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Was Kennedy's Assassination Extra Terrestrial Misdirection?


By Richard Van SteenbergPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Kennedy's Assassination
When looking at EvenTs for the possibility of misdirection, focusing on the most recognized ones usually make it a lot easier to find the hidden clues that reveal repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence. We have looked at why it is so difficult to prove any of the misdirection theories, so we are left with using EARTH methodology and wormation to study the circumstances that surround the EvenT.What we also want to do is put together a hypothesis of what we think might have happened before we start looking into the EvenT, then compare that with what the currently held narrative in the public spectrum is. Understanding that misdirection is an action put in play by the ESH as part of the ETA in order to keep the EA focused on an EvenT that keeps their attention away from realizing the ESH are at War with them, and they are being used as slaves (EMSR). In addition, funds and resources are able to be directed into organizations that would never normally take place, allowingESH to control the resource allocation on the planet.We also need to review the possibility Hetlau have abilities that EA don't have that would enable them to do things the EA can't imagine or comprehend, thus making their misdirection easier to facilitate. Two of those abilities are the possibility they don't die and that they can disconnect their nerve endings so they don't suffer pain. This would give them an advantage in performing what would appear to an EA as an EvenT that is beyond bizarre whereas to the HET, it wouldn't even be a big deal. The possibility exists that, a few minutes after appearing to have been killed, they could be back to life in another body working on the next phase of the ETA without even having suffered any pain. You can see how that would make it next to impossible for the EA to guess what is going on. Unless someone was able to figure out that is what they are doing and realize they are leaving clues throughout history to be able to reveal to the EA with partial disclosure they had been doing it, no one would ever figure it out.Remember when an Extra Terrestrial being places themselves in a new body:

Morphing is a new body with the same image.Polymorphing is a new body with a different image.So you would recognize people who morph themselves. You would not recognize people who polymorph themselves, thus they could appear to die on Earth, yet still remain active on Earth as another person.

So our hypothesis is going have us searching for the possibility the assassination is a staged EvenT designed to facilitate misdirection. When we look at the narrative held in the public spectrum, no one has ever hypothesized that the assassination was a staged misdirection by HET. There are conspiracy theories attributing it to almost every other EA possibility that anyone could think up. Realizing that it meets a lot of the criteria for misdirection, such as an enormous amount of time and energy has been spent focusing on and trying to solve the assassination. In addition, a lot of money has been redirected trying to solve it and funding all the media reporting on it. Since it is probably the most recognized assassination in history, it certainly is worth reviewing for misdirection as it has all the necessary criteria.If we look at the word assassinate using wormationASSASSINATEASS = ASSIST (porpheme)ASS = BACKWORDS (slang)IN = INFORMATION (porpheme)ATE = ETA (reversal, enagram)

ASSASSINATE =Assist the Extra Terrestrial Architecture (ETA) in redirecting (backwards) information aka misdirection.So even the word assassinate says the possibility exists that the process is going send the information about what is happening in another direction. Since the EA think everyone dies, they see a completely different reality when an assassination occurs than the ESH do. Essentially, the ESH just see someone placed into a new body and moved to a different location. So when they need an EvenT to create misdirection, an assassination is another option available to them. It just a has a larger impact than an event like the Olympics, for instance, because its effect is felt longer and more intensely due to how the EA interpret it.

When we look at Kennedy's name using wormation, something very interesting immediately appears:KENNEDY KE =FAKE (porpheme)N =ASSASSINATION (ecronym)NEDY = DENY(enagram)KENNEDY =FAKE ASSASSINATION DENYSo Kennedy's name says the possibility exists the assassination was fake or staged. When confronted with a challenge as to what happened, it will be denied that it was faked. So you can see how it says what the EA are suspicious about and they sense something not seeming correct about what happened they just can't see how complex the real hidden reason possibly is. When we look at the name of the Warren Commission who investigated the Kennedy assassination, it also says something very interesting:WARRENWAR = WARR = NEVER (ecronym)EN = ENDS (porpheme)WARREN = WAR NEVERENDSSo both Kennedy's name and the Warren commission name say content that is consistent with the possibility of what we are looking for in our hypothesis that the EvenT is misdirection. In addition, it supports the possibility of the concept of War (why?) as part of the ETA and the concept of warren or that war never ends. Similar to what we learned about EvenTs evolving the mind and being just one more connected occurrence in a long chain of scripted events.What is also interesting is if you look at the name Zapruder, who was the individual who took the film of the assassination.ZAPRUDERZAP INTRUDERZAP by definition is a sudden effect or event that makes a dramatic impact.So who or what are they referring to as the intruder?Most people would immediately think it must be Kennedy, since he was the one being assassinated. What is interesting, though, is if you look at the possibility of misdirection it would refer to the EA as the ones being zapped, as in they are intruding into the secret actions being taken on by the ESH. Certainly not what anyone would suspect. So the possibility exists the video plays a far different role than documenting the assassination, as most would think. The video acts as a force whose impact on the EA enables the misdirection.What is interesting is, if you look back at Kennedy's life, one of the other EvenTs that stand out is the incident when he was in an accident involving his boat in the Navy PT 109.

