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What's the future holding on for all of us?

What do you believe the future is holding for us all?

By Annaelle ArtsyPublished 2 months ago 13 min read

There's a bit of taboo around LinkedIn or at least, that's how I find it, regarding the content that it's being posted or shared or even written, even though the people who stop themselves from posting it, might be in agreement with the content itself. I find myself in this category of people who fear to not wreck their so called "professional reputation" because of their beliefs or because of something they read they think it's interesting to be known or shared or at least to have a thought about it with the community from which they're a part of. But I guess, people are refractory to change and this won't change. But, I do think, just like I believe that, if you can afford to buy an electric car, you should, simply to influence others to do it, and in this way, you can help shape the society and the future for all humanity; I think, what I am about to write now and share, it's important and it can help us all progress in the new society that's being shaped and sharpened for all of us, and it's just around the corner of the coming 2021.

Before I dive into it, I'd like to bring some light regarding my "professional self". I have studied Psychology, having obtained more than 10 years ago a License in it (and I am saying this because I want to highlight the fact that ever since I graduated, I obviously have evolved much more through different workshops, trainings, courses and a diverse range of life situations exposure, a.k.a. the university of life), I gained a Master's Degree in Knowing and Combating Crime, developed myself into the person I am now through a cocktail of working environments and more recently, I have been working in the banking fraud industry for more than 4 years and as a human being, I am prone to being careful, obedient regarding rules, regulations and procedures, quite reliable and responsible, too responsible I would say, (yes, it's possible to be too responsible) and down to earth, having developed a serious attitude towards work and since I have worked in a field that is strict and very robust, I am nevertheless, kind of the same with respect to my job duties. So, having all that in mind, would you picture me believing in the art of astrology and all the energy vibes around the esoteric field?

What most people would say, when you would paint them this picture, would be, a lunatic, how can she even be professional or responsible if she speaks about those things that don't exist, that have no boundaries, that have no limits, that have no pragmatic or practical colours and that only invite to dreamy parallel universes? But, I know, you won't judge me. And I'll tell you why.

Edward de Bono, the famous Edward de Bono, with the "6 thinking hats" strategy and critical thinking concepts had said that intelligent people are not open-minded.

You read that right. Intelligent people are NOT open-minded. Intelligent people are able to use arguments and the power of conviction so well, that they convince even themselves through their arguments, through their mind logic and through their opponent's lack of speedy answers or arguments back, that what they believe in or what they have just pinpointed as impossible or false, it's actually true. When you are very smart, you are able to use your logic rapidly and taking into consideration the brain bias regarding the brain shortcuts to gain knowledge and operate data and spit back opinions, well, you can imagine the result - a smart person is not going to gain a lot by simply being smart. A smart person will lose unimaginative amounts of information and insights because they do not remain open to ideas and new things that arise and new directions that are possible and that's because they defend so well their own ideas. So, just like Albert Einstein famously wrote, let's ponder upon "Imagination is far more important than knowledge".

Now, I am ready to tell you what I have just been listening to. It's a Youtube video that popped up on my recommended screen, regarding how the next 200 years will look like. The author of the video is an Indian astrologer. A couple of , actually more than a couple months back, at the beginning of 2020 or so, I have taken a class on Linkedin Learning about "Leading like a futurist".

I think that the future belongs to those who remain open-minded about anything that's new and different, and to those who are not afraid of the change that they encounter on their life path. I think that adaptability and flexibility is a constant requirement of different job adverts and interviewers, yet it will become as well the norm for many job seekers, workers and employees in the coming future. So, having that in mind, exposure to information about the future from the fields of esoteric industry, such as astrology, should not make you crack or transform your open-minded persona into a very intelligent person who is always right about things, and who can find the logic behind everything, even though, even astrology has a lot of logic and synchronicities, because as you might not expect it, it is a science, just like any other field you operate in. So, yes. Let me clarify what we should expect in the next 20 to maximum 200 years.

  • Countries which will take help from AI to grow agriculture will be the world's leading countries in coming time
  • The mantra for the next 200 years is de-globalization
  • Everything that happened during the 3 months of global lockdown from the 30th of March until the 30th of June 2020, shows that in the very near future, we will be doing business in a way that keeps the countries' money in that country only - LOCAL businesses will thrive.
  • Upcoming times will bring MORE pandemics like Covid19
  • Stability and Security will be our prime concern
  • Earthquakes could have more activations than in all previous years
  • We might see many cities going into water - cities that disappear
  • In the coming time, gold will be in the centre of the economy
  • A kind of digital currency will come in the light which will be paired with gold
  • An era of renewable energy or alternative energy will rise
  • The supremacy of Petrol and Gas will end
  • Things like plastic, everything harmful for the earth will be dead in coming time
  • We will find a technology that will generate fuel from a kind of metal or crystal which are available inside the earth
  • Either gold will be the currency or a currency which is paired with gold
  • We will build infrastructure in the space, so the coming time will be of space exploration
  • We will also discover new planets where we can live
  • Earth will change its axis - that also means that climate will also change
  • Predominance of sensory pleasures will increase (if we think about the period between 30th of March 2020 and 30th of June 2020, we can remember that during the lockdown we could have all read more, learn more, increase or enhance our skills, but instead we all were driven towards entertainment such as the ones on Netflix etc)
  • Industrial growth will take place with help of the AI
  • The entire society will be divided into different groups, and every group will have its leader; the entire human race will be divided into groups and each group will have its leader whom we (each belonging to a specific group) will follow
  • We may face war for drinking water in coming times because we will see shortage of drinking water. Water will be very expensive.
  • The coming 200 years are based on the zodiac element of Earth, which is the last element. In 5 basic elements (Air, Metal, Water, Fire, Earth), Earth comes last. So, Earth element also means "the End". So, if in the coming 20, 40 or 60 years, we will not be taking care of our Earth, the Earth won't have the possibility to sustain us to live on it. If that is to happen, we won't have any other option than living in space. We should take care of the Earth and respect it.

