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Why It's Extra Terrestrial Not Extraterrestrial

It seems subtle but it's key to awareness.

By Richard Van SteenbergPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Extra Terrestrial
As you study the ET and UFO phenomenon you will come across the term Extra Terrestrial. The most common way the word is written is Extraterrestrial. Unfortunately, the term "Extraterrestrial" when it appears as one word is going to prevent you from understanding what is really going on and hold you back from discovery until after disclosure.Why? With disclosure which will in all likely hood be only partial disclosure comes the possibility EA are going to realize Humanoid Extra Terrestrials (HET) have lived among us the whole time mankind has been on Earth (HETLAU). What appears as an overly obsessive attention to detail when evaluating Extraterrestrial versus Extra Terrestrial is going to end up being the hidden key to achieving full disclosure prior to any public announcement.

The easiest way to understand why using it as one word is wrong is to begin with the analogy of training wheels on a bike. The possibility of HET living among us and implementing an ETA means they would be using concepts like misdirection and subliminal dissemination to control how we receive information. No different than how the military uses psyops to control how the enemy gains access to only the information they want them to have.So just like learning to ride a bike when you put training wheels on HET are using the term Extraterrestrial to make it easier for EA to get the desired entry level ET awareness through subliminal dissemination. The problem is just like when you get better at riding the bike you remove the training wheels the HET are leaving the training wheels on to prevent us from fully understanding what is going on and thus hold back our intellectual development. Thus they keep using the word Extraterrestrial instead of expounding on it and using Extra Terrestrial.This is extremely easy to see once you realize the possibility of HET or Humanoid Extra Terrestrials. In order to arrive at the ecronymHET, ET needs to be two words Extra Terrestrial. The HET realize this so they make it so society functions with the term ET referring to a single word Extraterrestrial. This is subliminal dissemination in its most basic form. Telling you what is going on without allowing you to realize your being told and not giving you enough information to continue to figure it out on your own.Since people like to function in a group, when they are informed that the term Extraterrestrial as one word is wrong, they immediately look around and see that society is using it as one word and refuse to change because they don't want to become separated from the group. Thus they just keep their training wheels on even when they are informed that they are still on and they should take them off. This keeps the flow of controlled information and internet searches under the single word term Extraterrestrial and prevents the realization of HET and realization of the possibility of understanding what is really going on.Essentially what this is doing is keeping EA at the EA level of intelligence instead of allowing them to raise or elevate their minds to the level of ETI. Just like all the organizations like SETI are searching for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence the key is society needs to recognize what ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence really is. What they don't realize and are afraid to investigate since it means leaving the comfort and security if being seen as part of the group of society is that the possibility exists true Extra Terrestrial Intelligence is being used to keep them from understanding what actual Extra Terrestrial Intelligence is.Even the term Extra-Terrestrial with hyphen prevents the realization of the correct use of the word. It prevents the possibility of the discovery of the term Humanoid Extra Terrestrials as there is no hyphen in that term. Also searching for information is restricted because the lookups will focus on an incorrect form of the words Extra Terrestrial.In summary, the possibility exists Humanoid Extra Terrestrials (HET) living among us (HETLAU) are using actual Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (ETI) to prevent the EA from realizing what actual Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (ETI) is. They are facilitating this by using methods that are so simple that pointing out the incorrect use of the word Extraterrestrial is preventing EA from raising or elevating their level of awareness seems like it is a psychiatric disorder. Similar to obsessive compulsiveness where paying such close attention to detail such that it seems insignificant paying such close attention to the minor difference between Extra Terrestrial, Extraterrestrial, and Extra-Terrestrial seems insignificant and/or obsessive-compulsive. Only those who can see this are able to break the restraints of group psychology or herd mentality and realize what is actually going on.

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