Space The Final Frontier


Space The Final Frontier

Since the dawn of man, mankind has always looked up to the heavens and pondered that ageless question whether we are alone or are there other life forms some where out there in the Universe. From the first time man noticed those shining stars above we have become fascinated by what is really out there.

Humanity has always pondered the possibilities of other life forms that could very possibly be inhabiting other worlds. Through-out history even before Ancient Egypt was mankind influenced by Alien life forms? Stonehenge is one example of maybe mankind was assisted with the knowledge and ability that enabled man to build this monument. There are others that to this day cannot be explained using our present knowledge and technology.

The Roswell case and Area 51 come quickly to mind when we think of Alien visitors. What happened that night in 1947 indicates that we may have had a visitation form some alien life form. To this day there still are conflicting reports on what really occurred in what is now known as Area 51. Is there still a cover up of what occurred or is it all a hoax in an attempt to create more speculation on the existence of Alien life forms? It is awfully difficult to comprehend considering the vastness of space and the abundance of other Galaxies and solar systems to think that mankind on earth are the only life forms in the entire Universe.

Man by nature is inquisitive, always searching for meaning, answers to the what if's, the facts of life's existence and the answers to what really is out there in the Universe. This has stirred the un quenching thirst for mankind's pursuit to find the answers. Part of finding the answers lies with developing technologies that would make it feasible to actually secure the knowledge of what the Universe holds for mankind.

The United States was just beginning to develop the technologies that would enable man to actually solve some of the mysteries of the Universe with the deployment of the Supercollider that was almost completed in 1993. The experiments that were to be conducted would enable scientists to finally realize what Albert Einstein in the Theory of Relativity really entailed. Part of the answers remain hidden but we now know that nuclear fusion and atoms accelerate to the speed of light about 671 million miles per hr. The same amount of time it would take to reach Jupiter. The whole concept behind the Supercollider project was to create and prove molecules can move as fast as atoms. We were very close in achieving molecular momentum accelerating to the speed of nuclear fusion. Unfortunately congress in their shortsightedness failed to renew funding for the completion of the Supercollider project and in fact it cost the tax payers more to close down this project than it would have cost to complete it. Today there is a renewed interest form the international scientific community. A new Supercollider was just finished under the Swiss and French border though smaller than the one that was in Texas but will be more than capable to complete the experiments of atomic energy.

Once we prove and achieve molecular acceleration equal to that of atomic acceleration mankind just might be able to greatly expand our knowledge of our own galaxy and others as well. Albert Einstein proved in his theory of relativity that atoms accelerate equal to that of light. It is up to the scientific community now to figure out molecular reconstruction and resurrection of when molecules achieve the acceleration point of atomic particles and resurrect the same molecules as before after the acceleration has been achieved.

Without gaining this knowledge mankind will find it not feasible to explore the far reaches of our own Galaxy let alone the the rest of the Universe. The distances between planets and galaxies are too vast for any exploration if we don't produce molecular acceleration of atomic fusion. Once we prove and achieve molecular acceleration equal that of atomic acceleration mankind just might be able to greatly expand our knowledge so that intergalactic exploration will become a reality.

It is our ultimate destiny "To go where no man has gone before". To this end NASA and all the rest of the other Industrialized nations must band together in creating an International Space Exploratory Federation. Using combined resources will only encourage more countries and more resources that will provide more opportunities for mankind to develop technologies that will only increase mans ability to fulfill our ultimate destiny.

Dr. Williams
Dr. Williams
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