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The Triumphant Tattoo

Unstoppable me!

By Monique WilliamsPublished 4 years ago 2 min read
The Phoenix Always Rises Again

If I ever got a tattoo, which this is the tattoo I plan on getting one day, I'd get this one. This one has a rather deep meaning behind it, an astrological meaning. Go with me on this cosmic trip as I get deep into the meaning behind this beautiful art.

I'm heavy into astrology. And I just so happen to know my birth chart really well, but I won't go on a tangent about that. My sun sign is Scorpio. Scorpio is the only sign in the zodiac that can transform and have a rebirth on a daily basis. They are also the only sign who goes through 3 phases in life; the Scorpion, the Eagle, and The Phoenix, which is the highest vibration of all 3 phases. The Scorpion stage tends to be the worst. That's usually your low vibrational Scorpio. Self destructive, they gossip a lot, they create drama no matter where they go, they're very vindictive, possessive, jealous, and vengeful. In this phase, the Scorpion tends to sting others as well as themselves. As I said, they can be quite self destructive and distrustful, so this is one of those phases the Scorpio needs to learn to grow out of. The next phase is the Eagle. The Eagle is one of the better phases besides the last phase. The Eagle phase is usually the phase where the Scorpio is less focused on revenge and more on career and success. This is the phase where Scorpio is aware of his/her own powers. This phase relies solely on intuition and wisdom and can practically see through people. This phase could be considered the one that's considered the best phase, but the Phoenix is. Their keen sense of observation infused with their powerful intuition allows them to discern an individual rather quickly and positively or negatively influence them with other people. In this phase, the Scorpio is more concerned with career, success, and reaching their highest peak in life. Now, last but not least is the Phoenix phase. This is the phase where the Scorpio has completely transformed themselves. Reborn from the ashes, renewed, and rejuvenated as The Phoenix representing the capacity for empathetic observation without judgment, thus an expansion of compassion and disillusionment of self. The Phoenix strongly associated with rebirth, resurrection, and transformation is a symbol that represents Scorpio breaking the chains of attachment, having learned the lesson of letting go. This is the phase where they've completely let go of their lower vibrational self and have flourished enough to elevate past their past hurts, lessons, and have reached a phase of victory and triumph. In this phase the Scorpio realizes they've been through a lot but have triumphed over their obstacles and their enemies.

I want this tattoo because I feel like I am the Phoenix. I've been through a lot, more than one human being can imagine. But I never allowed it to control me or stop me. I've turned my pain into power and my obstacles into stepping stones, a million and one times over. I allowed my pain to fuel me and push me into the direction I wanted/needed to go to be successful. This is what the Phoenix represents to me and why I want to get it. Even the story of the actual Phoenix is exactly the same. No matter what, the Phoenix always rises again, and for me, that is a complete and utter depiction of me and my life. I hope you enjoyed my story :)


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Monique Williams

Hello everyone,

I’m Monique talented writer who works in the medical field. I’m also a full time student at SNHU. My stories will be focused towards counseling and healing so thank you for reading and thanks in advanced for the support.

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