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My experience with QHHT

by Osana Wasut 2 years ago in humanity · updated 9 months ago
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Part one- The past life in Africa

In the spring of 2020, I took the QHHT Level 1 course, which completely blew me away and opened my mind to so much more to life than what we are told in school.

I remember sitting on the edge of my seat during the course, chills running through my body, as I witnessed some profoundly amazing things that were taking place during the sessions.

Naturally, I knew I would need to have my very own session, which I finally did in September of 2020, and it was so insightful and gave me the clarity I was seeking in life.

I was in Victoria BC at the time, and I had been on the road living in my van, and camping for the past two months, and I was feeling somewhat lost, not knowing where I should go or where I should live.

So I looked on the QHHT official website and found a practitioner in the area who had availability over the next couple of weeks. So I booked in my session and then started to come up with questions to ask during it.

My session was on September 11th, 2020. I choose this date on purpose, and my experience with this modality profoundly changed my life.

When I came to the session, I was really hoping to see into my future, which does happen more often than not in QHHT sessions, however, that was not where I ended up going...

I went far back into the past, and I was living in a tiny village in African somewhere, it was a very hot, desert landscape, and I was an African woman.

When I came down off the cloud, I felt a sense of anxiety and a feeling of not wanting to be there, it was not somewhere I enjoyed being, however, it was the only place I knew and I was stuck there in this tiny village.

I lived there with m husband and I had 3 children, although 2 of them had passed away at this point. Now my youngest who was just a baby boy at this point was the only one I had left.

Losing a child was common in this life, we actually didn't even name our babies until they were a few months old because the likelihood of losing them was high.

Why we lost the children was due for the most part because of the unsanitary drinking water, it was dirty, but it was all that we had.

(Which to this day is still quite common for humanity, and over 1000 children die every day due to water contamination... That is 1000 too many if you ask me.)

We lived together in a community of people, and there were about 50 other people living in this small village, and each family had their own little hut where they mostly just slept. We shared meals together, the men got more food than the woman, and they also were allowed alcohol whereas the women were not.

For fun, the woman would usually make stuff, like clothing or small crafts, they would also do most of the gardening and taking care of the village when the men would go out and hunt.

Each day was uncertain, we never knew who would arrive in the village next, raping and pillaging our small community. It was very fearful, hence why I had felt so much anxiety when I first came down off the cloud. We never knew waking up each day if this would be our last day alive.

When I was moved forward to an important day, I was inside my hut, holding my son, who was now about 7 years old, and he was very sick. I knew he was dying, and again it was because of the drinking water.

He died in my arms and I wept deeply for him. I haven't cried tears that deeply in my entire present life, it was as though I had just lost my child. it was intensely emotional, and at the same time, deeply healing,

In my present life as Lindsay, I have lost a number of loved ones, mainly my Grandmother when I was 7, and my own mother when I was 20, so seeing this other past lifetime, was quite similar to this one, in the respect of losing loved ones.

Losing a child is probably one of the hardest experiences to have in life, and in this past life, I had lost, not one, not two, but all three of my children, and when my final son died, I was done having children, and pretty much ready to die myself.

Moving forward to another important day, I was there with my husband and now he was on his deathbed. I wasn't overly sad to see him go, in fact, I was looking forward to him leaving, as I wanted to be alone, and he was fairly abusive, and even more so after we had lost our last child. He had blamed me for the death of our children, even though we knew deep down it was out of our hands.

We believed in a higher power, and I knew that death wasn't the end, and although bad things happened and we didn't quite know why we knew it was for a bigger purpose.

After my husband died, it was just me on my own, and I was relieved of this, for I enjoyed my solitude. I spent the last few years of my life alone, taking care of the other children in the village, until the day of my own death.

I died naturally around the age of 40 and at the moment of my death I felt a release of my spirit from the physical body, and I was free.

In that space of freedom, I didn't know where to go as the village was all I ever knew, so I hung around for a while and watched as they moved my body out of my hut and over to the ceremony where they would burn my body to prevent decay and disease.

At that moment my son and husband came to greet me, and they explained to me what the purpose of that life was, which was to not be attached to the physical, or people, and to be okay with the losses in life.

Intuitively I knew that my husband was a highly advanced soul who had forgotten who he was when he was in the physical and abused me to try to teach me to stand up for myself, which I had not done in that life. So we would have come back and try it again, and that would be this life I am living currently.

I know who he is in this life, and we were together for a while and I do think that I accomplished my role of standing up for myself.

The past life also taught me to be okay wherever I am, and that in my present life I am not "stuck" anywhere, and I have much more freedom. It taught me to be happy with what I have, even if it isn't much. It was tremendously insightful, and that was only one part of the QHHT experience, I haven't even gotten to the higher self yet.

After the past life, we moved forward and connected with my higher self, which I will write part two of this post in a short while! :)

Hope you enjoyed reading, and if you would be interested in your own Quantum healing session with me, please find me at Osanawasut.ca

With Love and Light,



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Osana Wasut

Sharing my stories with the world. Writing has been a great tool for transformation, and I feel like I am only starting to dive deep into the self. Life is a wonderful gift, live to the fullest!

Find me at www.osanawasut.ca

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