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The Gem-In-I

by Jada Ferguson 8 months ago in astronomy

Respect my Zodiac

I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY. There is no plainer way to say it. The numbers flow beautifully when you say them. Admittedly I love my birthday in a child-like way. I have no shame in that fact. I have indoctrinated myself to hold dear anything synonymous with 5/25.

I do not read horoscopes. Nor do I know which sign I am most compatible with. I am oblivious to what a sun and moon sign is. I am unsure of specific traits associated with other zodiac signs. However, I am steadfast in my belief that Gemini is the best of all the zodiac signs the calendar offers.

Everyday I Have to Fight for my Zodiac: Five Heartbeat reference.

I have had so many arguments, defending Geminis and I will never secede from my alliance with my people. We are the most hated zodiac of all 12. Where does hate stem from people? Lack of understanding and misinformation. People take the twin symbol and automatically label us as two-faced, untrustworthy people. It is what I hear, ad nauseum. It infuriates me to the point where my skin reaches erupting volcanic temperatures from the quaking and steaming blood underneath. I pride myself on being able to keep a secret even when it is gnawing away at me to be released. Loyalty is a trait that I consider necessary and unwavering. I am not the exception. I am just an example of the standard that being a Gemini holds you to. Being “two-faced” is simply not an accurate trait of a Gemini. My perception of the meaning of the twin symbol is that it represents a crucial element of humanity. A person is never one thing. There are layers to a personality, different sides to a person. Certain experiences, people, and environments extract untapped variables of a person’s essence. The twin symbol is just a picture of the duality that being homo sapiens awards you. Maybe being a Gemini gives you insight to accept and unlock all parts of yourself.

Oh it’s True, it’s Damn True: Kurt Angle (WWE) reference.

Everything they say about Geminis is not wrong or completely horrible. I can co-sign the indecisiveness. I remember reading that sentiment when I was younger and swallowing that pill of self-acceptance. It went down smoothly actually. We also get labeled as crazy. It is not usually written down in the descriptions of our zodiac sign, but it seems to be the consensus about my people. Reactions I’ve gotten after disclosing my sign: people taking a step back, side-eye, gasps, headshaking, shouting, etc. I promise you I am not over-selling it, there are real negative connotations with being a Gemini. I did not put the “crazy” label with the negative and incorrect traits because I have begun associating “crazy” with passionate. A passionate person can often exceed their own limits in both admirable and detrimental ways. The biggest compliment you can give me is calling me passionate, I hope it is an aspect of myself that is undeniable. Some famous Geminis that I go to as pillars in our zodiac community are Tupac, Left Eye, and Lauryn Hill. These are artists who were and are (respectively) explosive, emotionally raw, bold, creatively driven, and larger than life. They had visions for themselves that people did not want to accept or adhere to and it is easy to call that type of spirit “crazy.” We are out of this world in the best way possible and sometimes you do have to rein in that magic, not for the masses but for your own peace.

Being a Gemini is a foundational part of who I am, that I am genuinely proud of. My pride is simultaneously comical and kind of endearing. I had nothing to do with when I was going to be born, there was an allotted time and I showed up. On the other hand, my birthday and by relation my zodiac sign were pieces of me before I was aware of myself.

Generally, I love birthdays, so whichever sign you are you should believe it is the best because it is connected to you. For my fellow Geminis, though, do not be forced into shamefully not acknowledging your sign because of uninformed misconceptions. Revel in your intricacies. Define yourself the way you please. You are the pearls that don the sky.

(I literally found out my element and birth stone while writing this. Even though I thought it impossible I feel even closer to my zodiac. I love flying, so air being the element of the Gemini reads well. Pearls are classy, which is a word I use constantly. Ipso facto, me being a Gemini is cosmic.)

Lastly, I cannot tell you why I thought it necessary to include pop culture references and site them, but I did. That Gemini confidence is overriding that innate Gemini indecisiveness.


Jada Ferguson

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Jada Ferguson
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