42-year-old businessman who is currently the co-founder of Firefly Aerospace and the head of Noosphere Ventures aims at producing and launching rocks and spacecraft that are reliable and affordable. Both of his companies are working hand-in-hand to make sure satellite EOS Data Analytics and SETS Rocket Engines are monitored.

He also plans to save the Earth, rather than abandon it. He believes in the concept of Earth Observation Visioner; thus, analytical tools are being put together to make things happen. Firefly Aerospace by Max Polyakov agrees with NASA to be one of the sole suppliers of launch vehicles – Alpha to help deliver a payload to the moon into the orbit.

Recently, the company just conducted a second-stage trial of 4 Reavers Engine that took 165 seconds at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. This project marks the second spaceport operation in America held by a private company.

From the account of both entrepreneurs interested in the space industry, their objectives are the same – to save Earth and aid easy space travel.

Liam Miller
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