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The difference between good and evil Pt 3

by CR Cole 2 years ago in fantasy
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Enjoy! Written by: CR Cole

Brie's eyes locked intensely on her target, she had one goal, one mission, kill the buck and bring it back to Blake. Then Ray will reward her, her talons dug into her palms slightly, as they always do when shes about to pounce.

The clearing, a break in the thick foliage four feet from her, had a large creek going through it were a heard of deer drank. Her target was the one closest, the leader, a large buck with a rack of twenty horns that broke off of one.

She was standing upwind of them, but she wasn't concerned, her body had long since become one with the smell of the forest, no doubt a result of the experiments. The beak on her face made a slight clicking sound drawing the deer's attention.

The moment the deer turned to look she jumped high into the air clearing the forty foot trees with ease, with her arms spread wide and a few flaps of the mighty wings that came out on her demand, she descended on the creature from above at mach speeds.

However, before she was even half way down a flash crossed her vision and the creature dropped dead. "Acckk!" She cried as she plunged into the earth were the creature once stood.

"You shouldn't play with your food Brie." Blake's voice comes out muffled as I struggle to pull my head out of the dirt, when I finally do a large crater is in the earth from were my crash landing occurred.

"I wasn't playing Blake I was just about to get the kill!" I try to make my voice come out strong but it comes out in a squeak, darn this eight year old body!

"You have the sense of smell to encompass an Island larger than most countries and yet you have been out here for five hours. You have been tormenting these poor deer and you know it." His voice comes out slightly amused.

I lift my head and look at him, he stands a little over six feet, his torso shows nothing but flesh, his arms and legs now made of razor sharp swords, all that remains of his humanity is his face, which is still that of a grouchy old scientist, but he's dad to me.

"You know you can't be out here long, an eight year old girl with a beak and hands with talons on the end of each finger is not a pretty sight. Not only that but number 2 is out there, and is he finds you he wont hesitate to kill you."

I scoff at him as I lift the buck over my shoulder as if it was a piece of paper. "Number 2 stinks, I can smell his scent from anywhere, I'm fine so what if I play with my food a little, after all it's my instinct now." My voice tapers off at the end as it has for thirty year every time I mention my transformation, to be able to learn and retain all information, but unable to mature or overcome my innate instincts is unbearable someday's.

His face softens a bit and he smiles placing his arm on my shoulder, the blade, unable to break through my steel like skin, rests lightly on it. "I know it's hard young one, but you have to overcome this, as I always tell you, one day Ray will be strong enough to face the forgotten ones by himself, and that day we can get you a cure so you can age once more, but he needs your help to do it."

I nod my head and smile at him, he kisses my head and leads me back to the house. On the way I can't help but admire all the nature around us, for years this island has grown and prospered despite all the animals introduced to the population, of course having me as the main apex predator really helps with population control. "God is good." Blake says ahead of me.

I look forward and see him doing the same as I, admiring the gorgeous scenery of the island. "All the time."

"Never forget that, God will see us through this." His voice sounds as sure as ever, eighty years in his condition and he has never lost his faith, I admire it.

Back at the house a large figure stands in front of the house. Ten feet in six feet in height his long arms hang past his knees, his arms larger around that his legs, his legs thin and weaker than the rest of his body he struggles to turn around.

When he turns he gives a wide smile, his serrated teeth look grotesque as always but were they would bring fear to some, they bring comfort to me. his chest, the largest part of him, is wide open, the large hole in his chest shows a beating heart and around it are ribs that offer it little protection, the only reason he can't beat the forgotten is because of that hole.

His voice, as a result of underdeveloped vocal cords, comes out as a slow painful rasp. "Blake beat you again huh Brie?"

Throwing the deer aside I run to him and jump throwing my arms around his neck, his whole body rumbles as he laughs and gently places one of his large hands on my back holding me close, his hand is large enough to encase my whole back. "It wasn't fair!" I tell him pulling my head back looking at him.

His dark brown eyes look at me with love and adoration, his black hair stands on end and he says. "Blake's a cheater and he knows it."

I let out a giggle and Blake laughs behind me. "Alright enough fun Brie I need your help with dinner."

I softly fall from Rays arms and go back to Blake, our camp, a single fire in the middle of an opening, is home to us. Because were always being hunted we have to move from spot to spot on the large island to remain in hiding.

Blake has me tear the deer piece by piece placing in the fire to cook, he instructs and guides me in seasoning and timing and by the end we have three Delicious venison steaks. A twenty pound one for Ray, sixteen ounces for Blake, and eight for me.

My happy little family eat as I enjoy my cook work, the sounds and smells of the island come to me all at once, there noises and scents lulling me into a piece I only feel in the presence of God. I sense him too, all around me, outside of my world but in it at the same time, because of what we are, all of us can physically feel God, and hear him.

Then another smell hits me, jet fuel. I spring to my feet from sitting at the fire and a squawk comes loudly from my beak, both Blake and Ray jump, when Blake asks me what happens I say. "A jet plane is here!"

Blake is up in a second and his mind is moving faster than light. "Change of plans, Brie were going to work on Ray's armor all night until it's finished, Ray I need you help with the lifting, we have forty eight hours until they're turned or killed, Brie let the Spirit move and smell one more time, tell me if any of them have the mark of Solomon."

I close my eyes and whisper. "Spirit, you are welcome here."

In my body I feel it, the stirring of a being more ancient than time itself, infinite power and love invades all my senses. "Guide me." I whisper, and in a moment I see through eyes of glory.

"There is a plane, and coming off of it is a group of thirty people, eleven of them are not trained in combat of any kind, the other nineteen are all trained and deadly, but their leader-" The woman Kelsie comes into my full view, she is persuaded by the doctors honeyed words and strong demeanor, but there is something else, all around her are the spirits of ancient prophets and wise men of old, the mark of Solomon. "She has it, their leader, a woman in her late twenties, she is counseled by the wisest men and women of old. Her knowledge is great, but because of her loneliness her mind has been blocked by the schemes of the doctor, he has her convinced he's for her, if we don't bring her out soon, she will be fully convinced and instead of an ally she'll be an enemy."

My vision fades and I find myself laying on the ground, Blake is in a flurry of movements carving into wood with his swords multiple theories and schematics. "Ray she is number one priority, if you can save any of the others do it, but this Kelsie is to be above them all, if we save her we might be able to undo all the wrong the doctor has ever committed."

"I will not fail you Blake."


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