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What These 9 Lightsaber Colors Say About Your Personality

Which Blade Would You Wield?

By Culture SlatePublished 2 years ago 6 min read
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There’s a prevailing belief that certain colors can impact your mood or say something about your personality. While the science is, let’s say, open for interpretation, it’s an intriguing subject. There's certainly some colors that evolutionary psychologists argue can influence our mood. There's a reason why red is a dominant color for Valentine's Day. Literature is full of moods equated with color. Feeling blue. Seeing red. There's no doubt that colors have a profound impact on our lives.

What does that have to do with Star Wars? Well, everyone has a favorite lightsaber color. While we’ve only seen a handful in the movies and shows, those being blue, green, red, white, black, yellow, and purple, games like Jedi: Fallen Order add to our color options, bringing in magenta and orange. All the colors of the rainbow are available in a weapon that can cut through solid metal! So, why don't we see what your favorite lightsaber color has to say about your personality?

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I bet this one isn’t a stretch for people but red is a bright and forceful color. It’s often associated with passion and power. It’s no wonder that it’s the color of choice for Sith users. While it’s supposedly a corruption of a kyber crystal, it doesn’t mean you’re corrupt. Notice how one of the descriptors was passion. If your favorite saber color is red, you’re likely a passionate person. Maybe someone who likes control, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You like to control your own destiny, and likely are someone who doesn't take orders very well. Neither is passion a bad thing. Passion drives creativity and love, and what’s wrong with that?


Here’s one that we haven’t seen much of. Orange is close to yellow on the spectrum, so it's no surprise that orange is bright, attention getting, and warm. It’s also seen as a spiritual color. This jives with the story in Fallen Order. Cal Kestis watched the Order be slaughtered around him as he fled into hiding, and a common theme of Fallen Order is spiritual discovery and healing. While the orange saber is just an option in Fallen Order, it's fitting that you can choose orange in the game. If orange is your color, then you could be a warm person for people to be around, maybe an attention seeker. You could also be someone more in tune with their spirituality, or perhaps on a spiritual journey of your own.


Like red, yellow is a color that stands out. It’s bright, like the sun, so it’s often seen as light or energy, and even warmth. Until The Rise of Skywalker, Jedi Temple Guards were the only ones seen to use yellow blades in The Clone Wars. But then we see Rey Skywalker ignite her lightsaber at the end of The Rise of Skywalker, and behold, it was yellow. In a way, it makes sense. Rey was a fierce protector of her friends, very fitting for the color of a guardian. If your favorite lightsaber color is yellow, it’s likely you are a warm person that people feel welcome around, and maybe safe and protected. It may also mean you are energetic and lively, full of energy like the sun, a shining beacon of light in peoples’ lives.


Green is seen as a natural and tranquil color, reminding many of nature and life. The Jedi who come to mind that preferred a green saber are Qui-Gon and Master Yoda. Master Yoda, a deeply philosophical and calm Jedi, often talked about the natural aspect of the Force, about how it surrounds us, and you can feel it in the air, or the rock. Qui-Gon was a calming force himself, often stoic and at odds with the Jedi Council, but he gave off an aura of someone who subscribed to Master Yoda’s natural view of the Force, with reminders to be mindful. If your favorite lightsaber color is green, you’re likely someone who enjoys nature and life, and perhaps does yoga or long, peaceful walks. People may seek you as a calming presence, as someone who can offer sage advice.


Blue is usually a calming color or one that is associated with security and reliability. Jedi like Obi-Wan and even Anakin used blue lightsabers, and who’s more reliable and traditional than Obi-Wan? Who’s more concerned with security and protection than Anakin? So, if this if your favorite lightsaber color, you’re likely someone who cares about others, wants to protect them, and prefers an orderly way of things. You may be someone who values peace, and seeks to maintain it. Perhaps you're a skilled mediator or negotiator.


We’ve only seen one canon purple lightsaber, that of Master Mace Windu. Purple represents many things. It has been associated with royalty in the past. It’s also a color of wisdom, bravery, spirituality, and uniqueness. Master Windu is easily all of these. Well, maybe not royalty, but he’s one of the wisest, bravest, and most spiritual Jedi we’ve come across. The singular nature of his being the only purple saber we’ve come across works with the uniqueness quality. So if you’re into the purple sabers, you’re likely a unique person, someone who makes their own way. You probably value creativity and wisdom and seek to broaden your world through information. You likely stand out as a diamond in the rough.


White has often been associated with purity and, like yellow, light. It also can represent neutrality because white is the absence of all color. Canonically, the only Jedi we’ve seen with white sabers was Ahsoka Tano, and that came when she purified the corrupt crystals of an Inquisitor. While I wouldn’t say Ahsoka is necessarily neutral, she did leave the Jedi Order, and famously stated she is no Jedi. I’d say her neutrality lays in the fact that she no longer identifies as a Jedi, thus is not bound by their restrictive dogma, but is more in tune with her own morals while standing against the dark. If your favorite lightsaber color is white, then you likely are a person who makes their own way, a blank canvas on which to paint your own picture and do whatever your heart desires. You may also be someone who values peace and cleanliness, a force for good, but on your own terms.


Ah, black. Often used to depict evil and decay, it's much more than that. It represents elegance and high society, which works well with the fact that the only black blade we know about is the Darksaber, and possessing it after combat grants one the throne of Mandalore and the right to rule. What’s more high society than that? Mandalorian culture, while fractured, seems to be heavily reliant on honor and tradition, which just screams high society. So if this is your favorite lightsaber color, you’re probably an honorable person, concerned with the way of things and respecting tradition. You may also enjoy the finer things in life, or aspire to.


Probably the closest thing to pink we’ll get, it’s a color of many characteristics. Aside from the societal association with femininity, it’s associated with joy, vibrancy, creativity, and bliss. There is no Jedi we’ve come across that has had a magenta-colored blade, but I would venture one may come eventually, and it’d be interesting if one of them fits those descriptors. If you fancy a pink or magenta-colored blade, you are likely a bright personality, someone who is creative with a vibrant expression. You may find joy in all things, the kind of positive personality that can rub off on people. 

A little word on color psychology; It’s a highly subjective topic, and many people find different meanings in colors based on lived experience and subjective interpretations. It’s simply all in good seeing the characters that wield these specific colored blades and how their characteristics are conveyed to the audience through their choice of weaponry.

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Written by Jeremy Brown

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