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The Difference Between Good and Evil Pt 4

by CR Cole 2 years ago in fantasy
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Enjoy! Written by CR Cole every mon, wed, and fri.

Kelsie's mind went to multiple things the next day after her testing with Theo. His mind was brilliant and he was quick with all the testing, knowing exactly what she needed when she needed it. Her mind had been so caught up with him all day she all but cried out when she ran into Veronica standing right in front of her door.

"What is it hun?" I ask her, keeping my voice level hiding my daydreaming, which is uncharacteristically unusual for me.

Her hands rub up and down her arms, she walks over to the glass wall that shows the gorgeous forest all around us before she speaks. "I don't like it here." Her voice comes out small.

"What do you mean that stupid! Look how far we got in one day! This is my lif-"

"Don't you think I know that!" She screams at me cutting me off, she takes a breath and tried to control her response, but her voice comes out shaky, uncontrolled.

"The helpers, I don't think their human, also Matthias disappeared, he went out on a walk and hasn't come back, we hear things out there Aunt. We did a lot of work with this island today and many of the plants and animals have been mutated."

I scoff at her. "Please Veronica, that's harsh considering how much this man has done for us, today I made leaps in the research that would have taken another fifty years without him. Look I get your concerned but this is a new island, many of the wildlife may not be what were used to testing." I make my voice soft. "Veronica, give it another day, if your still overly concerned and still think something up, we'll go."

She takes a little breath and smiles. "Really?"

I hug her and full well knowing the lie I'm telling her I say yes. I make the choice then, I'll send her back tomorrow and stay longer. This project is too big for me to just let go.

Later back in my room I'm taking notes on the reactive components of our compound when a knock sounds at my door. It's eight at night, who could be here? I open the door to find Theo on the other side, he has flowers in one hand and is holding out the other to me.

"I thought we could go out and celebrate today's success." He says.

Barely able to contain my excitement I nod and take his hand. He gives me the flowers and leads me down a hall into a flight of stairs. At the end of the flight is a door that leads into the star filled night.

Before us lies a delicately lit path that winds through the forest, for a moment I'm speechless and he smiles at me. "I've been waiting a long time for a woman like you."

My breath hitches in my chest as he takes me down the path, walking for awhile we begin to tickle and play with each other, I throw the flowers he got me in my delight and eventually we both fall and he rolls with me on the ground until I'm on top of him.

Unable to stop myself I go to kiss him, but a loud scream through the night takes my attention. "Veronica!"

Within seconds were both up and running towards the scream, I don't know how to describe what I see, my whole company stands in the middle of a clearing the soldiers make a large circle around the scientist and Veronica. Off to the side of the clearing large bald creatures with long claws tear into and eat one of my team, a young girl named Chelsea.

Those large creatures are everywhere in fact, they stand well over ten feet with long skinny arms and legs, human bodies are scattered throughout the whole clearing, mostly soldiers, one lies a few feet in front of us.

Theo bursts into action grabbing the assault rifle of the mangled corpse in front of us turning it on the creatures, when the creatures notice us they all look at us and smile, they have serrated teeth and sunken in hollow eyes.

For the first time in my whole life, my mind is empty except for one thought, Veronica. Theo is screaming but I don't hear him, all I can do is run towards my niece as fast as I can, but before I get three feet one of the creatures ram into me throwing me on the ground. The creature comes and goes to dig it's large claws into my stomach, but it gets stopped and thrown off of me.

Suddenly all around us are Theo's guards and helpers, they all stand only a few feet shorter than the creatures and they fight them using they're bare hands, throwing and shoving them like they weigh nothing, but they made it too late.

The creatures, evaluating and regrouping quickly, stopping playing with my group and kill every single one of them besides Veronica, who they drag kicking and screaming into the dark woods.

Just like that, within four minutes, my whole world is shattered, monsters are real, and so are demons. In shock I do nothing as Theo barks orders towards his creatures telling them to chase after them. When we finally comes to me and asks if I'm ok all I have the strength to say is.

"They randomly attacked my group and took my niece." I choke on the words but refuse to let myself cry.

