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The burden of being a Libra

by Shawna McCord Bennett about a year ago in astronomy
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By: Shawna Bennett

The burden of being a Libra
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I was born on October 8th in the Chinese year of the dog. Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac. My symbol is the scales and it is supposed to mean among other things I seek balance and justice. As a libra I am supposed to be sociable, rational and detached when dealing with stressful situations. Rome was supposedly founded when the moon was in libra and the ancient Romans held the sign in high regard. Libra is the only one of the zodiac signs represented by an inanimate object, all the others are animals or mythological symbols. So among all of the signs I should be the most level headed. I should be organized and self indulgent. I can definitely say I am both of those things. Clutter and chaos makes me uncomfortable and not able to think straight. If my surroundings are neat and organized, my mood is definitely enhanced. I will also admit I will indulge myself most anything. I believe we have one life to live and we should have any experience that we dream of. Whether it is seeing a Broadway show or a pair of shoes. I hate when I regret anything.

While I do admit, you would want me in your corner if a situation arose that demanded "thinking under pressure". I'm also super prone to rash decisions. I'm a big fan of following my heart and that has caused many problems in life. I am in love with love and can be ridiculously prone to whims! if something upsets me the dialogue in my head will go on for days. if I find a song I love, and I do quite frequently, I will listen to it hundreds of times in a row. If you do me wrong, chances are we may never speak again. I will also admit that when I am around a group of people I am very sociable and the life of the party most of the time. If given the choice though I prefer to be alone. I know it sounds weird but I like being by myself and I don't know if this is because I spent a large part of my formative childhood years alone, or because I just like it. I think better when I am alone and this is when I am at my most creative. In fact if I am at home and the family are around I will put in headphones and listen to piano music if I want to write or paint. I need a certain level of calm and quiet. The only exception to this is when I am in my car driving, then the music must be cranked up!

Now having said that, I love to follow the rules. I will tell anyone who listens, if you follow the rules you never get in trouble. I have never had a traffic ticket and I have never interacted with the police. Why? Because I follow every rule. My motto is "Rules were put there to help you". I also will intercede on your behalf if I see someone bullying you. I can't stand when people are mean to other people. I have done it enough times to be confident that no matter the situation I would help anyone who needs it. Whether you are a child or an adult I am that lady who will not sit by and watch anyone mistreat someone else. I have intervened on behalf of young women who were being harassed loudly and inappropriately. I have also intervened on behalf of store clerks who had a customer going off on them. I will stand up for a righteous cause anytime.

Does this make me the scales? Probably, I feel like I am the perfect balance of dependability and irrationality rolled together. I love being alone, but can work a room with ease. My sadness is deep and heart wrenching, but my happiness is amazing. I love to see the beauty around me, but can also see the ugliness the world can hold. I am a dreamer and a realist all at once, I will follow my every dream, but follow the rules while doing it. I will love you with all of my heart, but cut you off if you become toxic. I will dance in the moonlight to my favorite song, but still show up for work the next day. Being a libra is truly all about keeping the balance. If you need advice I suggest you seek out a Libra, we give great advice. We might not follow it ourselves, but we usually know the right answer.


About the author

Shawna McCord Bennett

I am the author of a new YA book series and an avid reader of fiction. I love the horror genre and fantasy.

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