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Take you into the inner world of Cancer part 2: the trust of feelings can bring the Cancer courage to move forward

Comprehensive analysis of Cancer

By GiovanniPublished 3 days ago 6 min read

We are now talking about why Cancer is a person who can not leave the feelings, although it is said that people are living in groups, people have to live in the feelings, but there is a problem where ah? For example, I am a Taurus, I need feelings, but I am not inseparable from feelings, why? Because I take myself as the center of my career, I take myself as the standard of faith, so that all my efforts are to make myself live better. So there are times, for example, I am in a desperate situation, I am no feelings, I will become very dark, become very paranoid, but this paranoia will be transformed into a kind of power, let me draw pain from it, just say I do not want to be such a waste, I do not want to look down on me anymore. So some people he is able to draw energy from this process of despair, but Cancer he is a person who is not able to draw energy from this pain and despair, why? In fact, if you have experienced the Cancer, close your eyes and remember the state of that time, you can feel. Cancer in a feeling that there are no feelings around, only the pain of this desperate situation, he is not.

The reason for turning over is not the lack of courage, he is no reason, he will feel at this time no one loves me, no one cares about me, so I become better for what? I will always be so lonely, my heart is empty, no one can affirm me, no one does not like me, once he will have this thought, this think, then let me alone without ties, just forget it, I do not want to have ties with others, I do not want to be liked, I do not want to be affirmed, because always will be disappointed, because feelings will always end up in vain, he suddenly lost one right? Then I try to become better, what is the meaning of me? What is my value? He got stuck all of a sudden and fell into this paranoia, then you say ah, you make more money, you can become better, make more money, so what if I make more money? Can I be happy? Can I get the relationship I want? Can I be liked by the people I like? Can I be recognized by my relatives? He will think so at this time, so Cancer he can not leave the feelings of the reason in the bond of feelings, in a large part of the degree, it can be said that Cancer maintain their own life with their own, with their own souls, with the idea of a button.

You comment on this statement, it is said that he can think very optimistic, very kind, very good, very good, can also be very radical, very dark, very negative, need feelings as a button, there are feelings when he will feel that I am good, good and beautiful is meaningful, no feelings will feel that I feel that there is no meaning, I am in the world, the world loves me? I am gentle to others, others are gentle to me? I am very hard, I am very attentive to life, life to me in return? No, so I do not say white, the loss of feelings of the Cancer can also be equivalent to say that the loss of hope, loss of faith, so I have been emphasizing the Cancer away from the feelings, Cancer away from love. I cite a reason, Cancer friends, you think about it, when you were small, you study, you sometimes, although you do not know what the meaning of learning now, but if you do well in the exam, your parents will be very happy, will reward you, will take you out to play, teachers will praise you, this side of friends will praise you, you will not be willing to go to study well for this thing, to work hard, that Or you get a good exam, you know you study very well, the future will have development, will have a future, but your parents on this thing, that is, you get a good exam, the exam is not good, he does not care, that the teacher to you love and ignore, your friends around you are also bad grades. You get a good test, instead.

Can't get any praise, can't get any praise, although you know this is good for yourself, then you will insist? That may you will persist, but he will get this result, he will produce a very empty thought, he will suddenly feel that I do all this for what, this is the core of the problem, I really want very hard is the inner world to portray to everyone to listen to, so that he knows what kind of feeling, that is, when he persists, when he works hard, he can endure, can persist. And then for example, insist on a month, two months, suddenly one day he is very tired, this tired may not be because of this thing, is the pressure of the outside world to make him very tired, and then, suddenly become very hurt, and then at this time will use a negative mentality to review their own two months of events, he will pay the two months of their own efforts, make the hard work, and then eat the loss, the deception, the aggravation all All think back again, and then suddenly he began to think about a problem, so why should I be so tired? What kind of results did I get? This is the point, he collapsed at this time, he is at this moment, and then he suddenly produced a very cool mentality, is that I pay all this is for what? Once he had a change of heart, it directly made him produce that kind of elimination.

Anxious to give up the idea, the whole person may have changed a person like, on the explosion, then at this time what is needed? I said he really needs his parents' approval before he studies? No, he is at this time, when he is very negative, he can have a lifeline, right? Although I was very tired, although I tried hard for a month to get a not-good grade, there is a space to enter, but I saw my parents praise and smile, so I think there is still a turnaround, so I think I can at least make my parents happy, at least it is not so worthless, so I think I can still try harder, he wants this, that is, you can understand this kind of feelings in his When he is vulnerable, he must be his spiritual support, and sometimes why Cancer is not an ego person, that is, he is in pain to a certain extent, he is no way to pull himself out of the faith of the ego, so once he takes himself as this spiritual pursuit, he will be very difficult to heart this level, he will feel really can not stand, so he needs feelings, the need for emotional buttons. Need to have.

A bond needs to have someone who loves him and who he loves, to let him know that everything he does is worthwhile, to affirm him, to recognize him, to encourage him.


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