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What the world ahead has to offer?

By OscarPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
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History repeats itself. The very basic maxim holds true for the revival of such large-scale brewing conflict. The current geo-political scenario in the Indo-Pacific presents a clear picture that US and China are not only at daggers drawn with each other but are also cajoling other countries into this deep-dug abyss. The world right now is on its toes. The fear of this nascent conflict turning into a global war is haunting the entire world. Reminiscent of the cold war events, leaders around the globe are cautious of what turn will it take. Will we see another demonstration same as the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 or détentes like NATO and Warsaw Pact will again be on the rise. The question remains intact. Alliances like QUAD, AUKUS and Five eyed alliance have already started the chicaneries but such a reaction has not been seen from China so far.

South Asia will once again serve as the epicenter of the New Cold War. India today is repeating the role of Pakistan. The red-carpet welcome by Biden administration and huge influx of dollars into India today reflects the same picture of 1977 Pakistan. The economic boom in India right now may also prove to be transitory if the incoming aid isn’t spent well.

This cold war may drag the world into a burning cauldron if it isn’t resolved on a table. The mass increase and development of the weapon and armament technology will tear the world into bits and pieces if the forces are mobilized. The results would definitely surpass the saber-rattling and everyone will suffer. Leaders from around the globe are also vary of this fact. The priority for keeping national interests first is though paramount but not at the sake of an apocalypse. Thucydides said that when a shift in power is seen, the country already at the helm will use all means to retain its power. The leaders of today being quite rational can change this posture.

With the war in Ukraine taking a toll, a brewing conflict between China and Taiwan, Israel-Palestine conflict causing surge in multi-polarity, nations are lurking for a side. Which side to choose and what benefits it has to offer, has become the prime concern now. The world needs a halt, a hiatus from the power rivalry, in which the global leaders need to take a time-out and sit together to prevent another global scale conflict. An unconcerned approach towards this scenario is quite concerning.

In a state, where great minds need to gather and work upon serious issues like climate, they are into a poker game to reach the pinnacle of power and economic strength. The race between a few can cause havoc to the entire world. While the developing countries just sit and gaze towards the developed ones, they are busy in taking polls and mending self-interests. If the world is pushed towards another alliance and entente rivalry, a hitherto unseen apocalypse will unfold. With the nuclear and hydrogen bombs in play, chances of survival are predicted to be a mere zero percent.

A white flag needs to be raised and somebody has to back down. Peace not war is to be the motto if another World War is to be avoided. Pre-WWI scenarios are resuscitating today. The intellectuals are fearful. Loosing Henry Kissinger is considered as one of the final nails in the coffin. With a dark and daunting future ahead, the world now waits for a messiah to come and take the lead.

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“Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider"

- Francis Bacon

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  • Anna 2 months ago

    True words sadly! Well written!

  • Toby Heward2 months ago

    It's sad to see people fighting over truly nothing.

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