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Does 'Event' Mean 'Evolve the Mind' in Extra Terrestrial?

Are scripted events determining how we think?

By Richard Van SteenbergPublished 6 years ago 6 min read
Event = Evolve Mind
On one side of the spectrum, you have the school of thought that says life is random and there is no connection between events. On the other side of the spectrum, you have the school of thought that says all the events are connected and they are scripted and/or designed before Earth existed. The possibility exists when studying Hetlau that you can see the side of the spectrum which says all the events are connected and they are scripted and/or designed before Earth existed. For some people raised on Earth,, that can get a little scary to think everything that is happening is happening for reasons we're not only unaware of but have no control over.

Using wormation we can immediately see the possibility that events play a role in human life that may be causal in nature. In other words, all these events taking place in life are not only scripted, but scripted for a reason. That reason, or part of that reason, as it may be, is to effect and determine the way we think. Studying that possibility may enable us to see it occurring more clearly.

EVENT = EVOLVE MENT (MENT = MENTAL = MIND)EVENT = EVOLVE MINDSo right away, you can see that the word "event" when translated in Alien using porphemes says "evolve mind." So does the possibility exist then that events are scripted and/or designed before Earth existed specifically to get EA to think a certain way? Essentially what this is saying is every time there is an event, that event has attached to it an expected, measured response that will alter the EA going forward.So if we look at an event rather than attributing it to an act of Nature, God, or Mankind, depending on your personal perspective, the possibility exists that every event that is happening is happening for a reason. All those reasons might possibly have a single contiguous thread running through connecting all of them, possibly as part of the ETA.This obviously is a long ways away from how conventional thought is on Earth about how and why events occur. Even forward-thinking philosophers and religious people are not focusing all events into one causal relationship, with events originating in the past prior to Earth's existence, taking place in the present and still being a factor out into the future all the while developing the thought process of the EA.In prior articles, we have discussed how the word "Government" means "mind control." For some, it is a difficult concept to grasp since the possibility of it is primarily passive mind control and then secondarily active mind control. You can begin to see how events that were designed to evolve the mind tie in directly to misdirection and subliminal dissemination. If the ESH need to distract us, they just make an event that is misdirection. If the ESH need to educate us, they just make an event that is subliminal dissemination. It literally is that simple. So if they need to evolve our mind through events to keep us distracted, they can schedule the Olympics or have a parade, etc... If they need to evolve our mind through events to inform us as to an ET or UFO concept prior to partial disclosure, they can have Reagan give a speech on Aliens at the U.N. or have Tom delongE release classified UFO documents, etc...

To show you a more real-time example of the possibility of how it works, this week there have been a lot of articles coming out that say that EA may not give the response that most would expect and instead most would be "OK" with the possibility of the discovery of Alien life.

  • NBC article
  • Scientific American article
  • National Geographic article
  • Science News article article
  • Fox Newsarticle

They make statements such as:

"we wouldn't be thrown for a loop""we'd be ok with it""in fact we'd even be thrilled by it"

Note how the possibility would exist where the response "most would expect" would have the ESH concerned about panic and riot by EA when partial disclosure occurs, so they would need to prepare the EA minds and put them in a relaxed state. Possibly suggesting that not only is everything "OK," but that it is even better than that. Essentially playing right into HNFS where a benevolent race is going to coincidentally just make our lives even better.If you have been reading any of the articles on the HumanoidExtraTerrestrialsLiveAmongUs.com, you'll know the possibility exists ESH are at war (why?) with us (EPMS) and using us as their slaves (EMSR).For almost the last 75 years, the Government and Military have been denying every single instance of inquiry into this subject matter and our military pilots won't even discuss the possibility that their aircraft cannot defend themselves against Extra Terrestrial spacecraft. The Government and Military are all "zip lip" on the subject matter.Yet somehow, these article writers are able to let the public know everything is wonderful with the possibility of ET discovery. So the viewpoint in the minds of the public becomes altered by the events taking place by publishing this subliminal dissemination.Most people are too busy in their daily lives, aren't able to think critically about the possibility of ETwar and EAenslavement and they just want to think like the rest of the group is thinking. If you approach the authors of articles like these and inquire as to why they won't publish articles from the possibility of the opposing viewpoint of possible ETwar and EAenslavement, they take the position that it sounds like a delusional disorder or schizophrenic break from reality. So you can see how controlled the way information being released to the public is. Prior events have evolved the minds of the way people think to generate that position combined with the possibility of HET and EA in the know helping to maintain it.Granted, the discussions in these articles tend to drill down from biological being discovery to alien microbe discovery, but you can see how this is also creating events that are preconditioning our minds. If it's "OK" or even "thrilling" for micocrobes then it must be even more "OK" or more "thrilling " for beings. We'll leave the possibility of war with them to Hollywood and we'll completely ignore the possibility of enslavement.So you can see the possibility of how an event or events occur and the reason behind those occurrences evolve the mind of the EA. Again, it literally is that simple.Also, if you use wormation and look at the word:EDUCATEEDUCATE = ETACUDE (reversal or enagram)ETA = ETA (Extra Terrestrial Architecture)C = CONTROL (ecronym)U = USING (ecronym)D = DESIGNED (ecronym)E = EVENTS (ecronym)EDUCATE =

EXTRA TERRESTRIAL ARCHITECTURE CONTROL USING DESIGNED EVENTSSo you can see the possibility that the way we are being educated on Earth is really a complex set of scripted/designed events that are forming the way our minds think. All of this is part of a much larger plan unfolding on Earth that can be viewed and comprehended in a rather simple manner once you know what to look for.In summary, we looked at the possibility all the events taking place on the planet are scripted and/or designed before Earth existed. That all these events are connected and their purpose is to evolve the mind to get the EA to think the way the ESH want them to think. We look for examples on a daily basis to see how those events are used to distract us with misdirection and inform us with subliminal dissemination.

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