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Two Betrayed Chapter 9

by Ian Worrall 2 years ago in fantasy
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A continued story for your enjoyment

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One hour after the child had left her in the room to have dinner with her family, she returned with another small box, and Suqqu had that sinking feeling in her stomach. Another one of her people had been captured to be kept as a pet. Why do humans think the world and all other living beings in it are theirs to do with as they please?

That was confirmed when the child opened the box. “I brought you a friend,” she said as she dangled the male Pandor in her fingers and dropped him in the cage. This new one was hardly a friend, Roush she had grown up with, but the two of them never liked each other.

"Have fun you two," the human child said before she left the room.

"Of all those I could be locked up with it had to be you," Roush said as he crossed his arms and turned his back on her.

"It's really not the time to be bringing up the past."

The man let out a huff as he looked over his shoulder at her, "And where were you all these years? One day you had gone out left the village for a scavenging trip and you never came back."

Suqqu told him what had happened to her, how she was caught on one of those glue pads and a human actually rescued her, she left out the part where she helped him in his assassinations, "We did have some good adventures."

"Now he keeps you as a pet for his child."

She choked up with tears has she told him he was killed.

Roush turned around and said, "I'm sorry." when he saw the tears streaming down her face he approached her with his arms open.

Now it was her turn to turn her back on him, "I don't need your comforting."

"Hey it's a guy thing."

And then it was her turn to let out her own huff in reply and then she told him of her plan to escape.

"You really think that'll work?" he asked.

"Worth a try, better than accepting captivity."

"I would have to agree with you on that."

"So for now, we put our differences aside and get out of this mess?"

He agreed and went into the hut. He came out couple minutes later, holding the soaked shirt, "Hope this works."

He wrapped the shirt around two bars and began twisting. Slowly the bars began to bend, a fraction of a millimeter and Suqqu stepped in to help. The combined strength of the two of them, while minimal, was able to get the thin bars bent enough for one of them to escape. Their human captors never imagined that creatures so small would ever have the strength to make their own escape.

"I'll go through, and hold the shirt keeping the bars open and then you come through," Roush said.

"He followed through on his promise, and when she came through he said, “I bet you thought I was going to leave you there didn't you?"

"The thought had occurred, we weren't exactly best friends."

"Even so I wasn't going to leave you in the Captivity of humans."

They left the cage blind up the bed post onto the child's bed, and from there they scaled the wall to the window sill. From there it was a long way down to freedom, but they managed. The last sound I heard from the room was the human child wailing about how her pets have escaped.

"How far away from the village are we in?" she asked as they scampered away from there.

"We got 2 days travel."

While she wanted to continue her journey of revenge, she had to resupply, and the best place to do that would be at home. But how would her people welcome her after being gone so long? With welcome arms? Or would they banish her like they have with others?


About the author

Ian Worrall

Ian Worrall is a lifelong fan of the Edmonton Oilers and one of the biggest fans of Iron Maiden in the world. No Remorse No Regret is available here:


And here: https://books2read.com/u/bowLPv

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