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The Thaw, part two.

The veil was thinning.

By Dawn EarnshawPublished 5 months ago 8 min read
Astral vision


Elijah tried to explain to Mary of working and socialising with the new team always seemed to lay down the boundaries for him to work and keep his distance.

He wasn’t looking at any kind of relationship other than progress and looking at the footprints on the chip, what was so highly official; mainly secretive?

Mary and all the Team; Anna was scrambling for hours and the algorithm that she had finally broken into; well it was just so encrypted that the computer could not read it.

The best Anna could access from it was the building of the cyborgs into becoming killing machines.

The brain they were inserting could actually read your mind, completely understand what you were talking about and focus on accurately identifying any specific threat to anyone.

They were computerised to a main frame that ; yes that’s right, Mr Gats had the main access and key too.

He could program the cyborgs into anything he inserted.

The only thing was that he was highly thought of, people would instantly think that it was impossible for Nigel to do anything like this; he was a good man with a heart of Gold.

He loved his little team of scientists together; to never speak of anything that they did and he was developing the cyborg to have personality and emotion; just like humans.

He sent two in Pakistani with Semtex strapped to them; objective to kill the vice President.

Elijah had given him all the evidence to support that you can rewire the brain into whatever you wished.

It was not only dangerous but highly likely that they would overcome us; as they were developing their own personality.

Like a camellia they could transform into something else, he had intentions of becoming the world’s first Leader of all countries.

Elijah had been part of the process, however he wanted out, the world to know; overnight there will be satellites just floating round the earth, groups of cyborgs all over the planet and the control of earth, would supersede any human being, we we’re going to be communist in every country, leaving the Planets free, to be poked at , exploited and cyborgs were running a complex already on Mars .

Mary felt connected to Elijah wether he liked it or not; the passion Mary felt; well it would make her heart race, breathing laboured and her heart ached just to connect with him.

One evening she was working on thoughts; Stephen Hawking visited her and said “ They should be at the stage where they can read thoughts of the spiritual world and understand what they have been thinking about designing the all knowing and seeing robots. No mistakes and quick answers.

This unethical behaviour vior has no bearing whatsoever with being designed for the benefit of others and mankind.

Control, power and the ability for the benefit to thrive and grow themselves. They had to be stopped, but the power was restored in time for him; Nigel to convince the senate that his work would improve the economy and help restore democracy and faultless rule of law.

Elijah knew he should have known that he would be a leader in oppressing, corruption and injustice by the people who had the knowledge to take control over them.

The government feared for their safety, and went ahead with its plan. The military had been trying to persuade them to build more and send them into the war zone and monitor their operations, how effective they were in fighting insurgents and winning the battle against them.

Except without people realising, President and high officials were being killed!

Mary persuaded Elijah to go back and look at the evidence and destroy the data that he built.

But getting to the mainframe was not easy.

Nigel was excited to see Elijah back in the office.

“I know you have come back to destroy what you built; only you are too late for this as well you are monitored twenty four seven, and you really must relax more Elijah; Mary is good for you, why don’t you settle down, have children and focus on your, vision of the world you are building on moon!

You will never get near the button that is one click away from destroying the island next to us, gone just gone, nothing but land, all residents lost their homes. They have been provided, accommodation at Star Base.

The Artificial cyborgs will help them to settle in their new surroundings.

We were being colonised.”



Benny and Lenny had grown a bond which everyone knew about. But being Bisexual was still looked upon as a mental illness, or possessed by a demon.

Religion was battling with other religions.

People seemed to be writing their own opinions about the Bible. It was being cross examined and many answers were pouring in.

Elijah tried to raise above the noise and his concentration was to be admirable.

It was the 23 May 2023 and the Government decided that it was time to let the people know that they had seen Aliens and that they were now being recognised as visiting earth. This was to hide the fact that they had been working on understanding what they were saying and doing tests upon them; even trying to understand how to start the Aliens ship.

Mary had drawings of the exact ship that would go into space and be similar along the lines of how a spacecraft worked.

She would help Elijah with the Spacecraft travelling around the cosmos.

Suddenly there was a screeching noise and a silver van pulled up and, like I was paper ; threw me into the van.

It had a blackout window at the back and Mary was unable to see anything. Her heart began racing and she was perspiring, sweat just rolling down her forehead, she began convulsing due to the knockout injection that somehow one of the men had pushed into her arm.

Mary was unconscious but her consciousness remained intact and she was breathing shallower but her strength remained stable.

She was flying over Manhattan, just like a bird, watching the van in the road ahead.

The van van pulled up to the back door of a nearby house where she was carried out by the driver, J”onus, Jonus! Not in there, the cellar Mr Gat said.”

Mary watched on as her arms and legs were tied to the bed, she looked peaceful, when Jonus looked up at the staircase, ; he saw they were alone and Jonus raped Mary, she looked on in disbelief and wondered if she should ever get back into her body.

By Louis Galvez on Unsplash

Mr Gats entered the room, Mary could just ‘make him out’ as she was clinging to the she in pain, while trying to understand why she had been kidnapped.

“You young lady have caused me endless trouble with your meddling with my Colleague and Partner Elijah. You are ‘punching way above your station’.

“Why are you so upset and hiding in the cover, Mary; what has happened, you can tell me. I can see something wrong in you.” Said Mr Gat as if he was really concerned, but Mary knew differently.

“Why am I here? What are you planning to do to me?” Mary asked.

“You are having brain surgery dear.

Cyborg Dawn needs her front lobe removed from your head to place into your prototype! You have many gifts young woman, one is the “all seeing and all knowing“ I need to know if Dawn, your prototype will be able to see beyond the veil and see future events.” Explains Mr Gat as if it’s an everyday occurrence.

My brain was about to be experimented on and all Mary could do or think about was Elijah. How would he react to being raped by the bodygaurd and have brain surgery.

Mary felt violated and became very angry,” untie me immediately”, said Mary as blood was flowing down her legs.

Mr Gat just looked away, lifted his chin up and smiled, “that is going to be an everyday occurrence, young lady, so I suggest that you get used to the fact you belong to me and my experiment, behave accordingly and if you’re a good person then it will not happen again, you have my word.” Said Mr Gat .

For her own dignity she was having to be submissive and work something out in the meantime. She just thought of Elijah, and there he was in the office in Manhattan. Mary started to throw his papers on the floor and moved the ornaments around to try and get his attention.

Thats it she thought, I will write on his paper HELP MARY!

She knew he was thinking of her, and she needed him to actually see her. He slumbered on the couch with exhaustion; as he had not eaten, drank anything, and was feeling lightheaded. When all of a sudden he opened his eyes and saw Mary standing straight in front of him.

He looked as white as a ghost, but Mary knew she had to telekinetic use her psychic abilities to get him to understand she was in danger.

Elijha decided to telephone Mary, in case he was just hallucinating. He just knew Mary was in danger’ now he had to think fast.

Fast why fast? No I will panic thought Elijah. I need to meditate and concentrate on Mary as he knew that she was in danger.

As he meditated he saw a beautiful flower, they were growing near Newhaven Gardens, but numbers 1 appeared on his image and he just thought! I’m just going to have to look around Newhaven Gardens and look at No 1 , house number, maybe, as he thought.

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