All this is based on a very important conjunction that will happen this year, between 2 major planets, Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is a factor of knowledge and happiness. Saturn, on the other hand is a factor of The Sorrow. That is why, when this type of event happens every 20 years (Jupiter and Saturn conjunction) , we see a change in the world.

Jupiter will move to Capricorn sign from Sagittarius on the 20th of November 2020. There will be a fearful atmosphere on earth because of a new kind of economy or some unknown factor (maybe more Covid19 ?? - hopefully not) So, overall, all the major planets will be in the zodiac sign of the economy (Earth).

We all know that economical recovery after some kind of crisis goes either in "V shape", "W shape", "L shape" or "U shape". But, the combination of Jupiter and Saturn this year, will rise a "K shaped economy".

K shape economy contains 2 arrows. One goes upward and one goes downwards. American author and economist Peter Atwater gave this term "K shaped economy" . This means that those who are wealthy and progressive will get more growth and those who are middle class or poor class will not see any kind of developments. That means there's going to be an increase in the gap between upper and lower class that will grow even more in the coming years.

Wealthy people will become more wealthy and poor people will become poorer. This means it's going to be a kind of inequality. Economical inequality. There's even been numerous articles regarding the fact that the pandemic will leave the poor even further disadvantaged. Since May 2020 until today, the entire world has been talking about the "K shaped economy". In astrology jargon, all the qualities of Jupiter such as knowledge, skill, education will grow, and the less educated will be facing problems. The people that lost most of the jobs after the pandemic hit, were belonging to the group of the lowest paid industries.

In the very near future, we will all have to upgrade ourselves to survive the "K shaped economy". We will have to enhance our skills and learn new things to grow ourselves, otherwise we will face major downfalls. The 2 sides of the K indicates one winning and the other one loosing. And that means, as mentioned before, there will be a huge gap between the 2 sides of the K. This type of conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn happen every 60 years in the same zodiac sign. So back in 1961 on the 18th of February, the world faced this conjunction and at that time, if we go back a bit in time and read through and document ourselves, we will realise that, at that time, too, there was a huge economic inequality. After around 10 years after this, to change the situation, US president at that time Richard Nixon called "The Bretton Woods Agreement system" that existed at that time, since 1944, to an end. The Bretton Woods Agreement and System created a collective international currency exchange regime based on the U.S. dollar and gold. The Bretton Woods system was the first example of a fully negotiated monetary order intended to govern monetary relations among independent states and it showed parity between gold and the dollar. When this was ended, in 1971, the dollar, included many other currencies such as the pound became free-floating.

So, what this Indian astrologer I was listening to is saying, is that, 5 to 10 years after this conjunction that will happen between Jupiter and Saturn in 2020, a kind of digital currency will rise or an existing digital currency will gain more traction. This digital currency will be linked to gold. And this currency will grow like gold. This is the reason why experts like Warren Buffet are now buying gold mines. That currency which will appear, will be called the reserved currency of the world.

Regarding this "K shaped economy", we will have to apply its principle to all fields, to all industries. We will see that land and the home (housing) will be costly and the housing sector will become very expensive. The opposite is that office and commercial spaces will go down in price. The "K shaped economy" will bring growth opportunity for some people and the worst challenging times for others. This means a kind of economical crisis will be faced by some people, if not many.

So, bottom line, what can we do for what the future is holding for us? Prepare for the worst? Upgrade our range of skills? Keep our current job while still learning more? Become a minimalist? Buy local? Invest in our education? Keep an open mind? Read more books and open up our emotional intelligence? Not fear change, rather prepare for it? Maybe, all of the above. I am a very positive and optimistic person and I remember my father once told me that he believed that because I studied Psychology it means that I am prepared for life, because he thought I sort of studied about how to conquer the art of life and all that. Which is truly, deeply, madly in a way true, but it's a different perspective. So, I think we ought to remain open-minded, alert to changes and challenges and we must keep safe, as health is wealth.

Since it's more than clear that the "K shaped economy" will become stronger and stronger, I think it is vital for all of us, or, of whoever still has a job nowadays, to keep your feet firmly on the ground where that office is, and maintain the position you currently find yourself in. It's not the time to change your job, unless you are willing to face uncertainty and the very practical steps downwards poverty, according to the "K shaped economy". It's not pessimism, but the cold reality. You may not be in the position at this moment in time to initiate the change, unless you know what you're getting yourself into, and this, only after delicate and detailed hands on preparation.

We all need to think, if we do have this thought cross our minds, to change our jobs, that we need to change the industry, not just the job. There will be sectors of the economy that will collapse and it's up to each and every one of you to do some critical thinking upon what I just wrote in this article and think which industry will give you advantages and which not, and there will be fields of operations that will bloom. We all want to be part of the bloom, but we cannot bloom when it's dark. So, I think, it's important to analyse and synthesize what's been happening so far this year, and time it to 10 to understand what might happen in the near future. Imagination is far more important than knowledge, because imagination implies knowledge, observation (LOTS OF OBSERVATION) and curiosity about the world. Being open-minded requires us to be curious, yet vigilant about the world and to listen more to what's underneath it all. Netflix won't help us getting an augmented income. But, as we dive more and deeply into the "K shaped economy" we might use it to escape its struggles.

What do you believe the future is holding for us all?

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