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The mind of Squibb boy Chapter 2

by Justin McKinley 14 days ago in literature

Chapter 2: the actor

Juice dozed off for a few seconds falling back into his dream. Hiding under the sink, his 5 y/o self was eventually found by a crying mother. "Why did you hide?" Nicky, Juice's eldest brother asked quizzically. "All the people and noise is scary." Juice responded meekly. Nicky grabbed his hand. "Don't worry, as long as you got me around you're safe." Juice's mind envisioned Squibb boy hiding away from an evil villain, and his hero saving him.

It was a nice fantasy, but short lived as they were each carted off into a car by people in dark suits and police. Little did Juice know that he was going to a knew home. A strange and unnerving new world. one where his hero Nicky was taken away. Juice and Sean had entered a new phase of life, foster care.

Juice's Alarm woke him upright mid-dream 0840. He got on his little 50cc engine bicycle and zoomed the winding road of Osan AB to formation. He arrived exactly at 0850 on the dot throwing his bicycle behind the guard post. it was his usual workday.

Right before he put his bike in place, "action" he whispered below his breath, running into formation. "did I make it big sar'ent" Juice said grinning eye to eye. Juice's Staff sergeant looked at him. "You know, if you have to ask, the answer is probably to leave earlier Mac."

"hoo-ah!" Juice loudly exclaimed in lieu of saying "I hear you and understand." Military fit Juice's personality. he didn't need lengthy explanations or lengthy conversation. he sat silently at parade rest awaiting inspection. silently... still, and once again, he was sitting in the police cruiser.

Nicky on one side, and Sean on the other. "You boys want anything to eat?" the officer looked back at the 3 boys. Nicky "whatever these 2 knuckle heads want." as Sean and Juice started naming off food that they could get at home and dine in restaurants, the police office was noticeably not talking about when they returned home "I meant like McDonalds or something." he clarified.

Juice and Sean looked at each other. "You mean they sell food at that place?!" Sean said without a care. Nicky spoke up. "I'm allergic to some of the additives, so I can't eat McDonalds, so we never go there." Nicky was much older than the other two brothers so he was far more eloquent and knew a bit more about the outside world. Juice looked at him with wide eyes "I want to be smart like him." Juice thought to himself silently.

They were given McDonalds food but due to his allergies Nicky went without. the brothers were taken to a giant building where a nice lady in a suit took Nicky away. then another lady entered the room. I'm here to take you where you'll be staying tonight."

Sean and Juice looked at each other. "What about Nicky?" Sean the wonder man was the mouthpiece for both of them. "I'm pretty sure he'll be there too." The brothers were easily convinced before being carted off to their first foster home.

"Mac, go with Hills and ya'll work your magic telling me that all of my equipment is deadlined" Staff Sergeant Matty said gruffly. That was all Juice needed to hear. him and Hills fell out of formation once they received their orders and went to inspect the launcher pads.

Hills was a busy body that liked hard work and believed in doing things right. Juice, on the other hand, was a hyperactive gorilla that seemed to get by on pure dumb luck. They made a pretty good team mainly because Hills outranked Juice and was great at managing people.

Going through each system and HWMMV the two found multiple faults on each. they annotated them all before handing them to the mechanics and system maintenance people to get parts. Juice looked at them as he handed them in. "I don't know why I work so hard writing all this junk out. all you are going to do is file it in the best conditions." Juice then imitated the sound of a shredder and imitated the paperwork going into it.

The maintenance personnel were unamused with his joke, and then they went and "filed" the paperwork. Juice went out and retrieved his bicycle from behind the guard post. He rode it behind the maintenance bay and sat on standby until the day was over.

He relaxed, closing his eyes and he was five years old again. "welcome to our home." the family seemed strange, almost plastic. like they were all barbie dolls. Juice hid behind Sean. "Hello!" Sean spoke up haphazardly walking into the building. Juice following in behind. The woman in the suit talked to the family for a bit then she left.

They were guided to their first room. "I want to see mum and dad" Juice confided to Sean when they were alone. "Don't be a baby. Think of this as a sleepover and then we'll be back home. You me..." Sean paused right when he would usually say Zeke. "Anyway, We are here for tonight and we are together, so we got this." Sean made Juice feel better.

"Do you want to play pretend with me until we fall asleep?" Juice asked Sean. "Why wouldn't I?" and once again, Juice was squibb boy, and Sean was wonder man. superheroes in a strange new environment not sure where their headquarters were.

Justin McKinley
Justin McKinley
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