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Beyond 'The Bad Batch': 4 Possible Spin-Offs

Where to next?

By Kristy AndersonPublished about a month ago 4 min read
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WARNING! SPOILERS for The Bad Batch series finale.

After three action-packed seasons, The Bad Batch has come to an end. To the surprise of many fans, the series gets a relatively happy ending, with Omega rescued, the Tantiss base destroyed, and no major loss of life save for the heroic sacrifice of Nala Se, and as is to be expected of a series set in this era, a few unfortunate clones. In the aftermath, Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair retire to Pabu to raise Omega in peace, while Echo once again departs to rejoin Rex.

However, the show leaves a few loose plot threads to be pulled, and an ending flash-forward that leaves the door well and truly open for future stories. Let's look at a few potential Bad Batch spin-offs.

1. Rex's Clone uprising

Many were surprised and a little disappointed when fan favourite clone Captain Rex did not appear in The Bad Batch finale, although he does warrant a mention, as Echo ends the series leaving Pabu to rejoin Rex and help settle the other rescued clones who wish to join him. Echo is accompanied by Emerie, the female clone scientist on a path to redemption after helping rescue Omega and the other force-sensitive children from Tantiss. Some believe this could sew the seeds of a potential spin-off series.

There is definitely still room for more story here.. Something had to happen to transform Rex from the leader of a clone rebellion to the semi-recluse roaming the desert that he has become when first encountered in Star Wars: Rebels, with only Gregor and Wolffe for company. Such a series could also elaborate on the reasons why so few clones remain in the future, and continue the stories of interesting characters such as Emerie, or Senator Chuchi, who throughout the run of The Bad Batch has been fighting for the rights of clones. It could also reveal the ultimate fate of Echo, who is neither on Pabu in the flashforward nor with Rex in Rebels.

While the story of a clone rebellion likely has a forgone tragic conclusion, it may still be a story worth telling.

2. Adventures with Ventress

One of the most surprising, but welcome events in The Bad Batch's final season is the return of Sith acolyte turned anti-hero Bounty Hunter Assajj Ventress in episode 3x09, 'The Harbinger'. Arriving in response to the Batch's request for information on M-counts, Ventress forms a connection with Omega, much to the chagrin of her brothers. However, she ultimately earns the Batch's trust after rescuing Omega from a sea monster.

When questioned by the Batch on whether she fears the pursuit of the Empire on her departure, she replies:

"They can try.. but I have a few lives left."

This line is likely both a tease for future appearances, and a nod to Ventress's ambiguous fate at the end of the novel Dark Disciple, which takes place during the latter part of the Clone Wars. Dave Filoni has claimed Ventress's Bad Batch appearance does not actually retcon Dark Disciple, as some fans assumed.

A Ventress TV series may cover the events of the book, based on an unproduced Clone Wars story arc, in flashback, before continuing to follow Ventress's life as a post-war Bounty Hunter. Ventress would also be unique among Star Wars protagonists as a redeemed Sith for whom redemption did not mean death. While most protagonists have been straight up heroes, Ventress still lives in shades of grey, which may make her story all the more engaging.

3. What happened to the kids from the Vault?

During the first half of the finale, Omega escapes the Vault with Eva, Jax, Sami, and baby Bayrn, the four Force-Sensitive children being held there as test subjects. Omega and Echo eventually leave the kids in the care of Emerie, who escapes with them aboard a shuttle, and they are later seen being jointly cared for by the citizens of Pabu. Hunter mentions that Rex is attempting to track down their families, but does not sound hopeful, and considering we, as viewers, already know that Bayrn's Mother was killed, he is likely wise not not to let anyone's hopes get too high.

So, what happens to these children? While they are safe for now, we know that is not permanent. The Empire is still on the hunt for Force-Sensitive children during the time of the rebellion, and even after the Empire falls, with Project Necromancer coming to fruition by the Sequel Trilogy. A new series could revisit these children, explaining how, or if, they remained safe during this difficult period.

4. Omega's Future

The final scene of The Bad Batch is a flashforward, depicting an adult Omega attempting to sneak away to join the Rebel Alliance as a pilot. Her departure is intercepted by Hunter, but while he has his concerns, he does not stop her from leaving. Omega departs with Hunter's blessing, while he promises to look after Wrecker, Crosshair, and Batcher until she returns.

While it is not explicitly revealed how far forward the time jump brings us, some theories place it as occurring around the point of 'Secret Cargo', episode 3x18 of Star Wars: Rebels, and that Omega is answering rebel Senator Mon Mothma's call to action.

Others believe it could be earlier, as if Omega had established contact with Hera Syndulla, who she met and befriended during season one of The Bad Batch, she may have learned of the Rebellion's need for pilots prior to Mothma's call.

In either case, there is definitely more of Omega's story to tell. Let's hope we see more of her in the future.

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