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Take a look at everything Sagittarius part1: Sagittarius' sensuality and rationality are often at odds with each other

Full analysis of Sagittarius

By GiovanniPublished 3 months ago 9 min read

Hello, everyone

Today we all go into the shooting together

The inner world of the hand

Just to tell you a little bit about it

What kind of person is a Sagittarius

Although many friends say Sagittarius is very promiscuous

Very irresponsible

Be very unambitious

But in my opinion


That's what you say after you break up with a Sagittarius

Why is that?

The main reason for this is

A Sagittarius at the end of a relationship

When you're about to break up with them

He will do it

The force of their worst side all


That must be it

Because he's afraid of being missed

Afraid that the other person will not forget them

Fear of letting someone down

Can also be said

Sagittarians are in almost every relationship

Break away before the other person does

That's why

"Said the vast majority

Sagittarians rarely bring up breakups

But Sagittarians tend to break up between two people

And the reason for the breakup

Even if

Once Sagittarius decides that there is no future for two people

They will avoid and they will not communicate

You start being polite

And then they called him a cheater and a womanizer and a slag

He did not defend himself against accusations of irresponsibility

And then wait until he's upset and he's upset

But sad

It doesn't affect his judgment of the relationship

I don't let him make up when he's sad

To redeem why

Because of him

Think about it, Sagittarius friends

Are you a rational person or an emotional person

Like me, Taurus

I think I'm more rational than anything else

Occasionally emotional he emotional does not let me rational judgment

You are a Scorpio who is emotional and occasionally rational

His reason cannot influence his emotional judgment

No matter what kind of person you are

The least he could say was that this man was primarily rational

Or it's emotional

But what kind of person is he

Sagittarius is a man of reason

Someone who has nothing to do with his sensibility

When Sagittarius is traveling

I want to heat the world

I am very happy.

I want to share. I like this friend very much

I really like this job

You can do it

Look at two or three o 'clock in the evening very uncomfortable start emotional

Oh, I'm so tired, I'm so painful, I'm so worried

Oh, I don't know what to do

I feel like giving up

And then wake up the next morning

He's gone from emotional to rational again

Then he would stop thinking at this point

Why was I so emotional last night

He was rational

How do you solve this problem

How to let oneself no longer perceptual

He again ah I play the world I am so sunny

So here's the problem

He was rational

He can vent to the outside world

But he doesn't need to

Because he's rational and optimistic

When he's very sensitive at night

Don't think anything makes sense

He doesn't want to vent or share

He doesn't vent

You know, Sagittarians

He doesn't need to vent when he's happy

He didn't have to vent when he was in pain

So this contradiction

This creates all the ego splits in Sagittarius

Which makes him like to hang on

How do you hang on

Take work, for example

During the day, this job is tiring and hard

But it's bearable

Whoops and sleep at night Whoops I'm giving up

I don't want to work anymore

Oh, I want to be a salted fish

And then you wake up the next day and you're rational

Oh, I better get to work

And then sleep at night

Oh, I'm not letting go. I'm giving up

Can you understand a feeling

He's just gonna hang on

How long until he gives up he doesn't know

He won't count

When do you plan to let go

He will hold on

How long will it last

Hang on till they get fired

So I think Sagittarius he leaves an environment

Leaving a person is actually mostly passive

Because he rarely plans it

Because he thought his plan was pointless

I feel so happy during the day

No need to plan

At night he plans to wake up happy again

He doesn't want to plan again

This is especially true in relationships

I will share the truth

First of all, think about your Sagittarius partner

Does your Sagittarius object ever blame you

Gave you a hard time

The evil will pass you by

Then say you're bad or give you a break up

In fact, there is almost no right

Very rarely

But do it yourself, Sagittarius friend

How many times do you want to break up with him

I blame him for hating him and feeling like a drag with him

You think about it once

But why did you think of it

And you didn't break up with him

That's why

When we're having fun together

I didn't have to break up with him

I think he's happy

I'm sorry we had to fight

I don't see any point in breaking up

I don't mention the vast majority of conflicts and infighting

It's all Sagittarius's choice

He digests it alone

That's the kind of person he is

He's just autistic he just doesn't connect with people

That would make all my friends feel it

I like to connect with people

I love a heart to heart relationship

I like talking to people very much

I'm a big gossip too. I wonder what other people are thinking

I always talk to people

People think I'm easy to get along with and easy to talk to

But you do a good job of it

Is that really what you call a heart-to-heart

I don't think so. Why?

