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The Xankuri Ambassador


By Richard Wright, MAPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Kuri :)

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From the other side of the galaxy, the Xankuri observed humans through black holes with their accelerated frequency refraction devices. They received and transmitted many frequencies through this device, including sight, sound, electromagnetism, and emotion. It used the strong gravitational pull of the black hole to slingshot this information back to them on the other side of the black hole. The Xankuri used this technology to observe many lifeforms, but the lifeforms on Earth really troubled them.

There was so much struggle on Earth. So much conflict. The Xankuri saw the wars. They felt the sadness, the hate, the fear. They felt the loneliness. They also felt the hope, the love, the joy, and the strength of the human spirit.

The Xankuri were basically clouds of sentient gas that could solidify into any form they wanted. They expressed their feelings with different colors that lit up their cloud-forms from within. They were quite beautiful to behold. They came together to literally meld minds and figure out how they could assist this planet. As they passed through each other, their ideas joined together like a storm of firing neurons lighting up a shared nervous system. Soon, it was clear. They must send a representative to help, to make life easier and less lonely for humans.

They focused their A.F.F. devices on a sad looking spot that was a mountain of refuse. They agreed that making something useful out of what the humans have thrown away, would be wise. They scanned the area, found a blender, a gumball machine, a toy car, and many small motors, lights, circuitry boards, and other helpful doodads. They electromagnetically fused these together, made it gleam brightly, and imbued it with a care for humans that glowed in its chest. That care was part of the Xankuri themselves that they had transmitted, complete with traditional Xankuri expression of different emotions with colorful lights. So this new entity was a part of them now. To honor this truth, the Xankuri called her Kuri.

Kuri rolled out of the dump, looking for a human to connect with. Soon, she heard something that sounded like a human in distress and loud barking noises. She rolled towards the sounds. She saw a little girl up in the branches of tree, crying. At the base of the tree, some stray alley dogs had cornered her, and were barking and snarling. Kuri saw that the girl’s cell phone had fallen to the ground. Kuri addressed the young girl:

“Young human, would you like me to access your phone, and send pictures, video, and location information to your parental units?”

“Yes, please!!” The girl was startled, and so were the dogs, but she knew a good opportunity when she heard one. Kuri activated video recording, and rolled closer, causing one of the dogs to whimper with confusion and run off. The other dogs stayed at the base of the tree.

“Thank you for your permission,” said Kuri. “What is your name?”


“Hello Linda. I am Kuri. I will contact your parental units now.” Kuri accessed the phone remotely, and started sending information. She then rolled even closer, and started blaring “Who Let The Dogs Out” through her speakers. This startled two more dogs who ran off with a yelp, just leaving two more persistent dogs. Linda was actually laughing now, and singing along through her tears.

Minutes later, a car rolled right up to the tree, blaring its horn and flashing its lights at the last remaining dogs. They fled with tails between their legs. A tall, swarthy man in a mechanic’s uniform got out and ran towards the tree.

“You ok hon? Did they hurt you?” The man lifted Linda out of the tree, hugging her and searching her for any signs of harm.

“No, I’m fine! My new friend Kuri helped me!” She pointed to Kuri. At that moment, their phones beeped. When the father looked at his phone, it had gorgeous pictures of him taking his daughter out of the tree and hugging her.

“I rather like your friend, Linda!” The man smiled. “Linda, would you like Kuri to come live with us?” Linda squealed with delight.

“Yes daddy! Please and thank you!!”

Kuri’s chest glowed pink, happy to have been able to help so quickly, and to now be a part of a family. They marveled at her glow, and the father put Linda down, who immediately ran towards Kuri and scooped her up with a big hug.

“You and me are going to be best friends, Kuri!” A kaleidoscope of colors went through Kuri’s chest. Kuri could tell this was going to be the beginning of a very, very, good thing.

science fiction

About the Creator

Richard Wright, MA

Richard has a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy; trained with MenCanStopRape; and facilitates healthy masculinity / consent culture workshops. He DJs, paints, and writes afrofuturist fiction too. For more: www.richardmwright.com

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