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We need to create an International Space Agency (INSA)

by Ferrari King about a year ago in space


If we ever hope to colonize our solar system and eventually other star systems, then nations will need to work together and create an International Space Agency (INSA). NASA and the space command centers will make up the INSA and other nations that cannot afford a space program will be able to join. All nations that help in any way will be part of the INSA.

In order to put settlements on the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Titan and other celestial bodies we will need to terraform those places. This is very expensive and time consuming but with all nations working together instead of against each other this could be achieved much faster and at a lower cost to each nation. The nations of Africa and South America will participate and send men and women into space. This will bring a tremendous amount of investing into those nations and help them overcome poverty.

With international settlements on these celestial bodies, nations will have to work together in many more ways such as finding cures for diseases and ending poverty and dictatorships. Science should never be politized or used for nationalistic interest. It is for the benefit of all.

Perhaps sometime in the 22nd century we will have full colonies on other planets and moons in our solar system and who knows how long it will take to make them Earth-like. With scientists from around the world it will be a lot faster than each nation working alone. If you really think about it, this nationalism in the space race is just nonsense that is going to shortchange future generations. Who knows if the people in the far future could give Venus a moon and I am sure together in the next century we will be able to make the Venus atmosphere more hospitable for life?

INSA will oversee travel to other planets and moons as well as colonizing efforts. Earth’s moon, in my opinion is best used for a tourist spot and a gateway to other planets as well as a research area for scientist and their families. Imagine what we can accomplish if we work together instead of foolishly competing.

With what we learn from terraforming we can fix the damage we have done to Earth. We will be able to remove the plastics and other garbage from our oceans and clean up our soil. This too, should be an international effort. With dictators and Authoritarians in charge this will be a slower process but hopefully once they see the world working together, they will get on board and realize they need to end their foolishness.

There is a lot to learn from space and I imagine with people living on the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Titan and other celestial bodies and will split our species into several other species over the course of thousands and millions of years. If we learn to work together now, then they will not encounter problems then such as violence which I believe will be less likely with their greater intelligence. I would not mind seeing how humans change during thousands or millions of years.

Working together with the INSA our countries can mine asteroids and get water from comets to make these planets and moon more habitable. What do you think will happen if we do not create the INSA and the planets and moons get colonized? Do you think the people will live in peace or behave the way they do on Earth? I know how horrible people are, but we must learn to work together and the INSA is the best way to colonize and study space. Who cares who is first? No one in 1 million years will remember or care who was first in space or who was first to land on the moon. I hope the INSA comes to fruition.


Ferrari King

I am Ferrari King and I enjoy writing short stories and playing games. My other hobbies are working out, MMA and reading. I plan to post things here periodically and check out my website: https://sites.google.com/site/ebooksbyjason/

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Ferrari King
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