He knows this a lot when he's happy

There is no need to hand over the heart so choose to hide

So when you're not happy

I don't feel the need to talk

You want to tell me how to handle this

The way you connect with people

Always a heartless thing

Something that can't be replenished something on the inside

Not something you really want to lose

You quarrel with your partner afraid you are wronged

For example

Your boyfriend is getting close to a girl at work

Although you are very wronged

You think that girl is showing off in front of you

That girl was doing it on purpose

Attacking you

But this Sagittarius

He saw no reason not to go there without evidence

Then he pretended to be sensible and not wronged

And this Sagittarius really wants this guy

Delete the woman

But he won't bring it up

He would pick up other things

What time did your meeting last week last night

What have you been doing

Your phone was off the other night

Who did you send that circle to

He's going to keep thinking

His boyfriend was involved with that girl

But he never mentioned the person directly

Then he will be infinitely wronged

What can he do?

On the other hand, he felt terribly wronged

She felt that she could not be wronged

Why because your boyfriend doesn't have a reason

There is no evidence that

One of the things he did

You can't be unreasonable

You can't blame him

It's all in your head

So you're at fault, too

He can't be wronged at the same time

And then make yourself very tired

And his boyfriend doesn't even know what he's thinking

And he's not gonna say that you got that woman

Then he became very clever

Become very confused

I'll tell you


Must be because there's a stick in my heart

But he won't say he doesn't know how

Then this thing becomes a kind of work

He also felt he shouldn't have done it

It's just painful.

Think for yourself if it hurts

Does that communication work


I don't think you're that into me these days

I don't think you care enough about me

I don't think you're thinking about me

Is his communication helpful

Will he say why

He'll say I think you're getting too close to that girl

Am I upset?

He won't say either

Because he didn't think I should get him wrong

If he didn't, he'd be upset if I said that

Let's just say it

In fact, Sagittarius you don't say he heartless

And don't say he's a bad communicator

Sagittarius is an extremely considerate person

You said Sagittarius is autistic

It's better to say that Sagittarians can't help but think about each other

So he didn't know how to say a lot of words

This is the root cause of autism

Let's say it's his dad's birthday this month

Want to go home

Well, his boyfriend told him he's off at the end of the month

Maybe this Sagittarius will accompany him on a trip to Sanya

You tell me how Sagittarius would handle that

If two things can go wrong

Sagittarius would rather be home for Dad's birthday

Then I took a plane to Sanya that night

Travel with him

He was willing to do it

He tried not to put both sides on the spot

And I don't want either side to be spoilt by their own business

He would rather deal with it that way

But if you can't do that

If it gets stuck together

This number can be particularly painful

He didn't know which side to reject

I don't know which side to tell

And then even if he's not okay

And he won't talk to this side

How serious his situation is

Why because he's afraid of this guy

You think bad things about that person

I just don't have a Sagittarius

Sagittarius is back for his dad's birthday

My 60th birthday is very important

His boyfriend asked him to go out and play

He said oh I'm going home for the weekend

What do you do on the weekend?

I'm going home this weekend

What is it?

It's just something. Something.

Why didn't you say it was your dad's birthday

Because he thought

So what if I

I didn't hang out with you for my dad's birthday

Makes you feel like you have a problem with my dad

Even if you have a problem with me

You think I don't care about you

Then just pretend that you are you don't care about me

I just can't make it anyway

Does that make sense to him

So Sagittarius really is a

Someone who is easily misunderstood

And he's a pure terrier

He can't think straight

He won't say what kind of a reason

Get both sides coaxed

Lie to them all

He doesn't he does it just to be misunderstood

He sometimes

He just doesn't think it's the right thing to do

He doesn't do that

He doesn't consult with anyone

He took matters into his own hands


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