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Where Are You Going?

by Angie Allanby 8 months ago in psychology
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Destination: New Earth?

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

Salutations, Earthling. I come in peace.

I see that all is not well on this beautiful, delicate planet at this time. I see lies, manipulations, bondages, shame; beings treating other beings horrifically. There is greed and excess, scarcity, poverty and suffering.

Goodness, but what HAVE you been doing with the place?

Institutions have been set up to limit your infinite creativity - and you have believed the lies that you are inadequate, and must live within this system of slavery. You have given up your power to a hungry god, one that will take everything and more than you can ever produce.

In this system, you will never ever win, my dear Earthling.

Let me tell you of a new way - a way that can make your heart beat LOUD with the sheer joy of LIVING - the privilege of simply being alive here, feeling the breeze on a cheek, smelling the autumn leaves in the air…. tasting the sweet flavours of Earth’s goodness and filling up on an ecstasy of pleasure in all of her vast array of treats! Ah, the Human Experience. So delicious.

The new way is simple.

It is to look inside of you, where the Blueprint for your Greatness has been placed - where it can never be stolen or lost. Never. However, Your Blueprint can be buried, and so you may have to dig it out a little bit. But the closer you get to it, the more your Greatness will glow, and the more enraptured you will become, the more frenzied to uncover it and to shine forth the treasure within!

You know it.

You feel it.

Stop burying it, my dear. When you lie awake at night, worrying, in fear and crippled with anxiety, your Greatness knocks. Right there is the answer to every one of your problems - the deepest yearnings of your heart and mind.

Be bold, courageous: follow the knock. In the silent moments, listen.

Your Greatness will whisper dreams to you - dreams that you laugh at, refuse to believe could be real, shut the lid on, ignore.

But you see, you are already enough for the Greatness within you. As you are, you qualify in full, because the treasure within is YOURS. Yours alone. Nobody else can claim it, nobody else can dream it, nobody else is brave enough to follow that which makes your knees go weak with joy.

When you do allow yourself a secret peek down deep inside, and the beauty of what you see captures your imagination with a dream so grand you can barely stand to look at it fully in the face, what is now worse:

- to ignore it, and continue onwards as before, on a journey of slavery;

- or to follow it, and venture where no being has ventured before?

You see, my dear, inside each of you - yes, every single one of you on Earth - is a dream. Each dream is a piece of a bridge, and together, that bridge carries you all into the New World. Each one of you is a living promise of infinite possibility.

What is the New World, you ask?

I shall tell you. It is Heaven on Earth - the heaven that is your deepest soul’s best longings, and worst agony to be without.

It is freedom from all suffering. It is unity, joy, creativity; being in love and being loved. It is the best of friendship and the most effective of work; where life has a sacred meaning lived simply, surrounded by beauty, laughter, sufficiency. It is where everything is instinctively RIGHT.

But you can only get to the New World by turning away from that which no longer serves you. By saying “No more” to the manipulations of the systems, by shrugging off the bondage of slavery, by uncovering your Greatness, owning the beauty that it is, and by choosing - simply choosing - to be, not a slave, but a Great.

The choice is yours. The world is yours to create now. Be sure to remember that you do not need to settle for that which does not make you feel ALIVE in every cell and fibre of your being.

All that your Greatness needs to begin to become real is only this, the first step: your choice to believe in that which you feel inside; the hugeness, the overwhelming knowing that you were made for more...

Because you were. You are. And if you are reading this, my dear, then you are still a being on Earth, and it is not too late.

I leave you now, my love.


About the author

Angie Allanby

Lover of earth. Citizen of the world. Seeker of truth.

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