Things that Will Probably Become Obsolete in the Next 10 Years

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Can you imagine your life without an iPhone? For sure, you cannot. Yet, several decades ago, people could not even assume that such a device would exist ever and replace the traditional landlines.

Things that Will Probably Become Obsolete in the Next 10 Years

We live in the age of a technological breakthrough. Striving for comfortable life makes us overpass the limits and think innovatively. So, we can predict that many of the things we use daily could lose their value for us just in the next ten years. You can find below the list of things which will probably become obsolete by 2030.

Wires, Chargers, and Cords

People today are more mobile than ever before. They have already started to liquidate the wires which tie them to a single place. Society is well on the way to the wireless future. It is a good news for people who hate any kind of wiring harnesses and have no idea of how to identify the needed wire to repair the defective device. Fortunately for them, new electronics will be streamlined. Step by step, charging pads, NFC, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth take the place of wires.

So, we can forget about Cable TV and landlines, the cords of which will be cut off in favor of streaming services.

Digital Camera

There was a time when a photo was a luxury item. People were saving money over the years to buy a camera they used to shoot special occasions only. Today we photograph everything: meal, nature, clothes, and many other things. Taking a selfie or posting the photo reports in social media became our daily habit.

However, you would not find a single person on the streets walking with a digital camera every day. Today the iPhones have advanced cameras enabling us to take high-quality photos. Therefore, digital cameras have a merely professional application now. Yet, it seems that smartphones will soon take the place of digital cameras in this area too.

Plastic Cards

Are you familiar with the situation when there is no free slot in your wallet for placing a new credit or discount card? You will soon forget about this problem. Today many applications allow having all your cards on your phone.

Scanning is all you need to move the cards from your wallet to your mobile device and use them when and where you want. Times when you could not use a discount because of leaving your card home are going away, as well as the plastic cards and huge wallets with the numerous slots for them.

Password and Logins

Protecting personal data is not an overwhelming task anymore. We march confidently towards active use of biometrics. Soon it will be possible to say “Bye, Bye” to passwords and logins.

Be calm! You will stay safe even more than ever before. This technology allows using your voice, facial features, fingerprints as tools for confirming you are a true owner of device, account, etc.


New security systems are one step away from freeing the space in our pockets. Soon, the need for carrying the bunch of keys wherever you go will lose its actuality.

You would be able to open your car, flat, or office by using your biometric data. The first item—car keys—seems to be already on the decline. New auto technology enables you to unlock your car just by pressing a key fob’s button.

Flash Drives

It seems very recently flash drives have taken the place of the discs. These days they are as unnecessary, as they are obsolete analogs. Gradually, we have accustomed ourselves to the cloud storage, providing us with the opportunity of saving and sharing diverse data.

One can share access to any file in one click without using additional devices. Therefore, taking the flash drives off the table is only a matter of time.

Paper and Pen

Handwriting becomes an archaism. Today we use mainly electronic devices to make notes, schedule our day, maintain private and professional communication, learn, etc. Even a handwritten signature is not mandatory today.

One can fulfill any formal action just by having a digital one. In the future, visiting a museum will be a single opportunity to see a paper, a pen and their related items like staplers, files, faxes, copiers, and scanners.

Keyboards and Optical Mouse

Yes! This seemingly new technology has also exhausted itself fully. The latest innovations have brought the opportunity to refuse from using a keyboard and a mouse.

Today we have virtual keyboards, touch screens, and movement-oriented user interfaces. So, having served a good service these assistants gradually become obsolete items.

Car’s Side Mirror

Surprisingly, is it not? However, the producers have already started work on designing mirrorless cars. Although this innovation often frightens the drivers with the need for changing their habits, it promotes a higher level of traffic safety.

New video systems imply gap filling, and drivers can forget about blind spots forever.

Natural Diamonds

Let’s talk about luxury items. Changes touch them as well. Have you ever heard of lab-created diamonds? If not, be sure you will soon discover this modern jewelry trend. It seems synthesized diamonds will take the place of their natural counterparts earlier than one can expect. People are not ready to pay a lot of money for luxury items like natural diamonds.

They willingly cut their budgets and choose traveling instead of buying expensive things. Because of this, man-made diamonds grown in a naturally-identical way and endowed with all the features of natural gemstones become more and more popular. They are also twice cheaper. So, the moment when natural diamonds will be merely an economic tool but not a fashion item is close enough.

This list is far from being complete and one can continue it endlessly. has provided you with several ideas you can use as a basis for further exploring potentially out-of-date things. Just try, you will be surprised by the number of obsolete items around you.

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Maria Vikse
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