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By Iria Vasquez-PaezPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

I've seen plenty of UFOs, starting when I was 12, and saw the Catalina lights, in a row one minute, stringing itself into a spinning circle the next, and disappearing since we were taking a cruise to Catalina, and Ensenada, Mexico. In Spain, I saw a UFO when I was in Muros, Galicia, at the beach sitting in the sun when I saw something in the sky that didn't look like a plane, but like a ship. The term "cargo ship" popped into my head, I sat there thinking, where did that come from. This was many years ago, when I was on vacation visiting cousins.

I've had an interest in UFOs my whole life. I was sitting at home, and I saw one outside my window while reading a book. It was a split second, but I knew I hadn't seen a plane, either this year or last year. I've seen UFOs in the hot tub with the Ex too, that could have been a satellite, or something. At 10, something weird was going on in the sky over Moffett Field, CA, involving rockets and Moffett Field was a shadow my family lived in for a very long time. Then when Google came out, we lived in their shadow also.

Once, the International Space Station was seen at night from Shoreline Park, because we managed to get out there long enough to find it. I've been interested in TV shows like Ancient Aliens for a very long time. I had Whitley Strieber books all over the house. I've had some interesting experiences over my life that I hesitate to share online yet only because I feel the need to find a Contactee support group. I used to have a transpersonal therapist who would help me process my various supernatural experiences.

Having psychic talent is like that, you are never far from the paranormal. I want to establish a private investigative firm with a paranormal bent so that we can help people deal with paranormal problems. I feel that it is time to establish a concept like this as a business, because I feel that there is a silent, unanswered demand for it. I'm generally well educated in some aspects of the paranormal, at least by now I have studied my psychic talent and know the differences between clairvoyance and clairaudience of which I'm working on.

At the very least, I can help people by now because some of you who experience the paranormal are not crazy, so I encourage you to seek help. The paranormal is real, and here I spent years thinking psychic stuff was ridiculous. There are some experiences I fear writing about in public just yet although I may have for Vocal Media. I myself fear stigma. It's bad enough that I'm a medication taker, since some New Agers are very anti-vaccine, anti-medication. Oh I'm sorry, as a psychic I know I need medication. My medication goes hand in hand with my talents. Do you know how much hell it is not to have an ability to ground yourself in crowds?

Do you have any idea how painful high school was for me? Yes, I've seen UFOs, it's how I've developed an interest in the field anyway. I grew up watching the X-Files from the premiere. I am pretty much now going to say I have UFO research to do given I got myself a Bachelor's in English, in creative writing no less, and I have research skills now that I didn't have in high school. I also have writing skills that I didn't have in college, since the brain chemicals have caught up to what I know in the present. In the present, I'm treated, and can write well. I've been fascinated by UFOs and science fiction long before I could talk.

In kindergarten, I was drawing Romulan warbirds while everybody else was drawing flowers. Before kindergarten, I was drawing a stick figure with a rainbow above his head for my "are you ready for kindergarten" test. So yes, I've been a scientist for a very long time, but an open-minded one unlike some of the scientists I've talked to. My pagan friends who are scientists are definitely open-minded people who can think straight, but don't get so open-minded your brains fall out I always say.

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Iria Vasquez-Paez

I have a B.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State. Can people please donate? I'm very low-income. I need to start an escape the Ferengi plan.

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