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Take you into the Aries all part 5: the depraved mind will let the Aries step into the negative

A comprehensive analysis of Aries

By GiovanniPublished 3 months ago 9 min read

Next, we will talk about why Aries is prone to depression, and how he is depressed, first of all, let's talk about what Aries is depressed, I said the Aries depression, it belongs to the different dimensions, the successive blows, let him lose faith, doubt themselves, doubt life, and then all the enthusiasm can not be energetic, that Aries dimensions will have a variety of, the first dimension of the most low-level dimension, physical pleasure, this kind of dimension on eating, drinking and playing. The first dimension of the most low-level dimension, physical pleasure, this dimension on eating, drinking and playing, Aries today was scolded by the leadership is very unhappy, and then eat a particularly delicious evening, and then he revived, full of vitality ah, this is the most low-level, and then go up a little friendship, if we are in a bad mood, and then find a college classmate, or find a colleague, or find an elementary school classmate trolling A, chatting ah, and then about the end of the go out together, basically online ah, and then he can let him solve his problems ah, can let him find himself in the past environment ah, is in the second, the third one is what? It is the close people of Aries, a variety of positions, including family, love and the good friends he values, this one may say Aries ah, both.

The two months, the mood is particularly bad, and then talk to their parents life troubles with their father, may be a couple of months will have a ah, talk to their mother ah, complain with their loved ones, and then hold a painful cry ah, the kind will relieve a little, and then the highest level of a kind refers to the Aries for the belief in the true good and beautiful, and whether or not you can feel the sense of faith in the true good and beautiful, is that Aries may be in there Aries may be in a very large company, although every day scolded, and then the work is not very good, but he saw a company inside his idol ah, this idol, every day very serious about living, originally thought ah, he is serious about living, why can not I seriously live, he will take a person he admires as a faith, and then constantly close to him, to him, and then take him as a way to encourage themselves this kind of The way to give yourself strength, give this courage, is the self-healing system of Aries, there are four layers, reason, Aries is generally not depressed, right, but I also say this to you, because Aries is the kind of self-healing is not self-healing, but a kind of cover it up, hide it, today by the boss scolded me tonight.

Eat a meal full of egg bubble rice, I am very happy, I heal myself? In fact, no, but I ate a bowl full of yuan qi tortoise rice, to be able to let me be scolded by the leader of this thing to him let, let me briefly do not remember, let me no longer to count, but if tomorrow and scolded by the boss, yesterday was scolded will take out a superposition, this pain escalation, depression escalation, eat yuan qi full of tortoise rice will not be able to let him bring happiness, it will become to find good friends to play games, that Maybe Aries collapse of a week, the weekend with their good brothers to open black, open two days, ah, very happy, ah, to be able to relieve, that if the weekend to play the game he can not play in, feel very meaningless, because the weekend also muddled through, and then he will then depressed angry, because his food and drink, plus his fixed environment, plus his original desire, are unable to make him happy. Then this time he will probably break annoyed, because he does not know what to do, right, to go to work to be scolded, playing games can not enter, eat good food also can not be happy, where do not want to enter, lying down and feel their pain.

He will think why he is so tired of living, because he has nothing to do, and then he will be extremely self-critical, because he will feel that he should not be like this, he has no reason to be like this, but the fact is that he is like this, then the next stage, he may look for his closest people to talk, but I am responsible to tell you But I'm responsible to tell you, as long as to this point of Aries, he will definitely depressed into, unless he has a special perfect, special trust of the relatives or lovers, but on this very few Aries will have such good luck, because most of the relatives of people are not able to understand to Aries, because Aries will have a very easy witty way to tell their pain, he does not want others to understand, because he is afraid that others laugh at He does not want others to understand, because he is afraid that others laugh at him, but he hopes that others can empathize, but because the persona of Aries has been fixed by the other side.

Then Aries with a light-hearted and witty way to tell his pain, so the other party simply can not feel heavy, that is, I told you which Aries, oops, did not pass the exam, oops, forget it, the exam is not a way out, find a factory to work, you can empathize with it? If you really understand the Aries, you will say to him, hey, it just so happens that a buddy of mine opened a factory, I introduce you to work, anyway, hahaha ah, this is you, you know the Aries, you will say so, but if you understand the Aries enough, you should know that when he says such things, the heart is very painful, is very aggrieved, is trying to vent, that may be what he needs, need The other side is very serious about asking him, then how do you think? Then you do not want, want to take another year? You want to be very aggrieved, let's go out for a drink tonight, you vent a little, cry out and it's okay, if you are really sad, it may need to be guided, that is to say, he kind of things held in the heart, if a person can guide him, he cried a lot, he can think through it is over.

But if there is no one to guide him, or even make him feel that he cries or pain or aggression, no one will care about his crying, his aggression does not make any sense, he will even put it in his heart, will not find anyone to vent, and finally give himself a wound out, will be held into a strong self-denial. Then in fact, as I said, Aries he is indeed a person who always believe in the true good and beautiful, then in this state, the greatest pain is nothing more than Aries obviously believe that the world will have the true good and beautiful, but Aries will feel that the true good and beautiful is never going to happen in their own head, then he wants to change, want to perhaps, but he does not know how to take the first step, he will how will feel, he will always feel that there is a person who will come out to help me. I don't know why he still thinks that even now, I'm only 21 now, right? I'll play for two years until I'm 23.

In fact, I think it is not important to play until when, that is, in the process he played himself out, I believe that Aries met the nobleman, met a good environment, he can quickly find the courage to start again, but fear is that he played himself out, because the fall of Aries than anyone else can fall more completely, because he will not hate himself, he will only doubt himself, because he knows that he is self-indulgent, so he can not blame anyone, because he also knows that the current life is their own choice, so he can not blame themselves, because he will feel at this time you choose to actually can not blame themselves, your family, your environment, you met a classmate, met a teacher, met a friend, resulting in the current results can not be completely blamed on you, you are also There are hardships, so he will not say at this time he will not say to force himself, nor will he say because he hates himself and take this step, this process of self-consumption will let Aries do the end, I feel dark reason. Take a strip of biological clock, Aries.

Is the 12 movement in the ability to regulate the worst one, take me for example, ah, I move Taurus degree, I adjust the life clock, is a word, private message I said tomorrow to adjust I will adjust tomorrow, I either do not sleep tonight, tomorrow to stay up early tomorrow night, I either force myself to go to bed at eight o'clock tonight, even if I can not sleep, I have to lie crawl to lie to tomorrow morning, I will be able to transfer over hard. But Aries this kind of thing simply can not do, even if he has something tomorrow, he can not sleep at night o'clock, he crawled a bit on playing electric king of glory, he stepped hard, you know? He knows his eyes, he is easy to see clearly, every night to play the game, his eyes are playing blind, he does not care, it's okay, right, he did not get to that point well, he is afraid of what? You can say the same kind of people, because I really do not know what to say, you know? Because this thing you have to know, if you say that you are useful, it will not be so, right, he always feels that there is a plan, you know? Generally people are 23 years old in that play, gee, it's okay, I'll play two more years, I'll stop playing when I'm 25 years old, you really only you will believe, I came to say that this plan only you will believe, and good pin a pin, never fall for it, do not be mistaken by yourself, well, white this friend, depression is what I just said, is you single-handedly caused, instead this depression must be self-staining.

Must be because of the depraved mind, produced a depraved life, thus producing negative thoughts, and then step by step made the key, out of this step, everything will be fine. Well, you can not walk out, no one can help you.


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