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Top Stand Up Comedy Shows Online in 2023

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By Ebi MosesPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
Standup Comedy Show

Explore the world of stand-up comedy. Discover top online standup comedy shows currently streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, GUDSHO, and more, like Chappelle's Home Team and Hannah Gadsby's 'Something Special.' Learn about comedians like Manoj Prabakar and Vir Das. Find out how they make money from live performances and online platforms.

Chappelle's Home Team (Netflix, 2023)

Luenell shines in Chappelle's Home Team - 'Town Business', gaining notable acclaim from Netflix, a milestone in her career. The 64-year-old comedian delivers a brief yet impactful set primarily centered on airplane humor, peppered with classic jokes.

This performance marks a significant high point for her as the first Black woman to secure a comedy residency on the illustrious Las Vegas Strip.

Her wit and presence in this special solidify her standing as a trailblazer in stand-up comedy shows online, leaving an indelible mark on the industry while showcasing her seasoned comedic skill set.

Hannah Gadsby’s Something Special (Netflix, 2023)

Hannah Gadsby returns to Netflix in "Something Special" (2023), marking her third stand-up appearance, this time at the iconic Sydney Opera House in Australia. With her first special sensation and the second maintaining its strength, this third installment doesn't disappoint.

Gadsby continues to captivate, offering compelling content that resonates with audiences, touching on themes like marriage proposals, wedding cakes, and even bunnies. Her wit and charm shine through, uplifting viewers while delivering more of her signature strong material in this latest Netflix hit.

Manoj Prabakar’s Thinking Out Loud (GUDSHO, 2023)

Manoj Prabakar's stand-up comedy online "Thinking Out Loud" is a crowd-pleaser for all ages. Packed with funny anecdotes, relatable humor, and a youthful vibe, this show has already captured hearts before its online release.

The anticipation is buzzing, with rave reviews pouring in for this stand-up comedy shows online extravaganza. Prabakar's clever storytelling and relatable jokes weave a fantastic narrative that resonates with diverse audiences.

It's the perfect blend of humor and a fresh, modern perspective, setting the stage for a show that promises laughter and connection. With such immense pre-release love, this comedy special is set to be a roaring success after its OTT release this week.

Vir Das’ For India (Netflix, 2020)

Vir Das takes center stage in "For India," offering a unique comedic journey through India's history, from the Vedas to Vasco de Gama, and right into the realm of shallow Bollywood storylines.

With his distinct perspective, Das celebrates India's rich history in a satirical show that delves into the dichotomy of two distinct Indias, each engaged in entirely different endeavors.

This special brilliantly captures the contrasting facets of the country, skillfully intertwining humor and insight, making it a captivating exploration of India's past, present, and vibrant diversity that defines the nation.

Amazon Funnies (Amazon Prime, 2020)

"Amazon Funnies" brings forth a laughter-packed spectacle with fourteen comedians dishing out their unique ten-minute sets, each reflecting their distinct and amiable styles.

This comedy extravaganza is a rollercoaster of humor, offering an array of comedic flavors. From quick-witted punchlines to engaging storytelling, each comedian crafts a memorable stint, creating a diverse and entertaining showcase.

With bite-sized servings of hilarity, the show captures the essence of individual comedic styles, ensuring a constant stream of laughs and a dynamic blend that keeps the audience engaged and entertained throughout.

How can Standup Comedians earn money – online and offline?

It is indeed a fulfilling stance when artists of all kinds are paid equally to sustain their efforts. That being said, Stand-up comedians can secure recurring revenue both offline and online through several avenues, ensuring a steady income stream:

Live Shows & Ticket Sales: Hosting regular live performances is a primary income source. By selling tickets for their shows, comedians can earn revenue directly from attendees. Whether it's a weekly gig at a comedy club, a monthly event, or larger shows at theaters, each live performance offers an opportunity to generate revenue through ticket sales.

Quality Video Production: To expand earnings, investing in top-tier video production for their shows is crucial. By hiring a professional technical crew to record the entire performance, comedians can capture their acts in high-quality video and audio, ensuring a polished final product.

Content Editing & Customization: After recording the show, editing plays a pivotal role. Adding customized intros, outros, and possibly enhancing specific segments can elevate the overall entertainment value. This step enhances the recorded material's appeal to future audiences.

Leveraging Streaming Platforms: Once the content is ready, comedians can explore various streaming platforms to sell or upload their shows. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or even their website can serve as a hub for their content. This offers access to a broader audience and potential for revenue from subscriptions or one-time purchases.

Recurring Revenue Model: Choosing a suitable revenue model is critical. Subscriptions, pay-per-view, or one-time purchases are standard models. A subscription model offers regular income through a fanbase that eagerly awaits fresh content. Pay-per-view can generate revenue with each view, while one-time purchases offer immediate earnings from individual sales.

Stand-up comedians have the opportunity to build a sustainable income by combining live performances with innovative online strategies.

Engaging with fans, offering exclusive content, and maintaining a consistent presence across platforms are crucial for building a dedicated audience willing to pay for their humor.

Diversifying revenue streams and adapting to changing audience preferences can ensure a steady and recurring income flow both offline and online.


Ultimately, for stand-up comedians aiming to make a global impact, it's about more than just the live shows. While those gigs are where the magic happens, reaching a broader audience requires embracing the digital stage.

By venturing beyond the traditional comedy club routines and leveraging the power of online platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and GUDSHO, comedians can spread their humor worldwide.

Crafting top-notch video content, exploring diverse streaming services, and engaging with fans across social media contribute to a comedian's global journey. The world's their stage, and the digital domain opens endless possibilities to make people smile at your videos.

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