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The Tragedy of Shiloh Buckshire

by Ferrari King 8 months ago in fantasy

A Short Story

The Tragedy of Shiloh Buckshire

Our story takes place in 601AD on a farm owned by a knight who has had a peasant working on the land for twenty years name Shiloh Buckshire. Mr. Buckshire is a medium built man on average height and known for his temper. He has learned to control his temper when around his superiors due to the many lashings he has received but that has not changed the bitterness and contempt he feels.

On November 3, 601AD Buckshire is tending to his duties as usual which consists of tending to the pigs, feeding the other animals and such when he hears a woman’s cry.

“Help me, help someone is trying to hurt me.”

Buckshire tries to listen to where the voice is coming from and suddenly he hears a loud scream from the forest so he rushes as fast as his sore legs can carry him. He arrives to see a man beating and robbing the Kings daughter. The man was armed with a dagger, which he planned to use to cut the woman’s throat. Without hesitation Buckshire throws the man off and tries to grab the woman to take her away when the man then rushes him with the dagger. Buckshire quickly moves out of the way and the speed the man was coming at him caused him to trip on a tree root and fall on his dagger which then pierced into his chest and through his heart. Buckshire then went to check on the Princess, who rudely replied, “Get away from me, you crusty old man.” She then looked at him in disgust and remarked, “You smell like feces and rotting flesh.” Buskshire made no reply and has he was about to turn around when several knights came by.

“What happened here?” replied a knight.

“This man on the ground robbed me and was going to kill me when this piece if dirt came by and saved me; the guy feel on his dagger when he tried to attack him.”

“What’s your name, you filthy peasant?” said another knight as he was dismounting his horse. Buckshire tried to speak but was very afraid and his voice failed him.

“What is your name and don’t make me ask you again, dog,” angrily replied the knight as he was walking towards Buckshire.

“Buckshire looked towards the ground timidly and his hands were shaking and he murmured, “Shiloh Buckshire, my lord.”

“Well Shiloh we have to take you to the King; come with us.” Shiloh then followed them towards the castle along with the Princess.

The name of the knight was Kumar Milner. He had bug eyes and was only five feet eight with dark hair and eyes. Kumar was born in India to an Anglo Knight and an Indian mother. Kumar’s father managed to get the rank of lord that he also held. Kumar bullied the peasantry as most of the knights did. Kumar generally liked harassing women and believed he had a right to bother people that were single,

“Why aren’t you married yet,” he would say and keep hounding them. Kumar was not well liked among the knights and was thought of as being a coward and a bit girly. Kumar would not challenge the other knights in battle but he was real brave around women and the unarmed peasantry. Kumar had a habit of turning on his friends; he would be nice to someone then treat them as an enemy once he had no use for them. Kumar even turn on his own father and had him killed so he may take over his estate. Most of the knights secretly were glad when old bug eyes (as they called him) was killed.

After waiting 2 days Shiloh was brought before the King who knew everything that had happened. Shiloh did not know he was being brought in on trial for his life. A little back-story on Shiloh, he lost his wife and daughter to a flu epidemic roughly fifteen years ago. He had to raise his son alone but his son was accused of stealing fruit from their lord and was hanged 2 years prior. It was later realized that the kid was innocent. He was hanged for stealing fruit and as he was being taken he attacked his lord in a fit of anger cutting him along his left cheek.

“Shiloh what do you have to say for yourself, you killed a brave knight named Kumar Milner,” replied the King in cold manner. Shiloh started to feel indignant and very angry at the way he has been treated. He could not forget what these people did to his family, it was just too much for him but he tried to remain stolid before the King.

“Your daughter was in danger, your highness so I saved her life and that man attacked me and I moved out of his way in which he tripped and feel on his dagger” Shiloh replied believing he saved himself. “That man was Sir Kumar Milner one of your betters and you will refer to him as such and you are to be whipped and then hanged for his murder tomorrow at noon and then your body will be exhibited on the gibbet so the rest of your ilk will know their place, seize him” growled the King in a fit on anger.

At this point the anger boiled up in Shiloh and he felt a rage he never felt before. The death of his parent to some cruel knights when he was a child, his sister being made a plaything for another knight before being thrown into dungeon, his wife, daughter and son all dead. Shiloh knew saving himself and escape was impossible so as soon as a guard got near him he quickly grabbed the guards’ dagger and sword and slit his throat and then he quickly grabbed the King’s daughter.

“Listen you wretched old King, you whoreson dog, I saved your daughter and you repay me like this; what have you or any of your ilk done to deserve your titles, tell me King.”

“I command you to let go of my daughter now”

“You are not in the position to give orders, you are not better than me, I am better than you.” The look on the King’s face was priceless and indescribable and it made Shiloh feel proud to utter those words. “You froward, insolent,” was all the King could mutter.

“We, peasants would be able to last forever in your world but you trash would not last 5 minutes in mine.” Shiloh had been called, dog, peasant, trash and many names by knights over the years and he knew the Kings’ guards would be arriving shortly so he quickly cut the King’s daughters throat, in which the King gave a loud cry.

“Now you cuckold, you know what it is like to lose a child, we have to face this many times due to you people.” The king grabbed a sword and lunged at Shiloh but Shiloh was too quick and moved out of the way. Shiloh then stabbed the King in the back several times before he could recover. As the life was draining out of the King he managed to stab Shiloh through the heart with his sword and Shiloh quickly beheaded the King with his sword before he died.

This ends our tale of Shiloh. He was buried next to his family and forgotten. The King and his daughter received an extravagant funeral and the King’s son and heir received the title. The King’s son was not as hard as his father and was present when Shiloh was being tried. The King’s son then passed a few laws to make the lives of the peasants a little easier. Most of the laws he passed had very little effect since they were ignored and he was murdered a few years later.

Ferrari King
Ferrari King
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