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What is QHHT & BQH?

by Osana Wasut 2 years ago in humanity · updated 9 months ago
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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique & Beyond Quantum Healing

Back in 2018, I first discovered a youtube video that had been created by a woman named Allison Coe, who was sharing information that was coming through in her QHHT sessions.

I remember watching these videos and being absolutely blown away by what she was saying.

Here is her youtube if you are intrigued like I was- Allison Coe Youtube Channel

Clients were commonly going and visiting their future and seeing what was to come for humanity, and it was beyond beautiful and so very promising.

At that point I did not think of myself doing the same thing, but of course two years later, I realized very strongly that yes I was meant to become a QHHT practitioner myself.

However, this was in March 2020, and we all knew what was going on at that time, for Covid-19 was just beginning to make its debut, and I had just been laid off from my serving job.

I remember saying to the universe, "alright, if I am meant to take this course, I need you to bring me some money."

Which arrived about 2 weeks later as I was able to collect the CERB money.

SO in May 2020, I took the plunge and purchased the course, and it was such an experience that I remember getting chills coursing throughout my body thinking WOW! What phenomenal work this is!

QHHT was created over the span of many years by the late Dolores Cannon, who was a worldwide hypnotherapist who focused on past life regression and through her sessions was able to tap into a wise, loving, and all-knowing source... This has been called subconscious, higher self, higher consciousness. It doesn't really matter what we call it, but it is present within each and every one of us.

QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and is a profound journey of your consciousness, deep into the awareness of who you truly are. People come to sessions with a list of questions they would like to find answers with, and more often than not, get way more than they expected from their sessions.

Part of the work Dolores did was assisting a client to explore lives in the past that they lived, however as humans evolve and become more aware, practitioners all over the world are finding that not only are people seeing past or parallel lives, but they are also seeing the potentials for the future.

One of my first clients saw her future and it was beyond words, she was a luminescent being and felt truly connected to all life, she saw how beautiful the world looked and was blown away by what she was experiencing. I will share a link to that video part one and part two here for you to watch if you are intrigued.


Part 1

Realm of New Earth w/Luminescent Light Bodiesđź’«

Part 2

Clear Insight & Guidance for the Collective on Current Global Concernsđź’«

So anyway, you never really know when going into a session where you will go, it is always what is best for you to see in your present life though, and you can essentially come for multiple sessions and each time it will be a completely unique experience!

So now, as I started working with QHHT, one of the largest problems of that modality which Dolores was rather adamant about was that sessions must be done in person, they cannot be offered remotely, which unfortunately really limited my potential to reach people all around the world, and then with Covid and lockdowns, it made this line of work almost impossible…

Then in September 2020, after I was traveling in my van for the past two months, I finally decided to go and get my very one QHHT session, so I found someone in Victoria which is where I was at that point in my travels, and I had a tremendous session there.

I wrote about that experience here which you can read if you choose:


So anyway, this wonderful man was telling me about BQH- Beyond Quantum Healing,

BQH was created by a student, Candance Craw-Goldman that studied with Dolores for many years before she decided to branch out and create her own modality because she felt that sessions not only could be offered remotely, but it was almost necessary for our day and age. Especially now during Covid.

Not everyone has the means to travel long distances for sessions, and her intuition guided her to create the beyond Quantum Healing course, allowing us to offer sessions remotely. Which of course as of 2020, has been more than necessary.

Really there isn’t a huge difference between QHHT and BQH, the results are very much the same, and really the only difference in the two modalities is how they are facilitated, where QHHT must be done in person, BQH can be done remotely through the wonders of the internet.

BQH is also more flexible and allows a practitioner more freedom and the ability to branch out and use our own inner guidance to expand the session, which is great if you are like me where I don't like super rigid rules.

Here is a video from Candace, explaining her story as to why she created BQH and the difference between BQH and QHHT, which is really not much, the results are just as profound, BQH is just far more flexible and offered remotely.

The Difference between BQH And QHHT

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a magical day :)

Hope you enjoyed reading, and if you would be interested in your own Quantum healing session with me, please find me at Osanawasut.ca

With Love and Light,



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Osana Wasut

Sharing my stories with the world. Writing has been a great tool for transformation, and I feel like I am only starting to dive deep into the self. Life is a wonderful gift, live to the fullest!

Find me at www.osanawasut.ca

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