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In the mind of Squibb boy chapter 1

by Justin McKinley 11 days ago in heroes and villains

introducing Juice

Many heroes have a nemesis but today, son squibb was sure he met his match. the epic battle had left him tired and drained. "you are a tough adversary, and a worthy rival." Squibb boy said unnerved by his fierce foe's resilience. "but today you have met your match" Squibb boy got up with newfound resolve. he grabbed each end of his opponent and pulled hard. the peanut butter crackers spilled onto the floor, and he fell backwards hitting his head on the cabinet.

"It seems, I have one the battle, but lost the war." he said looking down at his well deserved treat now scattered on the dirty floor... "eww..." Squibb boy took a deep breathe in "and scene" he said to himself before speaking loudly out of the kitchen. "Mom! I accidentally dropped my snack on the floor... is it okay if I have a new one?" His mother walked in. "Juice, really... it's not THAT hard to not make a mess." she chuckled a bit.

Juice smiled up at her "can I?" His mom looked at him. "If you're physically capable to get it, then go for it." the second his mom left the room he found another peanut butter cheese cracker "so we meet again." Squibb boy leapt to action. quickly opening the new snack crackers. "This time you were off on your game."

Juice woke up in bed fifteen years later age twenty. Juice shuffled to the bathroom to brush his teeth. tripping over his boots. he had entered a normal habit of brushing his teeth the second he woke up and taking an ice cold shower because he watched a YouTube video saying that it would fill him with energy. He didn't know if it was true, but the brisk shower definitely got him out of that zoned half-sleeping phase.

He walked back into his bedroom to get ready for the day. he put on his PT uniform and went down to morning formation. Juice wasn't a particularly skilled soldier, but he liked working out in the mornings. He spent most of his time riding the line of what was socially acceptable, often making jokes whenever he could to ease the tension of everyone else.

They always seemed so unhappy in the mornings. Juice couldn't understand their dread. 1 mile into his formation run, juice was covered in sweat breathing heavy his mind was zoned out "one more step" was all that he was thinking. he was singing cadence like everyone else, but his mind started drifting back.

Fifteen years ago age five. "Hun, where's Zeke?" Juice's parents looked at each other filled with worry. "I thought he was with you.." his dad exclaimed "I have Juice and Sean." the parents began scouring the house for the missing brother. "Hun, the door is open." Juice's dad looked at Juice and Sean. "stay here"

Sean looked rather bored with the entire thing. "Zeke probably just went to the playground it's not like he doesn't know the way." Juice looked at his big brother. If juice was squibb boy sidekick, Sean would be wonder man, as in "I wonder how he is going to get us into trouble. I wonder if dad will get mad and no wonder the kitchen caught on fire."

"let's go look for him. We'll be like heroes when we find him." the second Juice heard he could be like a hero, he was bound and determined to follow his brother. This was usually how Sean played Juice, but today was no ordinary missing child case. the two looked in the usual places, the playgrounds, primarily were the only places Zeke had gone with us. "He's probably back at home already." Sean said a bit disappointed "Let's go back."

The scene in front of the house when the returned was chaos. tears in their parents eyes Juice's father attempting to resuscitate Zeke. he had gotten out of the house and got into the car. it was too hot. Juice ran upstairs and hid under the sink in the cabinet. "no one will find me here. no matter how long I hide, no one ever finds me when I hide here during hide and seek."

The bathroom was dark. it was very dark... Juice opened his eyes fifteen years had passed again and he was twenty. "Good run hooah" his sergeant was especially pumped. "see you all at 0900, and go clean yourselves up. you look like a whole lot of soup sandwich"

Juice hitched a ride to the dining facility with his buddy Link. Link technically wasn't juice's friend though. Ranks in the army and all of that, but they were amiable and most importantly, he had a car unlike Juice who had a certain hatred for four wheeled vehicles. "let's grab foodage sar'ent" Juice spoke happily and kinda carefree, but never broke protocol.

Per usual, Juice ate with sergeant Links, who used to eat with all of the soldiers. Juice laughed with everyone joking around and playing the fool, he wasn't thinking to hard. He was driven back to the barracks and got back to his room. "And, scene" he said. his smile draining out of his face kicking off his running shoes.

He looked up at the ceiling of his empty barracks room for a minute before gazing at his clock... "I have roughly 30 or so minutes..." he zoned out staring at his ceiling for a minute before being lulled into submission by the sound of his mind slowing down and him relaxing back into doing absolutely nothing.

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