"It wasn't random." Theo says, it's in that instant that I snap back into focus and look at him. "What!" I try to make my voice come out stern but int comes out like the cry of a small child.

"We need to get into the safety of the building, then I'll tell you the real reason I needed you to come." His voice sounds sincere enough, but I don't know, he holds out his hand to me and as I notice his grime covered face and the multiple gouges on his arms and legs I decide to trust him despite the lie.

When were finally back in the lab I say. "Start from the beginning, what were those things?"

He takes a deep breath wincing as we sits in his desk chair. "We call them the forgotten, many years ago when my Grandfather discovered and started his work on this island, one of his experiments went wrong. He accidentally turned one of his most trusted partners, Oliver Blake into a hideous creature, but what they all thought was a monstrosity my Grandfather seen it as opportunity.

He kept going with the experiments, creating more and more wicked creatures, he made them by number, Blake was one, his nephew was two, his daughter, my aunt, was three, a general who came to inspect the island was four, but after four he ran into a problem.

See he could make the creatures, but they were to individual, they had too much of their humanity, he had to make them mindless, obedient, to him. So he made number five, number five wasn't just one but rather it was one he could mass produce and control, mindless, he would use the bodies of thousands of humans to make his creatures, he would then connect them to a hive mind one he could control with the press of a button.

number one, three, and four escaped him, and ran away. When they did they took his remote with them, and destroyed it." He lifts up his shirt to reveal a large scar spanning from corner to corner of his stomach.

"A clean cut, I was a boy when it happened, but I cant still remember seeing my own guts spilling out onto the floor, number two is the only reason I'm alive, my dads dying wish was that number two protect me at all costs, and he did. because of number two's individuality he was able to out think all the number fives, killing hundreds of them while protecting me.

So when I finally came out of hiding the next day, number two used something to heal my stomach, no doubt one of his mutations, I was met with the dead bodies of everyone I knew and loved, but I was a genus even as a boy, so I had two do all the heavy lifting while I made a new creature, my helpers. they're number six and they are the strongest physically, able to guard for hours, the only thing that can penetrate there skin and bones are long piercing blades, swung or jabbed with enough power. Not even the highest caliber sniper can hurt them.

The serum I need to develop, the one your working on won't just make someone immortal, but it can also take the immortality of those things."

After his explanation I run all the variables of his story through my mind and comes to a conclusion. "I can do it, but first we need something that can fight those things and find my niece, that has to be first priority."

He smiles at me and says. "I was hoping you would say that." He stands up and stumbles, before I can help him a man comes from the shadows and lifts him as if he were a plush. He stands at the same height as Theo, his hair is shoulder width and black, his eyes are pure black and he has a mask covering most of his face.

"Kelsie, meet number two, his name is Charles." Charles simply inclines his head to me before leading me and Theo out of the room. My head spins as we walk as I try to rationalize everything that happened, but after a moment I come to one conclusion, the only way I can look at this is supernaturally, a new kind of science, one were very variable and law I have to define.

After a long time of walking we make it to a single elevator in the heart of the facility, multiple six's stand around it guarding it, they allow Theo and Charles in but stop me. "Let her in." Theo says weakly from Charles's arms.

Once inside the elevator takes us down what seems like hundred of stories, the whole time my mind is still, peaceful almost, I don't know if it's the shock of losing Veronica, or my determination to save her, but for some reason my mind is nothing.

At the last level the elevator doors open to a huge cavern, at first it's pitch black, but once Charles hits a switch I gasp. In front of us is a huge Goliath creature, easily standing thirty feet It's huge arms and legs look like large semi trucks, I almost take a step back before noticing it's face. Serene and peaceful the Goliath slumbers.

"Meet Goliath-" Called it. "I found him about twenty years ago while working on getting metal for some circuitry, since then I've been studying his brain waves and functions, he's millions of years old, and the way to wake him up has been lost to the ages, but I believe our serum plays a part in reactivating his brain."

I step forward observing the creature closer, his face is very ape like and so is the rest of his body, except for the fact that his legs are the same size as his arms, he oddly human. I place my hand on his leg, his fur is rough and his whole body moves as he breathes.

I turn back to Theo and say. "When do we start?"


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