Unforeseen Forces

by Maria Crank 2 years ago in fantasy

Will you have enough?

Unforeseen Forces

It was a crisp southern fall morning. The breeze was more like an old snowman’s breath, cool and light. The sky was a soft rich blue. Mommy duties complete nature offered a break in time. A core recharging breath and linear time didn't exist. Having learned to utilize the Internet to grow my small business, I got on the line. Looking to network and advocate my personal mission for the day, I logged into social media. The first images I saw sent shockwaves hitting the pit of my stomach. Time all out melted and faded away. The serene morning songs of the birds had been placed on mute and the silence was deafening.

There was a full blown frenzy on social media! A search looking to locate an individual, who by all accounts looked very similar to me! It was me. Having a hard time convincing self that the wanted individual was someone else, my head began to throb. This person IS me. Almost confused I read on. “Photographed proof of the Native American and African witch doctors united by blood!” “To create an awareness that will save Sun People and the rest of humanity,” cited reports. Numb with shock the heavy thud of my heartbeat was all I could feel of my body.

“Sun People will remember what has been lost, stolen, and recreated.” I read every article I could find with feverish madness in a matter of what seemed minutes. Most shocking were the very words of the people who were my ancestors. Providing a rationale behind the orchestrated creation they explained my construction.

“Remember self. May that in which caused delusion in the Cold brother be seen in true form. May it be known those of this realm, will not subdue to thy lies distortions and thy is not welcomed here. This is our domain. We love, nurture, and preserve this domain as She is the Great Mother! We rise. Removed veils of illusion and ill-intention we shall lay dormant no longer, aware with knowledge. The child possesses the soul star of a great entity and will prevail. The child will free humanity.” The photographs depict one lifespan then another and another. Birth to adulthood but never as an elder. This person I resemble. This person I feel to be me is shown throughout different eras. How can this be? I felt faint and woozy. Breathe.

Flabbergasted that indeed this person was me, alarm vibrated my core. Is this “them”? The government? Emotions and thoughts swirling, a force of clarity took over. An attempt to flush me out. What did they know? What would cause them to do this now? Moving and thinking I gathered the kids and asked loved ones to meet with me. All present I requested they refrain from the internet, and of course from turning me in! Reluctantly, I addressed the pictures. Dryly I muttered, “It’s me. I’ve said for quite some time I felt 'they' were coming.” The air was stiff. Tight with all types of feelings, thoughts, and even fear. Everyone sitting thinking if I remembered that hurtful comment or evaluating how they had treated me and so on. None of it mattered at this point really. Who was I? Stiff goodbyes said I asked for prayers. I had to get the kids and my parents to a safe location. I had to leave. Emotionally raw, walking away from all I loved and knew to be true, courage carried me where faith didn't withstand.

Alone the desert seemed fitting for truth searching. I was overwhelmed. What am I to do? The pressure intense I needed relief. Meditative prayer always helped me to relax. Deep breath. “Remember your journey” echoed in my core as I slipped into deep meditation. No longer alone, the presence of the innumerable was undeniable. Universal Guardians of light filled my essence with truth and what I knew of self-was no more. “You are a powerful being,” voices harped. The Guardians appeared as a fiercely bright gaping ocean blue star, surrounded by the crispest iced white light. ”Your power is not limited. You are of Creation.” With the truth came awareness in the form of recollection. My heartbeat is fast, thready and flush. It IS true. Love filling in my heart deep, pure and abundant served as evidence. My awareness became sharpened and unrestricted.

HUMAN FORM. My soul still had lessons to learn. My essence boiled. Bubbling into anger fiery tears formed. The pressure was too much, I exploded. What did I do? What have I done! Human thought and emotional process flood my mental. My breaths are deep. My core burned, I can feel energy rising and root concurrently. I begin to feel uncomfortable, like when rational thought dissipates leaving raw emotion in command. “DEEP BREATH.” Unleashed I embody true form. Alarmingly overwhelming yet comforting and free. Sounds of drums bellowing and beckoning the Spirits filled my heart. With every breath, I grew in size. On one knee, head down my back was touching the sky. The Spirits continued, “Look at humanity. As a whole you have ignored humanities qualm, they do not know who they are.”

The words settled in my core then seeped into my mind. Eyes heavy with tears my mind exploded. I roared ripping the universe. “Humans I Love you! I apologize! Forgive me! Thank you!” Released and forgiven my Spirit was in full control. The Spirits continued, “you ARE your higher self. You always have been.” I understood. Divine grace feels like a little brown Baptist girl in a cool icy slip just stepping in her new dress on Easter Sunday. A sense of lightness filled my very huge being. I knew what I had to do.

Standing, the veil like illusion on my shoulders, I pushed up with my palms. Thick, heavy, deep, dark and perverse. Sad, unknown, and foreign to this world! Pieces of the grid began to chip as I stood. Filling with pure light the atmosphere beamed. I could feel the collective awareness growing. Warming my heart gargantuan hot tears fell! Awakened, witnesses of the Great Spirits and my transformation gathered. Rallying and encouraging my efforts. Connected and focused nothing could distract my purpose. Reaching deep I implored all to assist and strengthen me! My power surged as I stood. My anger absorbed and infused back into the light. I remember the bright light. I felt no form, no restriction of existence. I just was. Full force. The grid of illusion shattered. It was exuberating. Everything fades to black.

Slowly I come to. Hearing a familiar voice near, reassurance helped with the disorientation. Childhood friends, Riot’s soft voice reflected concern. I love my Virgos, very attentive. “DEEP breathes, DEEP BREATH,” his voice steady but low. My heart was muffled by the sound of breathing. My vision was rebooting like a computer improperly shut down. Blinding white light faded into image creating colors. I could see. “SLOW BREATHS.” I’ve known Riot since late childhood. I had never seen him like this. A beautiful beast with an Aural Body capable of reflecting different entities. His soul is what captivates my focus. Pure. A neon black flame highlighted with a neon violet aura. I wondered how was he at my side.

We were on a cliff overlooking an ocean. My breaths are slow and labored. Swift winds blew salty aromas toward the coast, “Good my child” swept across the sky. The Great Spirits were pleased. At ease, reality faded. A gentle shake of Riot’s firm grip jolted me back. “You did it, Lacey. Good job.” A deep hug and a bunny kiss sealed his praise. The situation was serious Riots use of affection is specific. No time for emotions or feelings he lifted me up. Standing erect in my five-foot four-inch tall human frame I felt released. The world was so beautiful and breathtaking. Words are unable to serve justice to the experience. Energetically cleansed from the destruction of the veil the world was in its true state. Riot’s energy shifts. On guard, his form converts. I transformed intuitively sensing the fight had just begun. Without thought, we streak off into the sky. A few hours ago I was just a mom on the porch trying to catch a break. Fueled with the force of valor I was now fighting for humanity. Do you have the courage to join me?

Maria Crank
Maria Crank
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