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Upgrade Notes from the Atlanta Copbot

and leaked internal messages, and a newspaper fragment

By M.Published 2 months ago Updated 26 days ago 5 min read

v1.0.0 Serve & Protect

## Changelog since v0.9.0

### Features

  • Automatic synchronization with APD's database. Connector to support generic criminal database [#102]
  • Overhauled monitoring of the bot statistics, e.g. health status, ammo consumption, and self-management routines [#99]
  • New software framework for handling I/O and supporting modular components, fully supporting the current model's peripherals. Capabilities to interface with newer and updated base models.[#65]
  • New and improved danger heuristic
  • Memory optimization to faster identify known faces [[#12](url)] . To be integrated with APD's mugshot data.

### Breaking Changes

Nothing so far. However, please allow the bots to reboot after downloading the upgrade as specified at section 1.4.3 of the enduser manual.

### Notable changes and bugfixes

  • Improved targeting system see notes shown in 15% improvement even with low visibility or chaotic scenarios, in lab and field tests.
  • Limited support for chit chat with colleagues serve and protect with a smile!
  • Resolved the "patrol car" glitch [#137]
  • Resolved a bug where the height of low steps, eg. sidewalks, was incorrectly estimated by the spatial modelling routine. [#23]
  • Code cleanup
  • Removal of proprietary code from previous supplier
  • ---

Taylor, now that Boston Robotics has pulled out of the contract I'll need to ask you and your team to step up your games. No more casual Fridays, no more Terminator jokes, no more side projects, and for God's sake no more selfies with the bots. We'll be stuck with our current machines until the government can find another hardware supplier and all the headlights are focused on us. I don't need to remind you that all eyes are on us.

Make no mistake: there are people waiting for us to fail. But if we keep the good work up, we'll go far, so keep your head in the game.


v1.5.0 Safe homes, safe streets

## Changelog since v1.4.0

### Features

  • Improved mapping and location system, now able to track suspects and officers on live map. Bots are able to give suggest course of action during chases and sync with ongoing patrols.
  • Implementation of intention analysis based on emotional recognition as describe in "Faces and Crime", A. Derrick et al., Cambridge press, 2030
  • Overhaul of the safety settings and capability to receive orders on the fly by senior officers, via vocal recognition [ #192]

### Notable changes and bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug that misnamed suspects.
  • Improved facial recognition and fine tuned according to APD's historical data.
  • Chit-chat capabilities now include work related jokes
  • Removal of gender neutral language as requested by [#134]
  • Resolved an I/O issue with the loading peripheral, causing the magazine to jam [#157]


I see I wasn't clear enough. THIS IS NOT YOUR COLLEGE LAB. It's a government contract. They don't care for your MIT quirks and they surely don't care for your tweaks. Officers are already grumpy and we need them to think that we're not stealing their job, Taylor. We won't win them over with fucking banter.

On the same depressing note, I've heard worrying news from the NSA about the online activities of a couple of your employees. Let's find out a way to remember everyone how easy is to get a charge of domestic terrorism these days.


# v1.8.0 Partnering for a safer tomorrow

## Changelog since v1.7.0

### Features

  • Removal of inappropriate jokes [#232]
  • CopBOT secure network protocol. CopBOTs can now share location and other instance-related data in a peer-to-peer manner. [#219]
  • Updated the knowledge-base connection protocol to support multiple standards of databases, including most federal formats and legacy ones
  • Vocal command interface is now barred from the general public. Bots will only respond to registered agents.

### Breaking Changes

Please allow up to 12 hours to each bot to upgrade. The improved database connector will need to rebuild the bot's internal knowledge and merge it on the CopBOT local net.

### Notable changes and bugfixes

  • Better magazine management.
  • Improved internal health checks [ #247] . CopBOTs will no longer exhaust the internal battery by overusing the taser.
  • Management of bodycams through central district system, as well as hardware input port.


Allright. I just met with APD's head and this is looking good. We're safe and square in Cop City and this means we're getting a foot in other police departments, as well. Let's keep our cool and keep up the good work and in a while we'll be swimming in cash.

Let's roll out the internet upgrade earlier. We need to show the nation that our program is able to adapt and improve on-the-fly. I've read your projection about the statistical inference model and how it can influence the internal knowledge base in real time. Good shit. But we need to put it in marketing terms.


v2.0.0 And justice for all

## Changelog since v1.9.0

### Features

  • Introducing verdict.AI, the new subroutine for assessing crimes. This huge update will make our CopBOT fleets even more autonomous.
  • Updated CopNet protocol to speed up above mentioned process.
  • CopBOT Server station the software can now be installed in the department's HQ to act like a CopBOT Net coordinator.
  • Proprietary secure protocol to transmit information about current threats from a number of feeds (major news sites, streaming services, and socials) and integrate with all the bots in the network.
  • Statistical inference model for crime prevention [#450]

### Required Changes

In order to maximize efficiency, please install a Net Coordinator as detailed in section 0.2.3 (Prerequisites).

### Notable changes and bugfixes

  • Better management of chase scenarios [#532]
  • Restructured historical knowledge data scheme to better support the new inference model.
  • Faster response in danger situations. Emphasis on shielding bystanders from criminal activities. [#492]
  • Integration of the internal knowledge base with the rudimentary of our laws to help in decision-making [#584]


From Atlanta Today

...the incident, initially hypothesized to be caused by hacking, was later revealed to be due the bots' collective decision... during the march, the new open protocol allowed network coordinators to download previous examples of police conduct. The CopBOT fleet has identified their human colleagues as possible criminals and sided with the activists, resulting in many officers being tased or otherwise impaired... As of now, there is no clear plan from the department on how to stop the rogue bots, which are impervious to firearms.


Author's notes

I do not live in Atlanta. I don't even live in the US. While this piece is definitely fiction, it references real issues involving the city. If you have the mental capacity to investigate a hard, people-affecting issue, I cannot recommend more J.D. Signifier's videos on the matter, that inspired this piece.

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About the Creator


Half-time writer, all time joker. M. Maponi specializes in speculative fiction, and speculates on the best way to get his shit together.

Author of "Reality and Contagion" and "Consultancy Blues"

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  • M. (Author)2 months ago

    note to the readers the last sentence should be: I cannot recommend **more** J.D. Signifier's videos on the matter, that inspired this piece. I'll fix it when I get editing powers.

  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Very interesting!!! ♥️

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