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Where does "glow flow?"

by Dolphingirl 11 months ago in humanity

And how to turn your 'glo-flo' on...

NASA Earth's Wings

Imagine your body, heart, mind, and soul duplicating our Earth's energies, communication channels, and pulsating magnetic field? In science, this rings true. As a child, we remarkably match our planet's water to body mass ratio, the 71% to 29%, and as we get older we start losing the water factor of this phenomenon.

Yet, what if our 'glo-flo' was intrinsically linked to this aforementioned equation, with our 'glo-flo' being fueled and renewed by our natural connections to Mother Earth, like solar storms enhancing and expanding the aurora borealis, or as some know it, the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights Iceland

I like to believe our 'glo-flo' is natural linked to our inner peace meter... connected to and found by doing the things we love... listening to our favorite music, helping a neighbor bring in their groceries, playing outside with our animal friends, or even carrying a large recycled cross on one's shoulders, as I've recently seen a local man do around town, like in the old days, except before the invention of the bicycle.

Star play!

Maybe like me, you're wanting to create a life full of connections and wonder, yet asking yourself, "How do I get there?" A line made famous by the Talking Heads' song, Once in a Lifetime.

I say, let's act like explorers finding our way across our amazing planet by using the "compass mentality" for our lives, like many ancient cultures taught through oral traditions and art forms. Take Polynesians for instance, living on islands for thousands of years, and making long voyages across thousands of ocean miles just by using their inner compass, star gazing, observing sea currents, feeling the tropical winds, and watching for signs from Nature itself. For inspiration on this very subject, you can watch the film, Kon-Tiki.

Island Secrets

For my modern day version of "compass mentality," especially in turning on one's 'glo-flo'... here are the four directions that you might also enjoy taking part of during your day.

North = Earth, in reaching out and connecting with fellow earthlings of people, animals, and Nature. Important note: your kindness counts!

South = Fire, in taking a bit of time in finding out what's worth living for, and essentially what you love, like doing art, gardening, writing, learning a new language, or playing a musical instrument.

East = Air, in everything that breaths, including you. Doing exercises in meditation, movement, and sports take each of us there. The science in this: we are sharing 99% of our DNA molecules through the respiratory function with all living life on Earth, so the idea of being "disconnected" is a farse. The truth is, we and our planet are breathing together. Here's an article speaking on our shared “Breath of Life.

West = Water, in enjoying swimming, showers, baths, drinking glasses of this vital source of life, and importantly, trying to spend time doing actions of protection (reducing your single use plastics, using biodegradable products at home), for our planet is calling us to help! I love my mermaid ocean swims, and almost every time I dip into the blue, I'm collecting the plastic trash and debris. Want a swimmable tail for yourself? SEA: https://www.finfunmermaid.com

Fin Fun Mermaid Eco-Ambassador
Finding Home

On that note of our planet talking with us and finding our way back home, you might have heard in sustainability gatherings and conservation conferences that "our problem is often our solution." Another way of seeing this, is that our solution lies buried in our problem and its up to us, or a group of us in finding a workable answer = solution. For instance, your 'glo-flo' seems to be broken or out of gas⛽ What often follows are feelings of overwhelmness, detachment, or a gloomy grey cloud above your head that even Pooh bear with his honey pot can't fix. I struggle with this, so my remedy in de-pressing depression when my 'glo-flo' is nowhere in sight, is fun, loud music, and movin' to it! Try out this uplifting music compilation, Never Give Up!


Your 'glo-flo' is essentially your groove and what makes you happy!

I'm happy starting my day off with this health routine, after saying hello to Nature outside by standing in my bare feet on the grass. If some of these suggestions call to you, then please try them out and explore... your discoveries will go as far as your curiosity. To me, 'glo-flo' can be broken down to the original word itself, G-L-O-W. G is for gratitude + growing (like a garden), L is for love + listening + letting go, O is for offering help + observing, and W is for wonder + writing + worldwide.

AM ~ Sacred Sunrise Time

This is a time to take a few moments for you, nourishing your body, mind, and heart. 1st Drink: Celery Juice or Glass of Fresh Lemon Water

Celery juice is extremely detoxifying, as it flushes out old toxins and poisons that have built up over time. It also helps in killing viruses, bad bacteria, fungi and parasites in your body. Maintaining a healthy gut, improving digestion, and reducing bloating.

Drinking a glass in the morning alkalizes your body. Certain foods can create acidic byproducts in your body after digestion. (info on alkalizing your body: https://www.thelifeco.com/en/blog/diet-tips-to-alkalise-your-body)

Follow with Nutrients: Yummy Chocolate SHAKE! https://www.teambeachbody.com/shop/d/chocolate-plant-based-vegan-shakeology-SHKCHVegan?referringRepId=2157328

Sustainably sourced

So, where does "glow flow," and how to turn your 'glo-flo' on?

I say it's waiting inside of you... as an invitation to life! Living alittle bit more brighter, and alittle more lighter, in spirit. And if you're feeling lost, go out and start listening to the wind, your 'glo-flo' will always be your zen!

Peace and ocean xo!

listening to the wind!

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