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The Year 2100

by Ferrari King about a year ago in fact or fiction
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Not Far Off Future

By 2100 A.D. big tech had a huge stranglehold on the world as well as Earth's colonies: Mars, Venus, Europa, Titan and Mercury as well as the Moon. Free speech and due process are long gone and very few people alive even heard of such terms. Robots are in every home. All retailers and restaurant employees, teachers (Big Tech controlled education now) , sanitation workers, lawyers and more have been replaced by robots. The police were still human with implants and still did what they do today which is to protect those in power, in this case Big Tech. Wrong Think could be punished with prison time, loss of income, indentured servitude or death. People were required to have implants and everything they did was structured by Big Tech.

No one knows how exactly Big Tech got so much power since history is off limits unless it has been sanitized by Big Tech and approved. Most people agree that it started in the early 2020’s when Big Tech started censuring and cancelling people they disagreed with. Some people at this time were fine with what was called Cancel Culture and Big Tech silencing people. At this time in America people went from, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,” to “agree with us or your life is ruined.” At this time in history people who did not fully understand what Due Process or Free Speech was where glad to protest it. They were not into evidence and public debates. Big Tech seized on this division and around 2028-2032, free speech was gone, and Due Process disappeared around 2041. Robots were increasingly popular because men decided a robot were better than dealing with losing everything during a divorce and hearing “mansplaining” whenever they had an opinion. Women loved the robots since now they did not have to worry about sexual assault or abuse. By 2100 the human population had declined dramatically.

Around 2048 Big Tech and the Corporations combined forces. Mindless celebrities were used to be pro Big Tech and Corporations, labelling anyone that disagrees as a fascist or whatever buzzword they could come up with. The media helped in this regard to. The celebrities were exterminated by 2064 once their services were no longe required and the media were just talking robots under the complete control of Big Tech.

Little robot Chihuahuas were popular among children since pets were no longer allowed. Big Tech wanted to make sure everyone was watched closely. Little Emily had a robot Chihuahua and one day she chased it until it fell into a large drainage pond. She went after it and found a few books that have long since been banned. One was 1984 and another was Fahrenheit 411 as well as Brave New World. She took them home not realizing she was committing a crime.

Meanwhile Mars was engaged in a war of independence. Michael Dawsons found a copy of the constitution of the United States which was also banned and sent it throughout Mars colony. The war went on from 2098 to 2101. Finally, Mars got its independence, but it was all a trick. Big Tech wanted everyone in the solar system to see their true power so with a press of a button all life support was turned off and the robots turned on their human owners. Mars independence lasted 32 minutes before the people were begging Big Tech to stop the slaughter which they did after 80% of Mars colony was wiped out. Now the rest of the solar system knew not to mess with Big Tech. People in 2021 were glad to allow Big Tech to cancel and silence people but they never realized how cruel Big Tech would become. Many of the Martians that survived were put into cruel game shows were people on Earth and Earth’s colonies would watch them fight gladiator style or get put against robots, wild animals or just had various body systems under the control of Big Tech turned on and off. These game shows were the pride and joy of Big Tech and they kept the masses in line.

Little Emily was found out because her little Chihuahua was sending information to Big Tech and she had to go to reeducation which meant hours, days and weeks of mental torture until she came out in love with Big Tech and joined their ranks.

There is no happy ending because people in the early 2020’s were glad to give up their rights. Big Tech, by 2045 did not care about ideology, or anything but money and power.

fact or fiction

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Ferrari King

I am Ferrari King and I enjoy writing short stories and playing games. My other hobbies are working out, MMA and reading. Here is my Twitch: ferrariking1955 and check out my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/c/ferrariking

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