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The Lion in Me

by Lizz Chambers about a year ago in astronomy
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Future Love Interests Beware

The Lion in Me

Ten planets, twelve signs, and twelve houses, no wonder my Lion doesn't know which way is up, down, or out most of the time. I love reading my horoscope and see a lot of myself in the overall traits exhibited by Leos. But there are so many areas where my self-view and the astrologer's view differ.

The Lion in me is confident but self-doubting, loves being the center of attention but will gladly share the spotlight with others. In business, allowing others to shine makes me extremely happy.

Two characteristics are true to my Lion. One is that I am fiercely protective of those I love. That love is generally reserved for family. I am not loyal to my sign in many areas of my life. For instance, being courageous in the face of adversity takes a lot out of me. But mess with someone I love, and without a second thought, this Lion will tear you apart, if only figuratively. You will know you have tangled with a mighty adversary and most likely will come out on the losing end of that encounter.

Two, from the time I was small, I felt that just as the sun was the Universe center, so was I. At least in my family. I was sweet, loveable, and talented. Just ask me when I was a child, and I would break into an off-key version of "How Much is That Doggy in the Window" and expect applause and adoration. "My name is Lizzie, want to hear me sing" was how I greeted family and strangers alike.

Although I read my horoscope and see some truth in what I read, something has troubled me about my sign. Just where does it say that I am never satisfied with things the way they are. I always want something else. Believe it or not, my first full sentence, according to my Aquarius (prone to exaggeration) Mother, was, "I want something else." That is especially true concerning matters of love and the opposite sex.

"When a Leo deeply cares about someone, they never give up and won't let their pride get in the way. Love is something that Leos crave. Once they have someone they feel has secured their loyalty and devotion, they are usually the same way." https://askastrology.com/hard-to-love-a-leo/

What? Not this, Leo! I have four x-husbands who would disagree with the above description of me as a Leo. I love falling in love but staying in love doesn't work for me. Never has, and at 70 years-old probably never will. The thrill of someone treating me special and adoring me is what I crave. Those of you in long-term relationships know that fleeting infatuation. It lasts until about a year after the wedding. Then life gets in the way, and it is business as usual, and not one of my four x's showed me the adoration that made my world go round for longer than a year or two. So, it would become time to find someone else who would.

I have to admit that this exercise has been therapeutic and revealing. It isn't that I always want something else, I want to remain the center of someone's Universe and we all know that is impossible. Do I need extensive therapy explicitly designed for Leos? What could be the answer to happily ever after for the Lion in me?

I read an article on a recent American Airlines flight about a place in Riveria Maya where you can marry yourself. Sound ridiculous, doesn't it? Maybe for a Leo like me, this is the answer to my marriage woes. At least I know that I could continue to put myself in the center of my Universe for years to come. But I am just not sure it would ever feel the same.

The answer. Continue to read my horoscope and work on developing my Lion's positive traits and leave poor unassuming men out of my life until I can put someone else at the center.


About the author

Lizz Chambers

I am a corporate trainer getting ready to move into retirement. I love writing business articles but feel my creativity has suffered because of it. I want to get it back and learn some techniques in the process.

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