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'Star Wars': Which 'Tales' Could We See Next?

Tell us a tale.

By Kristy AndersonPublished 13 days ago 4 min read
Credit: Disney

May the Fourth 2024, a date known affectionately as 'Star Wars Day', brought with it the Disney Plus debut of Tales of the Empire, a series of six shorts following two characters, eventual Ahsoka villain Morgan Elsbeth, and fallen Jedi Bariss Offee, during the days of the Galactic Empire. It is the second Tales series, following the release of Tales of the Jedi in 2022.

Both Tales series have been well-received by fans and critics alike, deemed worthy additions to Dave Filoni's growing library of brilliant animated Star Wars content. With this positive reception, fan attention has turned to whether the Tales anthology will continue, and if so, which characters or era will be covered.

Here's a few possibilities for tales we could see next.

Tales of the Rebellion

If the Tales series decides to follow some sort of chronological order, then the next logical step following Jedi and Empire would be tales set during the time of the Rebel Alliance. While many stories have been told in this era already, there are still gaps that could potentially be filled. Some believe a Tales of the Rebellion series could follow characters like Hera Syndulla or Kanan Jarrus, chronicling the formation of the Spectre rebel cell, or revisit the adult Omega, who left the island of Pabu to become a rebel pilot at the end of the recent finale of The Bad Batch.

However, each Tales series so far has focused on two characters, usually on different sides of the morality scale. So, if Hera, Kanan, or Omega sit at the heroic end of the spectrum, who will represent the darker side?

An interesting choice would be Agent Kallus. While Kallus starts off as a recurring villain in Star Wars: Rebels, by the third season he defects, becoming the Rebels' inside man in the Empire.

A series of Tales shorts regarding Kallus could begin with the Empire's slaughter of the Lasat people, which Kallus is more conflicted about his role in than it first appeared, and lead to his eventual decision to defect from the Empire. The moment he made this decision was never seen onscreen in Rebels. Kallus begins to grow disillusioned with the Empire after being stranded on one of the ice moons of Geonosis with Zeb in season two's 'The Honourable Ones', and then in mid-season three, he reveals himself as Fulcrum, the rebel spy.

Fans have been hoping for Kallus's return. Tales could accomplish that return while also adding to his story.

Tales of the Bounty Hunters

Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters have been a fixture of the Star Wars universe through every era, leaving us with many Bounty Hunter characters, and a wealth of potential stories to be told if they were chosen as the focus for a Tales series. Cad Bane, Fennec Shand, Boba Fett.. the possibilities are almost endless.

Taking the usual Tales format into account, one possibility could be to juxtapose the story of Cad Bane, who willingly takes even the most morally heinous jobs for the right price, with that of Fennec or Boba, who both admit during The Book of Boba Fett that they only took jobs from the Empire because there was no other option.

However, if she does not already have a spin-off of her own in the works as some fans have theorised, a Bounty Hunter tale could also bring another return for Assaj Ventress. Ventress has become a Bounty Hunter by the end of Clone Wars, and seems to be in the fold during Bad Batch, as she is in contact with Fennec. Many fans would love to see an adaptation of the Ventress-centric novel Dark Disciple, based on an unproduced Clone Wars arc.

Tales of the Mandalorians

Some may think that Mandalorians have already had plenty of recent focus through the three seasons of The Mandalorian, however, there are still plenty of gaps to be filled in the stories of certain Mandalorian characters. Following the Tales theme of characters on diverging paths, an obvious pairing would be that of Sabine Wren and Gar Saxon.

While Saxon's story could begin in the aftermath of the Battle of Mandalore, following Saxon as he becomes enmeshed with The Empire and installed as an Imperial puppet ruler, Sabine's would be the opposite, depicting her decision to defect from the Empire after they misuse her weapon design, through her time as a Bounty Hunter with Ketsu Onyo, and culminate in her eventual decision to join the Spectre rebel cell.

The only issue that may arise here is that Saxon's voice actor, Ray Stevenson, who went on to play Baylan Skoll in Ahsoka, passed away just last year.

If LucasFilm Animation chose not to recast Saxon, a possible alternative second character could be found in Mandalorian Protector Fenn Rau. In Rau's case, his growing enmeshment in Imperial affairs would be a more reluctant one, but remaining firm in his belief that his decisions are protecting his people. The tale could lead up to the point in which the Rebels first make contact with Rau's protectors, which Rebels viewers know leads to his capture by and eventual defection to the rebellion. This would show that in some cases, even initially diverging paths lead to the same final destination.

More Tales of the Jedi

Prior to the reveal of Tales of the Empire, it was believed to be a second season of Tales of the Jedi, and some fans hope we do eventually get one. It's certainly not outside the realm of possibility, as there are hundreds of Jedi in the history of the Star Wars universe, and a great many Jedi that we know very little about.

Though there are many options, fans have again pointed to a Dark Disciple adaptation as a worthy tale. However, a Tales of the Jedi version would likely tell the story from the perspective of the novel's second main character, Quinlan Vos, rather than Ventress.

There are plenty more Tales to be told in the Star Wars universe, and hopefully, we will get to see them all.

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