The Perfection of Life

Nature's Magnificent Creation

The Perfection of Life

Technology is rapidly growing at an increased rate with every passing year. Computers are storing more memory, the internet is becoming faster and more widespread, graphics are getting ever more realistic, and robots are even being made to do tedious tasks of which we don’t want to do.

Modern society often appears to be a competition and a race to achieve the greatest technological advances possible, and everything that is nature-made is beginning to seem quaint and even primitive. Yet there is nothing at all basic about anything that nature makes. It seems ironic too that ideas for new cutting-edge technology are based on what nature can do.

Firstly, nature created life and everything we need to survive. Beginning with us humans, every organ in our body is made and positioned perfectly in order for us to live. Every single detail has been attended to, right down to our microscopic cells and DNA. Our brain is also at least a hundred times more advanced than the most powerful computer to date. In fact, we’re still not able to understand even a quarter of what nature has made our brains do.

Personally, my favourite era of human history was the time of cavemen, because us humans were simply who we naturally are. We took full advantage of our existence and every bodily function we possess. All of our instincts from that time remain with us today because while technology is advancing, our bodies are the same as they were all those years ago. I’m so fascinated by our primitive history that covering each instinct of ours would fill the length of several blogs.

I certainly must say that nature’s creation of our defensive actions is absolutely incredible. In the likelihood of danger, adrenaline is sent through our body prior to us even having full awareness of the situation consciously. Our body becomes temporarily stronger to either fight or run for our life.

It’s amazing how every animal and insect’s lifestyle is accommodated by different bodily functions. Most nocturnal animals have much more advanced eyes than humans do so that they can hunt in the dark. They generally also have razor sharp hearing so that they can hear anything as soft as the heartbeat of an enemy up to a mile away. Plants too are much more sophisticated than what most of us give them credit for. Nectar is exposed so that bees can scatter pollen (any being’s ability to reproduce is truly incredible), and most flowers are able to close their petals when there’s less sunlight so that they’re protected during the night. Something else that is incredible is the ways in which nature has adapted our own human bodies, as well as those of plants and animals, to suit Earth’s weather and climate.

The environment extends beyond Earth as well, into the deepest mysteries of the universe. Mentioning all of them would also fill the length of several blogs. Though I must mention here that it’s amazing how time itself can be changed by sources of gravity far more extreme than what we experience on Earth.

It’s perfectly understandable that various religions believe that there are divine creators who keep our lives on this planet in order. The concept of this perfect chemistry of nature being mere coincidence is very difficult for many of us to understand. Owing to that, my personal belief is that there is a divine creator of life. Yet each and every person I know (including myself) has their own beliefs.

So in conclusion, technological advances are somewhat good. Yet what we often find ourselves taking for granted, or dismissing as basic, is far greater than any man-made device could ever hope of being.

Rebecca Sharrock
Rebecca Sharrock
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