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The Piri Reis Map

There Is Something to It

By Iria Vasquez-PaezPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Ancient maps have startling similarities to the way the coastlines are shaped for now. Antarctica may have been free of ice three million years ago, a fact gleaned from the Cenozoic unicellular algae in 1983. Earth-crust displacement moved Antarctica further south by two thousand miles, something discovered in 1953 by Professor Charles Hapgood, a teacher at Keene College in New Hampshire. Antarctica was free of ice until 4,000 B.C, a thousand years before Egypt and Sumerian civilization started to explore the sea. The PIri Reis map was drawn with accurate Antarctica contours, since Antarctica was discovered three hundred years after the map was drawn.

Piri Reis, a Turkish admiral in the Navy, was fighting against Spain in 1501, having obtained some maps from Columbus. German theologian Gustav Adolf Deissmann discovered this map, on October 9th, 1929. This map was drawn by Hagji Ahmed Muhiddin Piri, dated to 1513 AD. Reis used 20 source maps and charts to build the map discovered, which was of Antarctica. He used 8 Ptolemaic maps, 4 Portuguese maps, an Arabic map and one of Christopher Columbus' maps. Columbus discovered the West Indies/America/The Dominican Republic in 1492. The map was discovered in 1513, only 20 years or so after. These were exciting times to be alive because of all the new discoveries being made.

Piri Reis used the Imperial Library in Constantinople, where ancient manuscripts were kept, using maps from further back than Ancient Greece. It is said that the Piri Reis map is an ice-free map of Antarctica, which makes sense to me because he managed to piece it together using older maps. This map is definitely a real map, because it depicted the correct position of the Falkland Islands, which weren't discovered until 1592. The rivers of South America, such as the Orinoco, the Amazon, the Parana, and the Uruguay, were not mapped until satellites were invented.

The ice-free Antarctica existed thousands of years before the beginning of the recorded history of this civilization on earth. Hapgood and a student of his, Graham Hancock, thought that a previously unknown human civilization with technology comparable to the technology of modern times probably existed on this planet. Earth is at least 4 something billion years old. This makes sense that many civilizations including that of Atlantis existed on this planet thousands to tens of thousands of years ago.

The Piri Reis Map, according to Ancient Origins, was around well before 4,000 B.C., which is before any significant civilizations arose on planet Earth, since the map needed to be drawn by people who flew through the air. There is much we do not know of civilizations on this planet that existed long before that of Sumerian and Mesopotamia, which were the earliest agricultural societies on Earth. A prehistoric civilization could have had the ability to chart landmasses by flying in airplanes, technology that may not have existed, depending on the civilizations that existed in the past. If Atlantis did actually exist as a civilization, they influenced the drawings that predated the Piri Reis map.

The map he drew did come from other sources. These sources could have been drawn from knowledge gotten from the air. Did Star Visitors leave it behind for us to find? Maybe. Did Piri Reis know what he was doing? (pp.46-48) Yes he did. His map in itself is a mystery as to how South American contours were written. In modern times, we wonder about how the coastlines would look like in 10-20 years since we aren't doing anything about global warming, with the recent heat wave in the Arctic. I've also written other articles on Vocal Media about the melting ice in the Antarctic. Antarctica is covered in ice now, but with the rate it melts who knows? That is something, which should scare people who care about this sort of thing because we bother to think about how taking out the trash impacts the planet. Some people don't think about the future very much, which is something we as a planet need to fund the study of in the form of think tanks. Something has to be done about global warming.

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