What if you could talk with anyone in the world at anytime?

read about a theory i came up with one late night.

What if you could talk with anyone in the world at anytime?

Honestly, I'm not going to say this theory is completely credible. I was having a long night recently, and suddenly had some wild ideas. This is one of the ones I wrote down. Stepping back, I realize that this theory could not be proven, but by statistics, it works. So before clicking out of this article, hear me out.

The Evidence

What if we had the power to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime? To start, let me tell you the statistics. There are what, more or less 7.8 billion humans on Earth, and every single one has thoughts. It must be possible that several humans think the same thought at the same time? It must happen all the time. When viewing youtube videos, watching sports, reading articles, more than one person has to be thinking about the topic they are reading/watching/being told about. And you can communicate with them. Ever lay in bed and think "I can't sleep"? Well someone else is probably thinking it too. You are most likely not special, not different from most. What if you thought "Hi". There is definitely someone thinking "Hi" at the same time. I can even guarantee that someone else has come up wth this theory before. The chances that the claim i just made is invalid, are slim to none. To clarify, his theory is based completely of of probability. But even when this is all "probability based" it must be true. If someone tries this theory, someone else must be trying it too. Everything is so mainstream today, that it is impossible for this not to be correct. Tecnichally, you could have a conversation with someone even when alone.

How to Not be Bored of This

Now that we have established the fact that you-or really anyone, could have a conversation, alone, there is another matter to go over. "Why even bother do this, what is the point? Is this a waste of my time?". The next question we are going to tackle is why do this, and how to make it interesting. Why not just pick up your phone and scroll through instagram, tik tok, or check snapchat instead of trying this out? Well for one thing the blue light has a negative effect on your eyes, and I know I'm typing this while I am sitting on my bed, staring at my computer screen. But blue light is a topic for another time. Still, with coronavirus going on, and ultimately everyone on their devices, trust me, this is a happy alternative. Well the fact that there are so many people in our world, leads me to believe that we can learn new things this way. Take this imaginary conversation.

You: Hi

Someone you are imagining: Hi

You: Hi my name is _________.

Someone you are imagining: Hello my name is Eduardo De Armas

You: I like ________________.

Someone you are imagining: I like surfing and I live in South America

If you make your conversation realistic enough, then it can actually be quite fun, you can imagine a story about someone while actually talking to someone.

When you search up your name, there are many other people that you see. Photos of unfamiliar faces might show, proving that many others are like you, or have the same name.

The Conversations Compared to Messaging

Even if someone doesn't think about the same thing at the exact same time, (which is highly unlikely, but possible) there are still solutions. Take text messaging people, you dont have to immediately have a response for someone as soon as they text you. This almost "telepathy" should have the sane effect.am almost sure thatThough it is not as interesting as a text message, or video chat with someone oyu know for sure exists. The fact that there are 7.8 billion people on our Earth supports the fact that even if you completely make up a person, they most likely exist. I am going to make a wild statement. There is a 32 year old European woman reading this article right now, who likes large dogs. If you are a person who fits into this category please contact me letting me know at [email protected]

Setting up Your Conversation

For one thing, make sure to make it realistic. Try to do this so that you can actually be having a conversation with a real person. Pick a common or popular name. Add last names if you wish (when creating people to have conversations with, I often mix and match names of the people I know). I reccomend keeping a little notebook to write down what you have established with this "person". Enjoy your conversation and treat your person as you would treat a pen pal.

Thank you for being interested in my ideas and see you next time <3

Please contact me if you have any questions, which I would love to discuss with you; My info, [email protected]

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