PT 109 Crew with Kennedy on the Right

PT 109 crew

Note how PT 109 saysPT = PRESIDENT (bracketing)109 = 10 + 9 = 1919 = S (alphanumeric)S = YES (ecronym)or 109 = 9 - 0 -1 = 88 = EighT = ET (bracketing)So PT 109 says the possibility that he either knew he was going to become the President as in President Yes, or that he might be a HET President as in President ET.

If that isn't enough of a coincidence, he was in office for 1036 days.109 = 103 + 6So possibly it is saying he would be President for 1036 days. Or maybe all three, President HET YES 1036 days. The point really is, though, that the possibility exists the ESH know what events will be unfolding as the system is scripted and they are leaving clues that reveal repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence.An even more obscure possibility can be seen once you train yourself to look for the hand gesture:

Is he making the hand gesture?

PT 109 crew

Most people just shake their heads "no way" when you insinuate the possibility that the crew member on the far left is flipping the sign. It is obviously very difficult to tell how much separation there might be between the two outer fingers and if the two middle fingers are together.The key is that his hand is on the hip where they usually position themselves when they do it. Also, you can't say for sure he isn't doing either. Add to all that the position of himself relative to Kennedy is bracketing the crew, which is an ETI concept. So once again, you can't prove anything, but you just add it to the list of clues possibly left in history that reveal repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence.

The bottom line is, if you want to see the possibility of what is really going on on Earth, you have to be willing to look a lot closer and pay a lot more attention to detail than everyone else is. Also, you have to realize no single EvenT is going to instantly solve everything, it is going to be the culmination of analysis of a totality of all the EvenTs.

Lee Harvey Oswald's name says

LEE = LOOK SEE (porpheme)HARVEY H = 8 = EighT = ET (alphanumeric, bracketing)A = ASSASSINATION (ecronym)R = NOVEMBER (ecronym)V = 22 (alphanumeric)E = NINETEEN SIXTY THREE (ecronym)Y = YES (ecronym)HARVEY = ET ASSASSINATION NOVEMBER 22 1963 YESOSWALD = SAW OLD (saw is to see, old is a measure of time)OSWALD = WAS TOLD (enagram, ecronym)You can see the possibility exists that Lee Harvey Oswald's name says Look See ET Assassination November 22, 1963 and that he could see the future as in saw old and/or was told. Seems a little more than a coincidence.Jack Ruby, the man who shot Lee Harvey Oswald after the assassination, name says:JACK = JOB ACKNOWLEDGE (ecronym, porpheme)RUBYR = ORDER (ecronym)U = 21 (alphanumeric)B = 2 (alphanumeric)2 + 1 + 2 = 55 = E (alphanumeric)E = ET (ecronym)Y = YES (ecronym)Jack Ruby = Acknowledge Job Order ET YesJack Ruby's name says the possibility exists the order to kill Oswald was an acknowledged ET Job Yes. Again seems a little more than a coincidence.What is also interesting is how Gerald Ford served on the Warren Commission. One of the things you notice when you begin researching information with an understanding of the possibility of Hetlau is how you notice the same individuals popping up over and over at key events on the planet. You'll remember Ford as integral to the possibility of the Extra Terrestrial Amendment. In summary, we can see the possibility exists there is a completely different narrative that supports misdirection surrounding the assassination of Kennedy. Certainly, no EA has ever hypothesized this. In the end, though, as we have discussed before, you can't prove any of it. It's all just clues possibly left in history that reveal repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence.

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